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An interested delegate who wants to enhance and measure your English language ability can enroll TOEFL Coaching in Chennai at FITA; it’s the best place for TOEFL Training in Chennai for queries call @ 93450 45466.

TOEFL (Test Of English As A Foreign Language)

TOEFL is an identical test to determine the English language ability of the individuals who wishing to enroll in foreign universities. Many professional institutions and English-talking academic are accepted the TOEFL test and it is recognized by more than 130 countries around the globe. TOEFL is considering being the world major English language test. The English Testing Service (ETS) believes TOEFL is a trademark, that score is highly significant to get a career opportunity in foreign countries.

The Art Of Teaching TOEFL Training In Chennai

We aimed to give you an advanced and excellent teaching method to understand and complete the TOEFL Training in Chennai in a success rate. Instead of giving you a normal English language course, like listening, reading, writing and speaking. We take you to the practical oriented training to enhance your vocabulary skills that helps to improvise your fluency and confidence in English language.

The TOEFL syllabus are designed by the English legends community, so that once you completed course at FITA you can easily answered for all questions in TOEFL exams. The course includes a grouping of 20 lessons of general English and also 2 lessons from private exam preparation. We concentrate 5 lessons per week to complete the course in a schedule time with full involvement.

Who Is Our TOEFL Faculty?

Our tutors are highly qualified, well experienced and dedicated to providing TOEFL Classes in Chennai. Lessons are taught based on their learner’s requirements; promising that you enhance English and the exam skill practice at the same time. Faculties are already trained many candidates and sent more successful students, so they can easily give you excellent training to pass the TOEFL exam in an easy way.

Trainers give personal care for each and every participant and given more chances to practice the Spoken English language through effective discussion, debates and conversation task such as pair-work and role play.

What You Learn At TOEFL Coaching Centres In Chennai?

The syllabus includes Vocabulary, Grammar, Topical communication skills, Pronunciation additionally previous TOEFL exam paper practice and give mock exams. TOEFL Coaching in Chennai should be in a 100% practical oriented and give more tasks to improve confidence on your English language.

What You Gain From The TOEFL Preparation Course?

To enhance the overall English level, such as writing, listening, reading and speaking as well as grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary.
To improve learning capacity and ensure learning speed through more number of practice in English language
To improve your verbal skills to use in the professional language need for TOEFL
To give best practices and important guidance for you to get high score in a TOEFL exam
TOEFL skills help you to score high in IELTS exams
Enhance confident level and improve your weak areas in English

Course Duration

Our Course duration as per your convenience, it can be short or long as you require them to be, your present level of English skills decides your course duration, how speedily you learn and complete the levels of English you are aiming for in our TOEFL Coaching in Chennai.

Fees Allotment

The Fee structure will be varying depends on the span of time you preferred. Remember that the TOEFL course fee that included the book and the examination fees in the total cost.

Either your preference is TOEFL or TOEIC, we provide both courses at a reasonable price with quality training. Our best TOEFL coaching Institute in Chennai aimed to improve your English ability in a short span of time. We located at three main branches in Chennai such as Velachery, Anna Nagar, Tambaram, T.Nagar and OMR. In near future we are planning to open more no of gre and TOEFL Coaching Centers in Chennai for your convenient. To know more about the details of TOEFL training make call @93450 45466, our counselor will provide further information about TOEFL.

“To score more on the TOEFL exam, enroll today at TOEFL Coaching in Chennai to get a dazzling career in foreign countries!”

Tips To Clear The TOEFL IBT Test

Reading and listening part is manageable with an average English but the writing part is the crucial one as it is difficult to manage with average English. TOEFL essay writing goes with five basic types and they are agree or disagree, imaginary, preference, comparison or contrast writing, and explanation of an event or theory. For making the learning journey interesting let us see the examples of writing essays for the TOEFL exam. There is plethora of examples available and still the art of learning with the essence of subject makes learning an interesting one. There are two types of TOEFL exam one is IBT and the other one is PBT. IBT is used to leverage the reading, listening, writing and speaking skills. PBT is structured for editing skills and proof reading skills. Let us deep dive in to the topic “Tips” to prepare for the TOEFL IBT test. Join the TOEFL Coaching in Chennai at FITA and become successful with the guidance from the expert trainers.

Improve The Typing Skills

For typing with fingers basic fingering skill is essential. Practice the basic skills and also do practice with different types of computers as the new model may be difficult when using during the examination. For the writing part it is good to practice with the basic spellings with good hand writing. TOEFL Classes in Chennai will give training in the typing also with the constant assignments in the content writing with the computers.

