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Software testing is the procedure undertaken to evaluate the functionality of a software package. The intent is to determine whether the package meets the specified requirements, to spot defects and thereafter correct them in order to create a high-quality end product.

Whether you have just started out on software testing or you already have some experience in the field, the Software Testing course in Madurai at FITA will be of value to you. During the course, we will expose you to a number of testing practices that are prevalent in the industry. Our tutors have sufficient experience with all aspects of the software process and we use real-life scenarios to illustrate every principle that is taught. The Software Testing Classes in Madurai FITA are designed to cover every different type of testing that is performed at different phases of the software lifecycle. We will also familiarize you with the different issues that will crop up during these tests and how to overcome them.

The software testing classes in Madurai contain the following modules:

Selenium training
QTP training
LoadRunner training
Mobile Testing training
Manual testing training
JMeter training

In the software classes, we train you on the basic concepts and terminology of software testing, expose you to the best software testing practices, and familiarize you with the different testing levels that are required.

Selenium Training

Selenium is a tool that is an automated testing framework for web applications. The Selenium framework allows the testers to write scripts in any of these languages: PHP, Java, Perl or C#. However, Java is the most popular one that is used along with Selenium. At FITA, Madurai we offer comprehensive training in automated testing using Selenium.

QTP Training

QTP expands to Quick Test Professional and refers to the package that facilitates automated regression testing for software packages. This type of testing helps to identify errors and defects. Students attending this Software Testing in Madurai FITA are expected to have only a basic understanding of the software development life cycle.

Loadrunner Training

Loadrunner is a very widely used testing tool. This tool is used to determine whether the performance of an application or a site meets the required needs under loaded conditions, specifically for the users. Load testing is the performance test that is done during normal and peak usage of the product. It is checked for consistency of the response with respect to the user request within a tolerance band. This is checked for different user loads. The other types of performance testing are stress, volume, capacity, reliability and scalability testing.

Mobile Testing Training

The mobile testing course helps you to be able to test application software packages for handheld mobile devices. These application packages are tested for their functionality, consistency and usability. Mobile testing can either be manual or automated.

Manual Testing Training

Manual testing is a procedure where the software package is manually checked to find out if there are defects. Testers, in this case, are expected to have the perceptive of the end users. This will make it easy for them to determine if all the features of the software package are working as mentioned in the software requirement sheet/manual. The testers check the test cases manually and also generate the reports manually without the aid of any automation tool.

JMeter Training

Using the JMeter Software Testing Classes in Madurai FITA, you will be able to both analyse and measure a variety of different services with special emphasis on web applications. You can design robust test cases to monitor the performance of the web applications with differing load parameters.