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If you want to attend TOEFL coaching in Madurai, FITA is a good option. FITA Madurai supplies you with the tools that are essential to achieving a high score in the TOEFL exam. High TOEFL scores mean that the chances are higher that you will get admitted to a university of your choice.

The Educational Testing Service or ETS is the name of the body that conducts the TOEFL exam and the scores obtained helps to measure the proficiency level of a non-native speaker of the English language. It gauges the ability of the candidate to communicate in English in different forms such as reading, speaking, writing and listening.

Why TOEFL Training In Madurai FITA

TOEFL is an exam that requires the candidate to invest time in preparation of the exam. The TOEFL coaching Centres in Madurai in FITA is so designed that a majority of the candidates that undergo TOEFL training score well in the exams. The main reason why our students do well in the TOEFL exam is that the TOEFL Classes in Madurai FITA is taught by experts who have had many years of experience in teaching English and are very extensively accomplished in different areas.

Our TOEFL training material is comprehensive and helps all the test takers to improve their skills in English in a very short period of time. The study program also consists of instructions for studying and tips that the students can gainfully use in the examination.

The students and those who are employed can opt for flexible timings for the classes. There are weekdays and weekend classes that are conducted.


Reading Skills

Vocabulary and Reference

Understanding Vocabulary from Context
Recognize Referents


Simplify Meanings of Sentences
Insert Sentences Into Passage
Find Factual Information
Understand Negative Facts


Make Inferences from Stated Facts
Infer Rhetorical Purpose

Reading to Learn

Select Summary Information
Complete Schematic Table

Listening Skills

Basic Comprehension

Understand the Gist, Details

Pragmatic Understanding

Understanding the Function, Speaker's Stance

Connecting Information

Understand the Organization, Relationships

TOEFL Listening - Test-Taking Strategies

Section Overview

How to Tackle

Basic Approaches - Locate the Main Idea or Purpose
Basic Approaches - Structure
Basic Approaches - Tone
Basic Approaches - Transitions

Speaking Skills

Independent Tasks

Plan the Free-Choice Response
Make the Free-Choice Response
Plan the Paired-Choice Response
Make the Paired-Choice Response

Integrated Tasks (Reading and Listening)

Note the Main Points as You Read
Note the Main Points as You Listen
Plan Before You Speak
Make the Response

Integrated Tasks (Listening)

Note the Main Points as You Listen
Plan Before You Speak
Make the Response

Test-taking Strategies

Speaking Guide
Section Overview
How to Tackle
    What would you prefer?
    2 Possibilities
    Summarize Opinions
    Summarize and Show Disparity
    Summarize Preference
    Summarize a Lecture

Writing Skills

Foundational Skills

Integrated Task

Note the Main Points as You Read
Note the Main Points as You Listen
Plan Before You Write
Write a Topic Statement
Write Supporting Paragraphs on Reading Passages
Write Supporting Paragraphs on Listening Passages
Review Sentence Structure
Review Grammar

Independent Task

Plan Before You Write
Write the Introduction
Write Unified Supporting Paragraphs
Connect the Supporting Paragraphs
Write the Conclusion
Review Sentence Structure
Review Grammar

Test-Taking Strategies

Section Overview
Writing Section Guidelines
Planning Your Essay
Writing Templates - Integrated Writing Task
Writing Templates - Independent Writing Task
Effective Daily Writing
    Learn From Others
    Advanced General Writing Tips