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  • Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers

    Salesforce is the global leader of the CRM Solution and it has above 40% of the market share when it comes to Cloud CRM Space and also it occupies a total share of 19.7% of the market share in the CRM space as of January 2020. Based on the report submitted by IDC it is stated that there is substantial demand for the SalesForce skill sets in the job portal sites. It is forecasted that just above 3.3 million jobs with skill sets of salesforce will arise in the CRM field by 2022.

    As the demand for skilled Sales professionals is going to have a significant growth in the coming days, we need to be prepared ahead of time. Below are the 101 SalesForce Interview Questions and Answers that are compiled with the perspective to cover from the basic to advanced level in the SalesForce and with an equal emphasis for both Freshers and Experienced candidates to prepare themselves for the Interview.


    It is one of the most efficient Customer Relationship Management products. This platform provides a series of tools and services along with custom app development. SalesForce also supports businesses to handle their customer’s data and to monitor their activities efficiently.

    Demandware Inc

    We can create two types of app in Salesforce and they are,

    Custom App
    Console App

    The Object is primarily used as the database table which is used for storing the details and information of a specific organization.

    There are two types of Objects and they are Standard Object and Custom Object.

    Standard Object: It is the object that is included by Salesforce and it comprises accounts, campaign, contacts, leads, opportunities, products, cases, contracts, and dashboards.
    Custom Object: Custom Objects are created by Users to store information that is particular to a company or industry. Custom objects consist of page layouts, custom fields, and user interface tabs.

    The Standard fields in the Salesforce are

    Created by
    Last modified by

    They are special fields that track information about a specific user record. It contains CreatedByID, CreatedDate, LastModifiedbyID, LastModifiedDate fields.

    The default filter in the Salesforce is “Date filters”

    When the relationship is created within the same table or object then the lookup is referenced to the same table or object instead of another table or object. This is termed as Self-Relationship and this is a form of Lookup Relationship.

    On joining the reports we couldn’t export it. These are the commonly asked Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers for freshers.

    Custom App: A Custom App is built using a collection of Tabs, objects etc., to solve a specific problem. This app is easy to build.
    Console app: A Console app is built to increase productivity and allows the user to do everything from a single tabbed Screen. Console app requires Visualforce, Apex and Javascript skills to build and needs programming ability.

    We can avoid the Date filter in the Range column by choosing the “All-Time” option on the page.

    It can be caused due to several reasons and they are,

    Change in the auto-number except for the text
    Change in the data
    Change in the date-time
    Altering the multi-select picklist from the auto number and checkbox
    Modifying the multi-select picklist from the type except for picklist.
    Changing to number, currency, and percent from the other data types
    Modifying the text-area to phone, URL, e-mail, and text.
     Summary Report
     Tabular Report
     Matrix Report
     Joined Report
    salesforce interview questions and answers
    Primary keys – Name, ID, and Owner fields
    Audit dates – Systemmodstamp
    Foreign keys – master-detail or lookup relationship fields
    Custom fields – Used as a unique field or External ID
    Master-detail relationship
    Lookup relationship
    Hierarchical relationship
    Many-to-Many relationships

    An App in the Salesforce.com is a collection of different items like name, logo, and required group of tabs which helps the users to access a set of features easily. The collection can include standard tabs and custom tabs.

    Enhanced communication
    Automates the mundane rule-based tasks
    Better Organizational understanding
    Optimization of cost and cycle time
    Increases the efficiency of teams
    Facilitate better services by understanding the customers
    Develop the dashboards and analytics for better analyzation of the data
    Field update
    Outbound message
    Email alert

    It is a protocol that defines the uninformed way of transforming the

    XML-encoded data. The abbreviation of SOAP is the Simple Object Access Protocol.

    These are the basic SalesForce Interview Questions and Answers that are put forth to experienced candidates in an Interview.

    Users are differentiated based upon their individually created profile. Access levels are based on profiles.

    Salesforce is based on Multi-tenant architecture and the resources are shared among multiple clients or users.

    Since Salesforce is based on Multi-tenant architecture, Governor limits are imposed to ensure not to monopolize the resources. These limits are created by using the Apex code and Apex run time engine and are applied for every transaction.

    Static Apex Limits
    Email Limits
    Push Notification Limits
    Per-Transaction Apex Limits
    Size-Specific Apex Limits
    Miscellaneous Apex Limits
    com Platform Apex Limits

    It is a copy of the production environment and it is used for testing the newly created visual force pages or to test the Force.com application.

    This is the code that is executed after and before the record is inserted or updated.

