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Why Python Named The Top Programming Language For This Year

  Among various programming languages like Python, C#, Java, C++, R, JavaScript, and C. Python is referred to as the best programming language because it is an easy language to use UI and requires less time for learning Python modules and framework. Python is currently the most popular programming language among game developers and software […] Read More

What is Hacking? Learn the Difference Between Legal and Illegal Hacking

  If you are intrigued by cybersecurity or IT technology, hacking can be a valid professional career path in the real world. Cybersecurity is a thriving industry and exciting career path with several career possibilities. Many organizations need ethical hackers to examine the protection systems to confirm that they are less accessible to black hat […] Read More

How To Start a Career In Data Science

  Presently, Data Science is a highly sought-after and promising career option for students who are looking to get into this exciting career. In the near future, it is possible to see an upsurge in jobs with a minimum of 28%, which would be around 11.5 million new positions in the Data Science field. Data […] Read More

Machine Learning Algorithms in Python

  At present, Machine Learning technology has attracted several IT professionals. In a recent survey, it is stated that there are more than 21,000+ Machine Learning Jobs in India and 134,000+ Machine Learning Jobs in the United States. In addition, it has been reported that there will be over 9 million jobs in the future. […] Read More

Phonetics and phonology – Understanding the sounds of speech

English is the international language for communication as well as the language of this planet because English has a great influence in the fields like business, education, IT, science, technology, etc. It can be described as a pipeline for the stream of knowledge in all branches of study. Furthermore, English is spoken as a first […] Read More