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The Ethical Hacking Training program at FITA enables you to gain in-depth knowledge to protect networks from hackers and malicious threats such as Computer viruses, Ransomware, Phishing, and Trojans. Our Expert Mentors provide hands-on Training to become an Ethical Hacker to detect security threats and enrich your knowledge with essential hacking tools such as Nessus, N-Map, Kali Linux, Metasploit and Qualys to protect networks and data. 

Course Highlights

  • Interactive Instructor-led Live Online Ethical Hacking Training sessions delivered by real-time Professionals
  • Expertly crafted Ethical Hacking Online Course modules to cater to current demanding security standards
  • A curriculum complied with the aspect to have comprehensive coverage of all the important tools required for an Ethical Hacker
  • Hands-on Training with a real-time project to obtain a holistic understanding of the Ethical Hacking techniques
  • Ethical Hacking Training Program at FITA Academy has a strong placement support system with an established network of 600+ recruiters

Course Objectives

  • A wider exploration of Security threats and methods to protect your Data from Hackers
  • Demonstrable Knowledge in using the most advanced security tools
  • Able to create an anonymous profile in a Wi-Fi Network to spy on the Black hat hackers
  • A thorough understanding of Access Policy creation and identifying the threats and intrusions
  • A clear understanding of the Linux commands and its interaction with a terminal
  • Know-how to obtain access to secure the system for detecting the flaws and vulnerabilities
  • Able to perform counter-attacks which are done to protect the data assets of a company
  • Capable of implementing the Network Traffic analysis and Sniffing
  • Able to perform Remote keylogging
  • Proficient Knowledge of all the important tools required for an Ethical Hacker

Ethical Hacking has turned out to be one of the mainstream professions at present in all the organizations which have digital assets like Data, Networks and User Profiles which includes even Governments. It is because of the ceaseless adoption of new technologies such as Cloud Computing, Digital platforms, Visualization, and IT Sourcing by the organizations to communicate its information to its business partners in the other end of the world within a fraction of second, have revolutionized the modern business functioning system significantly. 

However, this revolution has equally caused prominent security threats to these enterprises. As more and more organizations have begun to move towards the Digital platforms their digital assets such as Data, Networks and user Profiles are often vulnerable to security threats. In a way, these developed technologies have paved for increased cyber or internet attacks on the Enterprise database and infrastructure. As most of the details are stored in the digital or the cloud platform it has made the job of an intruder easier since most of the cloud platforms have public access. Further, here hacking is not a new term under the IT domain and this term has a long-standing association in computing and IT domain. 

Hacking is the technique through which the intruder finds the least secured entry points in a network or computer system and through that entry points the hacker illicitly attacks the system and gathers the required information to cause threats to the organizations. The intruders usually implicate these activities to hack the internal database or to plunder the money by hacking official email accounts, higher authorities or the organization’s official social media accounts. 

The more and more the businesses are operating Online the breach of data and security is persisting to increase steeply. Based on the report submitted by the KPMG it is stated that among different industries 94% of the company's have encountered cybercrime - that is crime executed for stealing data - as one of the major threats to the organizations. On average, 72% of the enterprises faced some sort of cyber threats and nearly 78% of the companies have no proper security measures to protect themselves from malicious threats. These emerging threats have increased the demand for Ethical Hackers. 

Ethical Hackers are professionals who can protect IT infrastructure from Hackers. These Ethical Hackers are hired specifically by the organizations to protect the infrastructure and database of the organization. The prime duty of these hackers is to create secured access policies and security practices, to protect the database of the business. 

Ethical Hacking Online Training at FITA Academy provides you an in-depth knowledge of the various hacking practices and techniques under the guidance of Real-time professionals. Ethical Hacking Trainers at FITA imparts your knowledge with the industry-relevant skills and hones the necessary professional skills that are required for a professional Ethical Hacker. 

Ethical Hacking Online Course at FITA Academy can be taken by any fresher graduates of the Engineering and Computer Science stream. Also, this course is more ideal for professionals such as Security Analysts, Security Consultants, Network Support Engineers, System Engineers, Technical Support Engineers, Senior System Engineers, and IT operation managers.

Trainer Profile

  • Ethical Hacking Online Trainers at FITA Academy are Real-time professionals with a minimum of 8+ years of industry expertise in the Network Security domain.
  • Ethical Hacking Online Mentors at FITA Academy have successfully handled many complex real-time Security threats 
  • Experienced and Proficient Trainers at FITA Academy who have individually completed above 25+ batches of training
  • Trainers provide personalized mentorship and career guidance
  • Ethical Hacking Online Instructors at FITA Academy help you build professional resume and train you for the Interview preparation 

Career Opportunities

Presently, Ethical Hacking is one of the futuristic careers you can opt for. As more and more businesses are shifting their focus towards computing the more they should be prepared for the security of their digital assets. Companies can ensure security only when they have the resource of qualified Ethical Hackers. 