    On using the Salesforce static resource we the subscribers have the option to upload the zip files, jar files, images, CSS and Javascript that are also known Visualforce pages. In Salesforce the maximum size of the static resource is 250 MB.

    Generally, we can use only one controller. However, it is possible to use the multiple controller extension in the Visualforce page

    Role Hierarchy
    Force.com Managed Sharing
    Record Ownership
    Sharing Rules
    Apex Managed Sharing
    User Managed/Manual Sharing

    No, it is impossible to schedule the dynamic dashboard in the salesforce.

    These are the Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers that are commonly asked in the interview.

    It is not possible to delete any user in the Salesforce

    The different methods for calling an Apex Class are as follows,

    Using Triggers
    From another Class
    From JavaScript Link
    From Developer Console
    From Home Page Components
    From Visual Force Page
    salesforce interview questions for freshers

    The Salesforce dashboard is the pictorial representation of a report. Also, the number of reports that can be inserted in the single dashboard is 20.

    The Fiscal year in the Salesforce is the beginning and the ending date of the companies financial year

    The undelete option shall restore the record within the data in an object.


    The visual force component is the reusable session of the specific functionality. And it is inclusive of features such as panels, widgets, user interface elements that are primarily used in the mark-up Visualforce page.

    Generally, the computer system executes more than one task based on the scheduled tasks and the set of rules. This is known as the Time trigger.

    No, we can not modify the license while we create a profile. These are the commonly asked Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced candidates at the Interview.

    No, we can not modify the Grant Access using a Role hierarchy for the Standard Objects

    Profile Role
    Profile is mandatory for every account and it is the object level. Also, Profile is considered as the pillars of the organization. In Salesforce the Role is used for developing the visibility of the data for a specific user. This can be performed through building role hierarchy or by sharing rules. By using the roles we can control the account.

    The different kinds of Sandboxes in the Salesforce are

    Partial Copy
    Developer Pro

    10 is the maximum limit of the field dependencies one can use in a Visualforce page

    It is the kind of function that is used for granting permission. When the user has the authority to transfer the record with others, then he can transfer the records that consist of the read-only access feature.

    It is the automated process that is used for validating the rule criteria and evaluation criteria

    The various methods to deploy code in the Salesforce is

    Eclipse with Force.com IDE
    Salesforce Package
    Change Sets
    Force.com Migration Tool – Java-based/ANT

    Yes, it is possible to delete the mass reports in the salesforce. For performing the activity of deleting the mass report, Go to the Setup and click the Data Management option

    Yes, we can do it and the steps are

    First, we must develop a Lookup Relationship between the two objects
    Then join every child records to their parent’s record
    After that convert the field method to MDR instead of LR

    It is a custom object that has 2 master-detail relationships. SalesForce Training in Bangalore at FITA provides you with in-depth training of the Salesforce software under real-time professionals.

    There are different methods for storing records such as files, images, and document and they are

    Google drive
    Chatter Files

    The Skinny table is used in Salesforce for storing frequently used fields. The Skinny Table is easy to access the used fields to increase performance. These tables are highly efficient in the way that even the source tables are modified. Also, the skinny tables are usually in sync with the source tables.

    The benefits of using the custom setting are that the developers shall write the custom setting rules according to their profile and user

    It is the compilation of the unimplemented methods. It can specify the signature types of inputs and methods that we pass for specifying the kind of output.

    salesforce interview questions for experienced

    The values of the formula field that is static are known as deterministic formula fields.

    There are many to measure the sales. Some of the commonly used methods are,

    By using Daily Sales Volume
    The Sales figures that are arrived by quarter years or by using the monthly volumes
    By calculating the number of customers that are served daily
    Reports that are collected from the Sales Manager
    Tracking the Salesforce Reports and Tracks and by checking the repeated customer activity
    A Skinny table can have 100 columns in maximum
    It Must not have any formula fields and field from other objects
    Data type of a Field used in Skinny table Must not be changed as it will make the Skinny Table Invalid

    At least 75% of the code must be verified by the unit testing for deploying the code and for successful execution. These are the commonly asked Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers for the freshers and experienced candidates.

    Listed below are the areas where we can use Apex

    For creating Web services
    For creating Email services
    For developing custom transaction logic
    For performing complex over different objects
    For adding custom logic to other operation
    For creating a complex business process which is not supported by the workflow

    It has three main methods and they are,

    Start method
    Execute method
    Finish method

    Usually, we write the unit testing code as it is the commonly accepted method globally and it is easy to verify and validate by the developer. Also, the test codes that are written in the apex can be used for testing the code that is written in any language

    The Wrapper Class is termed as the data structure and a class. This is the abstract data type that has instances that are formed by the collection of objects. It permits to check the records from the list and move them for the specific action.

