Franchise Business in India

FITA Academy stands out as a premier talent development company, delivering industry-centric training across diverse courses to meet global industry standards. Dedicated to quality training, we integrate expertise, technology, and knowledge to empower our learners. With a keen eye on expanding opportunities, FITA Academy also offers opportunities for Franchise Business in India, allowing aspiring entrepreneurs to join our mission of skill development while capitalizing on the growing demand for quality education. Whether you’re seeking professional growth or exploring franchise ventures, we provide the ideal platform for realizing your ambitions.

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  • Transforming Students & Professionals into Industry Ready Workforce since 2012!

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Why Partner With FITA Academy

  • Best Support and complete Hand Holding
  • 120+ Courses in the field of IT, Languages, Electronics & Accounting
  • Proven Business Model
  • Assured support with Leads/Enquiries
  • Moderate Investment & Quick ROI
  • Pro-active support in launching Next Generation Courses and New Product verticals

How Do We Help

Training Support

  • Training and Induction for the Complete Workforce – Business Partners, Counselors, Business Development Executive
  • Training program for Trainers on teaching Methodologies & FITA Academy SOPs
  • Training on new Product launches and Marketing Strategies

System Support

  • Access to Powerful lead management software to manage the leads effectively and increase revenue
  • Access to billing management software for seamless account management and process compliance
  • Access to other checklists for hassle-free branch management

Marketing & Lead Management Support

  • Our Education Franchise provides assistance and resources to manage marketing efforts effectively, including strategies for generating and handling leads through the sales process.

Digital Campaigns & Advertisements for Broader Reach

  • Utilizing digital platforms and advertisements, such as social media, search engines, and websites, is crucial for expanding the marketing reach of businesses. Through targeted online campaigns, franchises can reach a broader audience interested in computer courses and certifications, increasing brand visibility and attracting potential students.

Guaranteed Lead Support

  • Ensuring a steady flow of leads through various marketing initiatives, guaranteeing a minimum level of leads to support sales and business growth objectives.

Marketing Collaterals, Student Brochures, and Signage Board Designs for BTL 

  • Develop marketing collateral, including student brochures and signage, for below-the-line strategies.
  • Create compelling designs tailored for offline marketing approaches.
  • Craft materials aimed at engaging specific target audiences effectively.


  • Creating and distributing marketing materials such as brochures, signage, and other promotional items aimed at below-the-line (BTL) marketing strategies, which focus on direct and targeted communication with potential customers. These materials are designed to attract and engage the audience effectively.

What Do You Need To Have To Be A FITA Academy Franchise

  • Share a Vision for setting up quality-driven business that will develop the Talent pool in India
  • Financial backing to sustain the operational cost for initial 6 to 8 months
  • Passion and commitment to nurture the learners and change their LIVES! We really mean it.
  • Goodwill and recognition of local audience and possess good knowledge of the Franchisee location you are interested in

Rated as Best Education Franchise in India!