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  • Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

    Undoubtedly, the demand for Digital Marketers is high in the market for both entry-level and experienced candidates. A recent survey has stated that the job requirement for Digital Marketing has almost doubled between the year 2012 to 2018. To qualify oneself to the position of Digital Marketer one should prepare well for the Interview and should have an idea about what types of questions are put forth in an interview.

    Types of Digital Marketing questions that are asked to the candidates may vary based on experience and skill sets gained. Despite the experience and skill sets, the Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers which are given below are applicable for both the freshers and experienced candidates. Go through these Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers before any scheduled job interview and have an idea about what are the questions that are asked to a candidate in an Interview.

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    1. What is Digital Marketing?
    It is all about brand marketing activities through online channels. The various techniques included in Digital Marketing are as follows SEO, SEM, SMM, SMO and Email marketing.
    1. What are the ways to categorize the term Digital Marketing?
    We can categorize the term Digital Marketing in two ways and they are Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing.
    1. Elucidate SEO
    The acronym SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the technique that is used to increase the quality of traffic to your website. It is performed by organic search engine results.
    1. Why do many prefer Online Marketing over Offline Marketing?
    Through Online Marketing we can reach a huge and diverse number of customers. We can understand the needs of consumers easily. Things are measurable and can be tracked easily in Digital Marketing.
    1. What are the areas were the Keywords optimization is done?
    • Website Title
    • Website URL
    • Meta tag
    • Headings
    • Web page content
    1. What are Keywords in Digital Marketing? What is a keyword in the aspects of an SEO?
    These are the words that are primarily used by a person or user and which is entered on the search engine to find a piece of particular information. On the aspects of SEO, it is used for better page ranking and keywords play a crucial role in it. Where and How have you used the keyword would reflect your site ranking.
    1. What is On-Page Optimization?
    This makes the websites stand out in the search engine rankings. The On-page optimization is done through a live web page.
    1. What is Off-Page optimization?
    Off-Page optimization is the changes performed on the offline website. This optimization boosts the search engine rankings by extracting the external links to point back to it.
    1. What do you know about PPC? 
    Pay Per Click is also called a Cost Per Click is a technique that is used to direct the traffic to websites. The advertisers usually pay the publisher ( a host or the owner of the website) when the ads are clicked in this technique. In simple, it is the amount which is spent to get an advertisement clicked.
    1. List the channels to promote digital marketing?
    • Affiliated Marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • Display Marketing
    • Search Marketing
    • Social Media
    • Social Networking
    • Social Marketing
    • Online PR
    • Video Advertising
    These are the Basic Digital Marketing Interview Questions that are asked to a fresher in an Interview.
    1. How are the bad links characterized?
    • Paid links
    • Low Page Rank
    • Low Traffic links
    • Articles or Blogs spam my links
    • Links which are from link exchanges
    • The website links that are not related to your site.
    • Links belonging to the site which are not in Google index.
    • Links from the similar anchor texts that are coming from multiple websites.
    1. What do you mean by Inbound Marketing?
    This is one of the marketing techniques where one could take the assistance of social media to invoke the audience’s response through different promotional activities such as Webinars, E-books, E-newsletter, PPC, and SEO. It helps the customers to learn more about a company and its products and services provided. This will eventually establish a connection between the customer and the company.
    1. Name the primary models for determining Pay Per Click?
    There are two primary models for determining Pay Per Click and they are,
    • Flat-rate PPC
    • Bid based PPC
    1. Explain Outbound Marketing.
    It is the traditional form of marketing wherein the company constantly reaches out to its targeted audience by its promotional messages. The mode of reaching potential clients is performed through digital platforms such as emails, telephone calls, by running ads and campaigns.
    1. What is Google Ad Words?
    Google AdWords is the most popular form of PPC advertising system across the globe. This is the service that is built by Google for businesses to use this platform to display their ads on Google and its networking sites. Google Adwords permits businesses to set a specific budget for advertisement. The payments are done on clicking the ads and the advertising services focus on the keywords. These are the Common Digital Marketing Interview Questions for fresher.
    1. What are Keywords Streaming?
    Keywords streaming is the process of analyzing the relevant keywords and choosing the apt keyword for websites based on the targets set in the company. It is performed to get the organic traffic and it leads to the keywords.