    It is one of the formula fields where the values are not static. Also, you will not know about the changed runtime and also they are called non-deterministic Force.com formula fields.

    Easy to Use
    Built in support for CRUD operations
    Strongly Typed Language
    Has a strong integration with Data
    Easy to Test
    Multi-Tenant Aware Application
    Provides in-built support calls for the DML
    Automatic Updates

    The Triggers in the Apex code which executes prior or after. Mentioned below are the different types of DML Operation

    The Test Classes verifies each part of the coding whether it is functioning or not. In case the developers find any bug then it is easy for them to locate the bugs using this test class.

    Yes, we have the restriction for making the external callout services for the Single Apex Transaction. And the limitation is 100 calls. These are the Basic Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers for fresher candidates in an Interview.

    Before Triggers: It is used for validating and updating the values of the record prior saving them to the database
    After Triggers: It is used for accessing the field values of a record. It can be stored in a database and we can use this value for making changes in the other records.

    Listed below are the data types that are used for defining the External ID’s,

    Auto- Number

    The data types that are used for the Set can store are,

    User-defined types
    Primitive types
    Built-in Apex types

    By using the database.insert(list, false) we can function the DML partially

    By using @RestResource annotation we can expose the apex class as the Restful WebServices.

    There are two types and they are

    Static SOQL
    Dynamic SOQL

    It is the approach of working on the project without code

    The SOQL commands are capable of retrieving 20,000 records and the SOSL commands are capable of retrieving 2,000 records.

    It is the approach of working on the project with code.

    It supports three kinds of bindings and they are

    Data bindings – It indicates the data set in a controller
    Action bindings – It refers to the action methods that are in the controller
    Component bindings – This helps in binding the components with the other Visualforce component. These are the commonly asked Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers for the Experienced candidates in the Interview.

    Salesforce supports three types of collection and they are


    There are two benefits we gain by writing the controllers they are

    Logic and Data

    Yes, it is possible to write the setter and getter methods to derive the value of the variable in the visual force page.

    It uses the future annotation for specifying the asynchronously executed methods.

    Generally, the future annotation should mandatorily be static methods
    Also, the methods with the future annotation shall return only the void type.
    salesforce interview questions and answers
    SOSL sends back the return fields
    SOQL sends the record

    Formula field can NOT be added to the custom index

    Yes, we can perform the DML in the SOQL. But, we can not do that with SOSL.

    Page reference
    Standard Controller
    Select Option

    The heap size of the Email services is 36 MB

    It restricts the data in saving it in the view state. Also, transient keywords must be used for temporary variables. These are the commonly asked SalesForce Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers during an Interview.

    A total number of 10 emails can be sent.

    A total number of 10 emails can be sent.

    Page block DataTable
    For designing any visual pages it requires the style sheets Mostly the data are displayed using the custom style sheets
    The ” Value ” attribute is required The value is not required
    It immediately displays the column headers The column headers are not specified explicitly

    It is used for monitoring the appearance, visibility, and function order of the app.

    It primarily uses the sObject primary key for deciding whether you should update the old records or if you should create a new record.

    The Tab in the Salesforce is the user interface that is used for displaying the embed web content and the custom object data for the users. The three types of the tab are

    Custom Tabs.
    Visualforce Tabs.
    Web Tabs.

    The primary function of this class is to add on the aggregate functions to the query. Listed below are the types,


    First, click on the Name Tab which you want, then tap on the Personal and find the option Reset my security token.

    These are the most commonly used salesforce.com widgets which are based on JavaScript. Though it is primarily hosted by Salesforce it is executed only on the client-side.

    Custom Links
    Related Lists

    These are the Public applications and websites that are directly joined to your Salesforce organization. Also, to integrate these applications we don’t require any username or passwords. It can be performed directly through this platform.

    HTML with letterhead
    Text Template
    Custom HTML
    Visualforce Email Template

    The above are the commonly asked Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers in an Interview. In the coming days, we will also add more Interview Questions and Answers to this blog that are prevalent in the Industry. Besides, preparing for the interview ahead of time, getting professional training will help you understand the Salesforce platform more efficiently. Whether you are looking for Salesforce Training in Bangalore or Salesforce Training in Chennai , FITA provides you the best-in-class professional training under expert guidance with certification. Enroll yourself at the Salesforce Training at FITA to widen your knowledge in the Salesforce platform.


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