Recently, it is stated that there is a tremendous skill gap for Ethical Hackers in the domain of Cybersecurity. According to the reports submitted by job portal sites of India, it is predicted that there is a demand for more than 1,00,000+ Ethical Hackers job vacancies in the Government and IT Sectors.

Some of the reputed companies that hire Certified Ethical Hackers are TCS, IBM, Wipro Technologies, Ernst and Young, Accenture, HCL, and Amazon. And the common job titles that are offered to them are Security Analysts, Information Security Analysts, Ethical Hacker, Cyber Security Analysts, and Security Consultant. 

On average in India, as an entrant, you can earn around Rs. 3,50,000 to Rs.4,20,000 and for experienced professionals you can earn around Rs.7,00,00 to Rs.9,00,000 per annum. Globally, a certified hacker earns around $107,980 per annum.

Ethical Hacking Online Training at FITA Academy provides you with holistic training on the Ethical Hacking tools and techniques under the guidance of our Expert Mentors which will help you to start your career in the cybersecurity domain. 


Ethical Hacking Online Course Certification is one of the professional accreditation that you can submit to your employer along with your resume at the time of the interview. FITA Academy's Ethical Hacking Certification course demonstrates the technical competence you have gained during the training program. Upon the completion of the Ethical Hacking Online Training at FITA Academy you will have a comprehensive understanding and practical experience of the hacking process to neutralize threats. Also, our Online Trainers at FITA Academy supports and guides you to clear the global certification exams CEH - Certified Ethical Hacker Exam - to enhance your career opportunities in the Cyber Security domain. 


Mukesh Shinde -

After enrolling in the Ethical Hacking Online Training at FITA, I gained a comprehensive knowledge of the Ethical Hacking tools and techniques. I am happy that I chose the right platform. Also, this platform is highly recommended for the freshers!!

Asif Mohammed -

I enrolled in Ethical Hacking Online Training at FITA. Excellent learning experience. All the modules were covered and it is relevant to the market standards. Also, My Trainer provided us with Hands-on Training practices with valuable insights into the Hacking techniques. Thanks, to my Trainer and FITA Academy. 


1) What is the prerequisite to learn Ethical Hacking Online Course at FITA?

There are no prerequisites to learn Ethical Hacking Online Course at FITA. However, having the fundamental knowledge about Networks and Internet will have an added advantage for you to learn the course quickly. 

2) Who can learn the Ethical Hacking Online Course at FITA?

The Ethical Hacking Online Course at FITA is the foundational level course that can be opted by any fresher graduates of the Computer Science and Engineering streams. Yet, this course is more ideal for professionals such as Network Support Engineers, Security Analysts, Security Consultants, System Engineers, Senior System Engineers, Technical Support Engineers, and IT operation managers.

3) How can I further enhance my skill sets after completing the Ethical Hacking Online Course at FITA?

Upon completing the Ethical Hacking Online Course at FITA Academy you can further elevate your career by pursuing any of the following courses, 

  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) by EC-Council
  • GIAC Certified Penetration Tester (GPEN) by SAN and GIAC
  • Certified Hacking Forensic Investigator (EC-Council)
  • Certified Intrusion Analyst (GCIA) as an additional skill
  • CCNA or CompTIA Certification for Security

4) What are the training options I can avail at FITA's Ethical Hacking Online Training course?

We provide you with an Ethical Hacking Live Online Training or Ethical Hacking Classroom Training session. You can avail of any of these training options. 

5) How are my Ethical Hacking Online Instructors/ Mentors selected?

Instructors/ Mentors play a predominant role in the career upliftment of a student. At FITA Academy, We designate you only certified trainers who hold at least 5+ years of industry experience and after undergoing a meticulous interview process and technical evaluation.

6) Does FITA Academy provide me Weekend or WeekDay Ethical Hacking Online Training?

At FITA Academy we provide you with both Weekday and Weekend options for Ethical Hacking Online Training.

7) What should I do If I miss any of my classes?

You need not worry about missing the class. You can contact our support team and they will assist you in rescheduling the missed sessions. 

8) I want to know more about the Ethical Hacking Online Training program at FITA Academy, How can I contact you?

You can always contact us through our Live Chat Link or customer service number 93450 45466