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Digital Marketing is a marketing method using digital tools to promote any business. For half a century the consumer media consumption was dominated by offline media like newspapers, radio, and television but today most of the media we consume is from the digital platform. Hence, targeting consumers through digital channels has more advantages than traditional or offline marketing media methods. Through Digital Marketing the business can focus on the specific customers and it is easy to understand the needs of consumers as well.

Most of the businesses have begun to adopt this method to promote their products, services, and have developed their business to a great extent. Thus, Digital Marketing has gained more significance compared to other marketing methods. Kick- start your professional career by joining the course in Digital Marketing Training in Madurai at FITA and learn the course professionally under the guidance of industry experts.

Digital Marketing Course Highlights at FITA

FITA provides a wide curriculum that matches the standards which are set in the market and the course structure is designed by industrial experts in the Digital Marketing field. Listed below are the basic topics of the Digital Marketing Course that are taught at FITA.

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Various Web Design methodologies
Search Engine Marketing
Email Marketing
Video Marketing
Pay per Click
Content marketing
Mobile and App Marketing
Google Webster and Analytics
Google ad words

Marketing Executives require analytical skills also the executive should be able to understand and integrate various marketing tools efficiently. Digital Marketing Course in Madurai at FITA trains the students efficiently in various Digital Marketing tools and provides a holistic understanding of the marketing concepts.

Prerequisites for learning the Digital Marketing Course

Anybody who aspires to make a career in the marketing field can learn this course. There are no prior qualifications or skills required to learn this course, except one, has to have some basic knowledge in the system handling and should have an idea about the social media platforms.

Career Prospects

Digital Marketing is one among emerging career at present and it is suitable for people from all walks of profession. As per the survey report submitted by the IMRB, it is stated that the marketing services on advertising online is increasing to 30% year by year. Also, internet penetration is high in India compared to other countries and thus Digital Marketing has wider career opportunities in the coming days. 

Listed below are the major job profile and the average package offered per annum in an organization. 

Seo Analyst/ Expert - Rs 2.6 lakhs to 6 lakhs. 
Web Developer and Web Designer - Rs 3lakhs to 5 lakhs.
Content Writer or Content Marketer - Rs 3lakhs to Rs 5 lakhs.
Search Engine Marketing or PPC expert - Rs 3.5 lakhs to Rs 5 lakhs.
Social Media Executive or Social Media Manager- Rs 3.5 lakhs to Rs 7 lakhs.
Digital Marketing Manager - Rs 7 lakhs to Rs 10 lakhs.

Also, there are various other roles offered in the Digital Marketing field depending on the skills and organization requirement. 

CRM Manager
Search Expert
Email Marketer
Affiliate Marketer 
Analytics Manager
Professional Blogger
E-Commerce Manager
Email Marketing Manager
Mobile Marketing Specialist.

Enroll yourself in Digital Marketing Course in Madurai at FITA and broaden your career horizons by learning the course professionally under the guidance of experienced tutors. 

Knowing more about the Digital Marketing tools 

Email Marketing: Most of the companies use Email marketing as the mode of communication with their audiences and it is often used to promote the content, events, and new products directly to the people who are engaged in the same business. The various types of Email an organization send to their customers to promote business are as follows. 

Blogs or newsletter subscription.
Follow-up emails to the website visitors who have downloaded something.
Customer welcome emails.
 Emails for nurturing the customers.

Social Media Marketing: This method of marketing promotes your brand and content on social media platforms. Social media marketing increases the traffic of your brand and creates brand awareness among social media users. The various channels to improve your business through social media are listed below.


Search Engine Optimization: It is the process of optimizing your website to rank in a higher position on the results page. This function of digital marketing primarily focuses on increasing organic traffic to your websites. There are multiple ways to approach SEO to generate authentic traffic to your website and they are as follows

On-page SEO
Off-page SEO
Technical SEO

Any business can create network traffic to their website by following the above-mentioned SEO methods. 

Content Marketing: It is the way of promoting a business through a brief description, providing the relevant information of the business and creating brand awareness of your business. The various types of content marketing include Blog posts, Ebooks and Whitepaper, and Articles.

Affiliate Marketing: It is the method of advertising other business promotions on your website and you receive a commission for promoting their business. Given below are the various types of Affiliate marketing.

Hosting Videos on Youtube
Posting affiliate links on your social media accounts. 

Video Marketing: This is the most preferred form of promoting any business as people primarily prefer for infographics form to understand anything easily and quickly. Thus, Youtube stands in second place for promoting business in digital platforms. Apart from Youtube, there are various other modes of promoting business through video marketing and they are Facebook Videos, Instagram, and Vimeo. 

Mobile Marketing: Ever since Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives the marketers have started to promote the business through the mobile application as well. The marketers promote their business in Mobile phones by SMS, MMS, Notifications, and Apps. It is also one of the popular methods of promoting business in the Digital marketing platform. 

Join Digital Marketing Course in Madurai at FITA and learn the course with real-time projects of Digital Marketing under the guidance of experienced tutors and enhance your Digital Marketing skills.

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