    1. List the different types of Digital Marketing.
    The various types of Digital Marketing are as follows
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
    • Social Media Optimization (SMO)
    • E-commerce Marketing
    • Content Marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Influencer Marketing
    1. How should an effective PPC be like and explain it?
    Effective PPC should be like Relevant, Exhaustive, and Expansive. Relevant: Listing out the key targeted words. Exhaustive: Rather than popular keywords it should include long key tail words. Expansive: PPC is iterative hence the keyword list must be constantly adapting and growing.
    1. List the top digital marketing tools you know?
    Some of the top Digital Marketing Tools:
    • Moz
    • RankWatch
    • StumbleUpon
    • Alexa Ranking
    • Google Alert
    • Google Trends
    • Google Analytics
    • Open Site Explorer
    • Favicon Generator
    • Keyword Discovery
    • Crazy Egg Heatmaps
    • XML Sitemap Generator
    • Digital Point Keyword Tracker
    • Submit Express Link Popularity
    1. What are the Google Ads extensions? 
    Listed below are the Google Ads extensions.
    • App extension
    • Call extensions
    • Callout Extension
    • Promote extension
    • Sitelink extension
    • Affiliate location extension
    • Structured snippet extension
    These are the General Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers that are asked to a fresher in an Interview.
    1. What are the types of SEO?
    There are three types of SEO and they are as follows
    • On-Page SEO
    • Off-Page SEO
    • Technical SEO
    1. Elucidate Responsive Web Design?
    It is a new way of approach to the Web design which makes the web pages to function properly on a variety of devices such as mobile phones, desktop, and tablets.This also ensures the users have a great experience on the devices they are using that is fast and compatible with various devices and browsers.
    1. What is Flat Rate PPC?
    In the Flat Rate PPC model, both the publisher and advertiser agree for a fixed amount where the payment is made for each click. Predominantly the publisher has the rate card for PPC plan on the basis of the different areas of their network and website. The amount differs based on the content that primarily attracts the number of people.
    1. What is Bid Based PPC?
    In the Bid Based PPC, the advertiser usually competes with the other advertisers in the private auction that is hosted by the publisher. The advertiser would inform the publisher about the maximum amount of bid that he is willing to pay. And the publisher would choose the bidder at last.
    1. What are the different types of SEO practices?
    The SEO practices can be classified into two types and they are,
    • White Hat SEO
    • Black Hat SEO
    These are Basic Interview Questions that are asked to fresher and experienced candidates in the Digital Marketing Interview.
    1. Distinguish between Branding and Direct Marketing.
    Branding Direct Marketing
    The Advertiser here exposes the brands on the major sites and applications which reaches a large number of audiences. The Advertiser here shows the interest and communicates only with the targeted audience.
    The popular methods used here are Custom Ads, YouTube ads, Remarketing, and Display ads target. The most common methods used in Direct marketing is Dynamic search ads, Shopping Ads, and Search Network Only.
    1. What are the best ways to get the natural backlink to your site?
    If it is a newly launched website, the instances of getting fast and natural backlinks are zero. The common method to obtain a natural back link is to write guest posts on the reputable websites on your niche. While writing on the other websites do not simply write it for the purpose of getting a link instead write in a way that you are allowed to write more than once. Note: It is to be noted that you must write it mostly for the reputed websites to increase the backlinks.
    1. Why you should do a competitive analysis?
    Competitive analysis plays a critical role while working out for the marketing plan of any company. It is done to identify the competitors correctly and evaluate their strengths, strategies, and weaknesses which are related to your own services and products. With the help of this evaluation, you can establish a Unique Selling Prepostion (USP) of your own. Hence you can decide the attributes easily you want to focus and attract your targeted audience.
    1. What do you understand from the Google Ad Words Remarketing?
    This is referred to as the targeted marketing strategy. It assists the marketer to reach out to the people who have visited their site previously who had not gone ahead with the purchase. Google Ad Remarketing assists in targeting the right consumers with ads easily.
    1. What is the Conversion rate? Explain the key elements that are involved to optimize the conversion rates per PPC?
    The conversion rate is to bring a huge number of visitors to your site. For increasing the conversion rates you should focus on the following things.
    • Write a captivating content on your site which is relevant to the query or keyword search.
    • Maintain a good amount of relevance between your corresponding landing pages and ads.
    • The Web page should be easy for the registering process, signing up for a newsletter, and making a purchase.
    • Check the design of your landing page. It should have the right combination of layout, color, and GUI to attract a number of customers. These are the Common Digital Marketing Interview Questions that are asked to a fresher in a Digital Marketing Interview.
    1. Explain what you know about AMP?
    Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is the open-source library that provides a direct way to create web pages that are smooth, compelling, and the one that is loaded immediately for users. AMP makes the work for publishers and marketers easy to build a mobile-friendly web page. The aim of Google’s AMP project is to provide a new standard that would benefit all of us. The AMP is supported by various platforms and also it is more compatible over all browsers.
    1. What are the steps to be taken to avoid the penalty?
    To avoid a penalty,
    • One should not steal an image or text from other domains.
    • One should not link to another website with a bad page rank.
    • It is better to avoid redirecting the users to another web page via refresh meta-tags.
    • Avoid using words such as “link” to hypertext and provide a link to your website.
    1. How would you evaluate a PPC landing page is attractive and good?
    The landing page is evaluated on the following elements.
    • Navigation
    • Description
    • Testimonials
    • Trust symbols
    • Clea Call to Action
    • Supporting Images
    • Powerful Headline
    • A Form to Capture Information
    1. What is an effective way to improve traffic to your website?
    To improve traffic to your websites effectively, you should focus mainly on the referring links and SEO. It supports in gaining visitors and brand recognition. Despite, the important factor is to focus on user retention.
    1. Which one is an important factor engagement rate (or) the likes/ followers?
    The high engagement rate is an excellent indication that your followers listen to what you say. This is more important for brands that may wish to introduce their products to the customers or audiences. Hence, the Engagement rate is comparatively better than likes and followers. These are the Basic Digital Marketing Interview Questions for Freshers.
    1. List some Search Engines?
    Search Engines find relevant and accurate information through the World Wide Web. Some of the popular Search Engines are as follows
    • Bing
    • Baidu
    • Yahoo
    • Google
    • com
    • com
    • ru
    • DuckDuckGo
    • WolframAlpha
    • Internet Archive
    1. What is White Hat SEO?
    The term White HAt SEO refers to the most legitimate practices for getting a higher ranking on the Search Engine result pages. The White HAT SEO strictly abides by the guidelines provided by Google for SEO practices. The common practices done by the White HAT SEO are HTML optimization, restructuring the website, publishing the quality content in the websites and link acquisition campaigns.
    1. What are the key metrics to measure the success of the paid search campaigns?
    The following are the key metrics to measure the success of paid search campaigns.
    • Quality Score
    • Wasted Spend
    • Conversion Rate
    • Cost Per Conversion
    • Click-Through Rate(CTR)
    1. What is Black Hat SEO?
    The Black HAT SEO practices are termed to be illegitimate and it is against the guidelines that are provided by Google and its algorithms. The Black HAT SEO includes the practices of finding loopholes and weaknesses in Google’s algorithm to rank higher on the search engine page result. The common Black HAT SEO methods include links, spam, cloaking, keyword stuffing, hidden text, and links that mislead the users and direct them to the site that they did not search for.
    1. What is the use of anchor tags in SEO?
    Anchor Tag is an important feature in SEO. This is used for making a clickable text that is written on the hyperlink. This helps to create a link with related text on the blog /webpage. This will eventually refer to the other links on your site. Also, it is referred to as backlinks. These are the Common Digital Marketing Interview Questions that are put forth to a fresher in an Interview.
    1. How to write a Great Call To Action?
    Call to Action must be quite simple and clear. Below are the tips to create a good call to action.
    • Keep it short
    • Create urgency
    • It is preferable to use the first person
    • Try using action-oriented text
    • Make your button text legible and large.
    1. Explain the uses of Online Marketing tools you know in Digital Marketing?
    • MailChimp–The powerful tool which is used for email marketing campaigns.
    • Buzzsumo– It is an effective tool that is used in Content Marketing and assists in identifying the most shared topics or content.
    • Canva– A simple tool that is used for graphic design software.
    • Ahrefs- This is the all-in-one SEO tool that is used for tracking keyword performance, measuring the social metrics, performing backlink analysis and analyzing the content and keyword research.
    • Buffer and HootSuite – It is the social media automation tool that helps in full automation activities like posting on Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Linkedin.
    • GoogleAnalytics and Kissmetrics – It helps to track your Digital Marketing performance.
    1. How should the Companies measure or quantify their Social Media Marketing Success?
    Social Media Marketing Success is measured using a similar metric you would use for other marketing activities like traffic, customers, and leads. Having the count of the number of followers helps a company to understand its Social Media Reach. But the success is determined by how many people drive to the company site who are qualified leads and how many of them are actual customers.
    1. Elucidate Webmaster tool. 
    Webmaster tool is a free service that is provided by Google. Webmaster supports in free data indexing. This tool points out the crawl errors. Besides, this provides back-link information and search queries. Also, it helps in identifying the website malware errors and enables the users to submit the XML sitemap.
