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If you have been searching for a professional German language course in Madurai, enroll for a German language course in FITA. German is a language that has a high demand among students in India as it is a necessary requirement to get admissions in top-of-the-line German Universities. Learning German is easy, especially with our professionally designed language course in FITA Madurai. Our team consists of professional trainers that have many years of training people in the German language.

The German Classes in Madurai FITA are taught at various levels. The different levels are:

Level 1: German A1 Certification
Level 2: German A2 Certification

A1 and A2 are Beginner Level Courses

Level 3: German B1 Certification
Level 4: German B2 Certification

B1 and B2 are Intermediate Level courses

Level 5: German C1 Certification
Level 6: German C2 Certification

C and C2 are Advanced Level courses

You can opt to learn any level of the German language course.

Why Madurai FITA For German Language Classes In Madurai.

You can learn the language quickly and effectively
The curriculum in our institution matches the globally recognized curriculum
Practice lessons to make you perfect
Personalized help to clear the DELF A1 and DELF C2 Certification exams
Smaller batches for personalized attention
Fast Track and Weekend flexibility options for students

The overview of the syllabus for the A1, A2, B1 and B2 levels are given below.

A1: Introduction to German alphabets, phonetics and pronunciation; introducing oneself and others with simple sentences and being able to answer basic personal questions; being able to understand and respond to daily-life queries and instructions, questions, short telephonic conversations, and requests, etc., if spoken clearly and slowly; being able to fill up forms for classes and courses; ask for and give directions using prepositions

Grammar: An introduction to types of articles and verbs, Nouns, number, gender, pronouns, present and simple past tense

A2: Ability to understand and extract relevant information in public announcements, broadcasts, newspapers, radio etc.; understand expressions and phrases on topics directly related to the person and his/her habits, life, routine, likes/dislikes, etc.; Ability to speak clearly and concisely about situations that involves direct or indirect exchange of information on simple topics; able to describe people, their work and immediate environment, education and topics related to personal details concisely; understanding familiar matters such as instances at school, work, public places, etc.

Grammar: overview of articles, adjectives: with/without articles, Prepositions: dative & accusative, Perfect tense and future, pronominal verbs

B1: Produce complex / compound texts of different lengths with or without the help from a dictionary on everyday topics related to personal life, personal background, daily needs; able to recall or narrate and describe dreams/aspirations/events in the past/present /future, hopes and ambitions etc., both in oral and writing form; express personal feelings and explain cause/reason/consequence etc.; express in oral and writing form opinion/ beliefs/suggestions about simple matters related to personal likes and dislikes and controversial issues such as pollution/people/culture/education/unemployment/ governments/politics, etc.,

Grammar: active and passive voice, genitive forms, reported speech

B2: Understanding and reacting to ideas related to complex text on both concrete and abstract topics like specialized topics related to technology, science, education etc.; express fluently with native speakers during regular interaction without strain in understanding; create complex but clear text on different topics a viewpoint on an issue; able to use language effectively in social/professional /academic context

Grammar: Using conjunction, cause, effects, give opinion, advice, discuss advantages/benefits and disadvantages/short-comings about any topic

You can opt for any level of study of the German language. We have designed the German Language Classes in Madurai FITA with a unique teaching methodology that will enable you to learn the language quickly and effortlessly.