Prepare Notes

Be a good note writer as the IBT exam demand for this skill. Whenever practicing for the exams write the news, reports or words to get the practice of taking notes. The words and phrases are recorded easily in the brain with writing practice or taking notes. TOEFL Training in Chennai will help for writing the notes from the news or speech and reproduce the content effectively.

Some Of The Interesting Topic For Essay Writing

If analyzed from time perspective writing is not a natural activity and it strains the mental activity. Preparation is the key to success when handling the writing part. Write positive points about the usage of internet in day to day life of today. The collection of the information and the vocabulary are important aspect which hone the skills of the learner. Which learning practice is good is it online learning or the class room learning? Prepare for this answer after going through the examples available and the methodologies followed in the classroom. Answers with points and explanatory vocabulary are very important to enhance the presentation. TOEFL Coaching Centres in Chennai with good name like FITA are specialized in preparing the syllabus and the topics given for the essays are up to the mark of the market. The updated syllabus makes the job of the learner easy.

Pattern Of The Question Paper

In the reading part two questions will be from the vocabulary and other questions can be based out of detailed answer. Check the model paper to get an idea about the question paper pattern. TOEFL Center in Chennai will provide the model question paper and mock interview also which is practical way of preparing for the exam.

Concentrate On Your Dress And Food On The Day Of The Exam

During the preparation for the exam concentrate on the food and the dress which gives comfort. Eatables are not allowed during the exam and hence it is essential to eat properly before the exam. Join the TOEFL Coaching Classes in Chennai at FITA to get the personalized training to improve the language skills.

Practice The Model Papers

Finally keep practicing for the exam as it is the secret behind the success. Learn to keep the time and also focus on the difficult and the most interesting part in the question paper. Formulate the ideas in to the information and present it to the audience. The art of writing starts from brain storm from the different subjects around us. Best TOEFL Coaching institute in Chennai provides the constant support to the learners to become successful.

Use Strategies

Use the strategies like guessing the word from word families, using the appropriate grammar and summarizing the valid points in to a paragraph. Relate the first paragraph and the other paragraphs and create the interest with the content to gain more points. The vocabulary and the presentation skills both are essential to gain highest point in the exam. Check the subject and verb agreement in the sentence. Best TOEFL Coaching in Chennai will make the learners knowledgeable by training the tips and tricks needed to handle the difficult question paper.

Give Reasons To The Answers

Give reasons to support your answer. This will improve the word count in the answer and also aid to stay on the topic. Deviating from the subject and writing content without a structure is the common mistake which create bad impression in the mind of the examiner. So, aesthetic part is naturally polished by giving reasons to the answers and supports the arguments appropriately. FITA is the best TOEFL Training Center in Chennai with language experts who can ameliorate the skills inside the learners.

Have Positive Attitude

Finally the secret behind the big success is keeping the mind happy and maintaining a positive attitude. Take ample practice and plan the time properly before attending the exam. The formal training from FITA will reduce the inferiority complex and boost the confidence to face the exam with positive attitude. TOEFL Institute in Chennai will enhance the confidence and improve the positive energy inside the students.

Registration Process

As there is huge demand and popularity of the TOEFL course the seats get fill quickly. So, prior registration is essential. Register for the exam before to three or four months. During the examination Electronic devices are not allowed and there will be ten minutes break between each sessions of the exam. So, utilize the time and prepare with a motto to score high. TOEFL Institutes in Chennai will provide the time to time information and make the learning journey easy to the students. FITA has good records in training the students and our students attain the expert level grade in the examination. The syllabus, trainers and the reviews stand as a evidence to the success rate of the students of FITA. Chose the best institute and proliferate your skills.


  • Above 20,000+ students trust FITA.
  • Smart classes with updated coursewares.
  • Flexible Course timings for students and working professionals.
  • FITA is present in the training field for more than a decade.
  • Extensive coverage of syllabus for all the courses with 60+ hours of training.
  • An Affordable fee structure for both students and IT professionals.

Trainers at FITA are industry experts who have 12+ years of experience in their field. They train students with real-time projects and case studies.

  • FITA has an active placement cell for the students.
  • Provides 100% placement assistance to the students.
  • Provides Interview training and tips to the students.
  • Supports the students in Resume building.

Contact our support number 93450 45466 and enroll for training. You can also directly walk into our branch and enroll yourself.


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