    1. List some PPC tools
    • SEMrush
    • Unbounce
    • Optimizely
    • Adwords Editor
    • Keyword planner
    • AdWords Wrapper
    These are the Basic Digital Marketing Questions for freshers and experienced candidates in an interview.
    1. For what Social Media Marketing(SMM) is better, B2C or B2B Businesses?
    Social Media Marketing is important for both businesses in different ways. The B2C business should use SMM to share fun and light-hearted social media posts. While B2B business should use SMM for sharing valuable industry content. SMM is the tool that is used for connecting a business with its customers. Therefore, Social Media Marketing is vital for both businesses.
    1. Explain Cloaking?
    Clocking is the technique that is used in Black Hat SEO. It enables in creating two different types of pages, and the page content is presented to the search engine spider.
    1. 48. What do you mean by Spider?
    Many Search Engines use programs called spiders for indexing websites. Spiders follow hyperlinks, collects textual, and meta information for the Search Engine Databases. It supports the content being indexed and helps the Search Engine determine the related levels of a search.
    1. Should we use Google+ for Marketing?
    Initially, it started to be a promising platform for marketing. But Google+ is one of the platforms that is not recommended to use for marketing purposes anymore.
    1. What is the basic difference between SEO and SEM?
    SEO helps your website to appear in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). SEM is the Search Engine Marketing that helps to purchase a space in the Search Engine Result Page.
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    1. How to reduce the load time of a website?
    The following are the steps to ensure the reduction in the loading time of a website,
    • Use fewer images
    • Use external style sheets
    • Try to use CSS sprites to reduce the HTTP request.
    • Optimizing the image and reducing the file size without affecting the quality of the image.
    1. Do you think YouTube is important for Marketing?
    Video marketing is the most important form of marketing in the arena of Social Media marketing. YouTube alone get above 4 billion views per day. Promoting your brand and business through a video helps the customer understand your business and services easily. As most of the people prefer infographics message over written content.
    1. How to Use Twitter for Marketing?
    Twitter has more than 313 million users and it is an ideal platform for sharing your content. Also, it helps in connecting with the other competitors in your industry.
    1. What is robots.txt?
    Robots.txt is a text file that is used for providing instructions to the Search Engine crawlers. The instruction will be on the indexing and caching of the web page, directory, domain or a file of the website.
    1. How Long should an Email be?
    On average a person will only spend 30 seconds to read a mail. Considering this as a guideline if your email takes longer than 30 seconds to read, then ensure that the important information and the call to action links are located in the subject area itself or on the top of a mail. So that they could see the mail without scrolling down. These are the Common Digital Marketing Interview Questions that are asked to a fresher in an Interview.
    1. Is it necessary to send an email newsletter?
    For many businesses, the newsletter is the way to go. The newsletter features a wide variety of content like blog posts and current affairs of the business. it is acceptable an email featuring only specific content or an individual marketing message. Frame your email structure for your audience and send it regularly to them to retain their attention. Also, modify it when required.
    1. How would you find the conversion tracking in Google Ads?
    • Log in to the Google Ads account.
    • Click the Tools option, then choose the option Conversion from the bucket list.
    • On the Conversion table, search for the conversion action you are required to check in the Conversion column. Then look for the ” Tracking Status” column on the corresponding row.
    1. What is the approach of the effective Pay Per Click campaigns?
    The approach for an effective Pay Per Click campaigns are as follows,
    • Split Ad groups
    • Refined landing page
    • Add more PPC keywords
    • Try Adding Negative keywords
    • Review the costly PPC keywords
    1. How would you improve the quality score of an ad?
    The quality score of an ad relies on the relevancy of the keywords, quality of a landing page, and ads. It is advised to use relevant keywords for the landing page and create the ads accordingly.
    1. Why we should use Facebook for marketing?
    Facebook is the most popular social media platform among billion users across the globe. It helps to connect and interact with your consumers easily. Besides, it allows your consumers to share your content as well. By this, your content can reach a large number of people.These are the Basic Digital Marketing Interview Questions that are asked in an Interview.
    1. Explain the importance of keywords in Content marketing?
    Keywords play a vital role in Content Marketing. If there are no keywords then there is no Content Marketing. It is an essential part of SEO and Content marketing. Only with keywords, we can get the required traffic and ranking to the sites. Besides, if there is no keyword in your content, then your clients will not be able to access your web page.
    1. How to use LinkedIn for marketing?
