Top Four DevOps Tools

The combination of Operation and Development brings a new aspect to Software development field. DevOps plays an important role in implementing automation in the field of Testing, which is normally termed as Continuous Integration, Delivery, Testing. Gradle DevOps tool stack will require a certain build tool. The automated build tool is controlled by Maven and […] Read More

Advantages of Cloud Computing

Here, are some significant advantages for managing Cloud computing in your organization: Flexible Flexibility is assigned as the scalable property of IT resources with the help of the internet and Cloud Computing provides that feature. Scalable According to the requirements and requests of the organization’s users, scalability is a property to scale up or scale […] Read More

Three Types of Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing is a session to provide hosting services over the Internet. These resources include applications and tools like Networking, Servers, Storage, Database and Software. Cloud computing is a general choice for businesses and people choose Cloud Computing for various reasons like speed, efficiency, performance, increased productivity, and security. Services of Cloud Computing  The services […] Read More

Software Testing Interview Questions and Answers

The career growth for the Software Tester profile has been tremendous over the past few years. Software Testing plays a vital role in several product applications and product implementation of business. Based on the report submitted by the Software Tester is the most demanded job in reputed companies like Tata Consultancy Services, Cognizant, Infosys, […] Read More

Advantages and Future scope of AngularJS

AngualrJS is a framework, which is used by many IT Companies that are used in developing web and mobile applications. AngularJS is composed of JavaScript Language to develop a Single Page Application (SPA). AngularJS mainly focuses on both development and testing by providing a framework to the client-side.  Learn and develop web applications with the […] Read More

Why You Can Choose Php Programming Language For Developing Website

Programmers usually learn various programming languages to build effective applications. They like to develop more applications online. The developer can choose many options for web development as they have various languages like JPS, Perl, ASP, PHP, and CGI. Among those web development programming languages, PHP is one of the most widely used programming languages. ASPX […] Read More

Technical Skills Required to be a Software Tester

What is software testing? Software Testing is the method of evaluating the functionality of a software application with the intent to identify whether the developed software meets the predefined requirements or not and to detect defects and ensure that the product is defect-free to produce a quality product. Principles of Software Testing:  The principal of […] Read More

Scope of Web Designing and Development

What is Web Designing? Web designing is an essential part of today’s IT industry. The process of creating and designing a website is called Web designing. Web designing uses images, color, fonts, text, HTML5, and other interactive elements to produce a webpage. Designers use CSS for presentation and HTML as a markup language for creating […] Read More

AngularJS Interview Questions and Answers

AngularJS persists to dominate the area of JavaScript frameworks. It is stated that the Angular JS framework is the most trusted and reliable framework among web developers who want to pursue their career in the web framework or web building. The demand for the Angular JS Developers is growing at a steady pace at present. […] Read More

Concept And Scope of Ethical Hacking

What is Ethical hacking? Ethical Hacking is also called as penetration Testing. It is an act of penetrating networks or systems to find out threats and vulnerabilities in that system which the attacker would have exploited and caused the loss of data, financial loss or other major damages to a business. Purpose of Ethical hacking […] Read More