    LinkedIn has more than 467 million users. This is an excellent domain to share our credentials to the world. LinkedIn is the ideal place to communicate with your targeted audience. In LinkedIn Groups we could share our questions and answers and participate in discussions. Also, it is the place where you can exhibit your leadership quality.
    1. Which kind of business uses affiliate marketing?
    All E-Commerce sites such as Amazon and eBay.
    1. How to measure social returns on investment?
    Analytics help us to learn how social media posts work. The basic rules are similar such as clicks, likes, and shares, etc. we could use the conversion measurement tool on Facebook and optimized CPM.
    1. What do you mean by Content Marketing?
    Content Marketing coordinates business and customer information. Quality content could attract and retain targeted audiences. By blogging, social media, and eBooks the content marketers can use different tactics to constantly inform and convince their clients. These are the Common Digital Marketing Interview Questions that are asked to a fresher in an interview.
    1. List the pillars of affiliate marketing?
    The following are the pillars of affiliate marketing are as follows Retailer/Merchant
    • Affiliate/ Publisher
    • Customer/End User
    • Network/Offers for Affiliates
    1. Name the factors that affect a quality score?
    • Landing Page Quality
    • Historical Account Data
    • Relevant keywords and Ads
    • Click-Through Rate(CTR) of the keyword.
    1. What is your opinion on market automation tools?
    A business needs a wide variety of marketing tools to engage with their customers actively. In order to be connected with numerous tasks and customers and to increase the Return on Investment(ROI) market requires automation tools.
    1. Which is the best form of marketing of the following PPC, SEO, or Digital Marketing?
    SEO and PPC come under Digital Marketing. SEO and PPC display the media and content marketing is the strategy that is used to achieve productivity. One can not perform PPC and SEO without a content marketing strategy. Everything is interlinked with one another and generating more traffic is an important aspect of marketing. So we should follow all the practices that help in creating traffic.
    1. Elucidate Quality Score.
    Quality Score is the evaluation of the relevance and quality of your keywords and PPC ads. This is calculated for every keyword between the range of 1 to 10. The quality score measures the quality of the keyword compared with Ad text, Ads, and Landing Page. These are the Common Digital Marketing Interview Questions that are asked to a Fresher in an interview.
    1. Mention some of the Marketing Automation tools you know?
    • Userfox
    • Hubspot
    • LeadFuze
    • Anygrowth
    • io
    • Constant Contact
    1. Explain how to boost Facebook Reach?
    To increase Facebook reach we can follow the below steps,
    • Buy some ads
    • Improvise your Facebook EdgeRank
    • Avoid using 3rd party tools
    • Keep on building your Email list and Website.
    1. Is it necessary that each department in a company should have its own Media Initiatives?
    A company does not need to have social media activities from each department. But it is necessary to be coordinated and communicated, it may be a tedious work if each department sends a different message and it causes more chaos to the consumers. In Digital Marketing consistency is the key role, so one separate team should completely engage in media initiatives and maintain consistency.
    1. What are the general Social Media Marketing mistakes that a business make?
    • Inconsistency and Posting randomly.
    • Failing to reach out to your consumers when required.
    • Publishing Content or Post where you fail to provide the engaging activities such as shares, likes, and comments on the post to your consumers.
    1. What are the things to be followed for writing a perfect email?
    To write a perfect email, should take a few things into consideration and they are
    • Explain it brief.
    • Establish relevance
    • Try to use actionable language
    • Explain more about benefits and not features
    • Align the subject line copy and the email copy.
    These are the Basic Digital Marketing Interview Questions that are asked to a fresher in an Interview.
    1. Explain about Whatsapp Marketing?
    It is the new way of marketing, where the Digital Marketers make use of the functions of Whatsapp to reach potential clients. It is also one of the most preferred platforms among marketers and advertisers. Since it is the private channel to communicate and share content or messages. Whatsapp is a multimedia platform and we can share videos, audios, brochures, catalogs, links, and other business-related information with the consumers.
    1. Detail any three features of an effective Pay Per Click campaign?
    • Split Ad Groups: The Company can split up their ad groups to smaller and make them more related ad groups, to improve the Click-Through-Rate(CTR)
    • Refined landing page: This is used for aligning with the individual search queries, modify the content, and call- to -the action of your landing page.
    • Add more PPC keywords: On adding more keywords that are relevant to the business, they can expand their reach of pay per click.
    1. List the Key Performance Indicators you would use on the Social Media Reports.
    There are many KPIs that can be used on the Social Media Reports and they are
    • Traffic data
    • Social connections
    • Video/SlideShare views,etc
    • Several brand mentions
    • Number of active fans/followers
    • Several likes, comments, and shares.
    1. Mention some of the elements to make a video viral.
    • The video should be informative and entertaining.
    • Ensure that your first 20 seconds of your video is interesting for the audience to stick through.
    • Relevancy of time must be observed because it is the factor encourages the viral potential.
    • Know your audience right in terms of their likes, emotional attraction, culture, and dislikes.
    • Use some catchy lines or phrases to make your video engaging.
    1. What are the alternatives that are offered other than C-P-C?
    There are two choices
    • Cost Per Impression (CPC)
    • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)
    These are the Common Digital Marketing Interview Questions that are asked to a fresher in an Interview.
    1. In the Google Adwords, the alternatives “can't” could be changed to the wake of making a record?
    Yes, we can change “can't” for the wake of making account currency and time zone.
    1. What is Ad rank?
    The promotion rank decides the advertisement position on the Google page. Also, this is controlled by what you offer for the watchword and quality score.
    1. How would you improve the transformation rates?
    We can improve the transformation rates by making the promotions that match exactly with the watchwords and make perfectly themed with your advertisement gathering and focus the clients to the aides for changes.
    1. Explain Google Ad API?
    This is intended for communicating with enormous people, technically knowledgeable sponsors. Google Ad API allows the designers to assemble the application that directly connects with the Google Adwords server.
    1. What is the limitation set for the characters or numbers for Google Ads promotion?
    The breaking point for Google Ads is
    • Description line first: 25 characters
    • Description line second: 35 characters
    • Destination URL: 1024 characters
    • No pictures are permitted in the URL.
    1. Explain different methods of producing traffic on a site?
    Traffic can be increased on any site through different methodologies and they are
    • Advertisement postings
    Considering the Google Ads
    • Updating the site content regularly
    • Taking part in the appropriating SEO crusades.
    • Adding new highlights to the site by obtaining the traffic from multiple destinations.
    1. Elucidate the term Link building.
    Link Building makes the connection of a site to other sites by a shared joint effort between the two who paid an advancement. Link Building or Backlinks will redirect the traffic and upgrade the advancement of the site.
    1. What is in the vicinity of Off-site SEO?
    On the location of the OFF-site SEO, there is the arrangement of guidelines and conventions of a web proprietor which needs to be applied on the site. For getting the ideal results. In short, it is all about the advancement of a site and composing its content.
    1. Why SEO is necessary for new sites?
    SEO helps in boosting a site rank on the web crawler and so SEO is necessary for new sites.
    1. List the kinds of Meta Tags in Search Engine Optimization?
    • Title labels
    • Meta Roots
    • Meta Key labels
    • Description having an utmost of around 1200 pixels.
    These are the Common Digital Marketing Interview Questions that are asked to a fresher in an Interview.
    1. How are the keywords selected?
    Keywords can be selected using the keywords planner tool. Based on the monthly search volume and Cost Per Click (CPC) rate.
    1. What do you think about Google Sandbox?
    This is the place where the data about SEO and its techniques, that are chosen by the site and other data that are put away.
    1. Write the formula for CPC?
    The formula for CPC is, CPC = Cost/No. of Clicks.
    1. List the type of keywords?
    The types of keywords are,
    • Broad
    • Exact
    • Phrase
    • Broad Match Modifier
    1. What is mean by negative keywords?
    When the user searches something in the google search bar and the ad trigger does not respond for the match it indicates that you have used negative keywords. These are the Basic Digital Marketing Interview Questions that are asked to a fresher in an Interview.
    1. Which is the best bidding strategy? And why do you prefer it?
    The manual bidding strategy is the best because we can control the daily budgets to avoid the delay in delivery.
    1. Differentiate between Organic and Paid search?
    Organic search is building naturally from the base of the scratch without any special applications. The Investment is done more on the thinking process and you should accomplish the goal purely on your efforts.Whereas Paid is the advertising market, where you are required to pay the amount to accomplish your goal.
    1. What are the requirements that are needed to be done in an On-Page SEO?
    • Unique content
    • URL Optimization
    • Canonicalization
    • Image Optimization
    • H Tags Optimization
    • Sitemap and Robots.txt
    • JS and CSS Optimization
    • Load Time Optimization
    • Schema Implementation
    • Keyword research and Meta Tags Optimization
    • Device Responsive Optimization (Mobile, Tablet Desktop)
    1. How is advertising done in the SEM?
    SEM mostly relies on Google Ads ranges such as
    • Gmail Ads
    • Youtube Ads
    • Search Network
    • Display Network
    • Google Shopping
    1. List the Ad types in SMM?
    The Ad types are as follows,
    • Boost Post
    • Carousel (Product Ads)
    • Collection
    • Lead Generation
    • Twitter Cards
    • In-mail (LinkedIn)
    1. Give some general tips for social media success?
    • Be Creative.
    • Post consistently.
    • Provide valuable content.
    • Engage in more conversations.
    • Encourage audience engagement as well.

    We would add even more Digital Marketing Interview Questions in the coming days to this blog. Besides referring to the Digital Marketing Interview Questions and preparing yourself for the interview ahead of time, a certification would acknowledge your skill sets in Digital Marketing. Also, this certification provides credibility about you and also convenience the job interviewer that you are serious about your career in the Digital Marketing field. Join Digital Marketing Training in Bangalore at FITA Academy and get hands-on experience in the marketing skills under the guidance of working professionals with certification.

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    Other Locations
    FITA Academy - Velachery
    Plot No 7, 2nd floor,
    Vadivelan Nagar,
    Velachery Main Road,
    Velachery, Chennai - 600042
    Tamil Nadu

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    FITA Academy - Anna Nagar
    No 14, Block No, 338, 2nd Ave,
    Anna Nagar,
    Chennai 600 040, Tamil Nadu
    Next to Santhosh Super Market

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    FITA Academy - T Nagar
    05, 5th Floor, Challa Mall,
    T Nagar,
    Chennai 600 017, Tamil Nadu
    Opposite to Pondy Bazaar Globus

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    FITA Academy - Tambaram
    Nehru Nagar, Kadaperi,
    GST Road, West Tambaram,
    Chennai 600 045, Tamil Nadu
    Opposite to Saravana Jewellers Near MEPZ

        :   93450 45466

    FITA Academy - Thoraipakkam
    5/350, Old Mahabalipuram Road,
    Okkiyam Thoraipakkam,
    Chennai 600 097, Tamil Nadu
    Next to Cognizant Thoraipakkam Office and Opposite to Nilgris Supermarket

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    FITA Academy - Porur
    17, Trunk Rd,
    Chennai 600116, Tamil Nadu
    Above Maharashtra Bank

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    FITA Academy Marathahalli
    No 7, J J Complex,
    ITPB Road, Aswath Nagar,
    Marathahalli Post,
    Bengaluru 560037

        :   93450 45466

    FITA Academy - Saravanampatty
    First Floor, Promenade Tower,
    171/2A, Sathy Road, Saravanampatty,
    Coimbatore - 641035
    Tamil Nadu

        :   95978 88270

    FITA Academy - Singanallur
    348/1, Kamaraj Road,
    Varadharajapuram, Singanallur,
    Coimbatore - 641015
    Tamil Nadu

        :   95978 88270

    FITA Academy - Madurai
    No.2A, Sivanandha salai,
    Arapalayam Cross Road,
    Ponnagaram Colony,
    Madurai - 625016, Tamil Nadu

        :   97900 94102

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