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If you have wanted to do a PHP Course in Madurai, FITA is the best option that you can pick out. They are staffed with the most experienced professionals and web developers who would provide in-depth coaching in PHP.

PHP is the most sought-after programming languages that are used for web development and allied projects. It is ideally used for e-commerce websites, discussion forums, and business portals. PHP is versatile enough to be used for both web and desktop applications. The applications developed with PHP can thus be run on Apache web servers as well as Microsoft IIS Servers.

The popularity of PHP is due to its open source nature and the fact that MYSQL is the database used along with PHP, which is also open source. Moreover, PHP programs can be developed using a simple style and these programs can be integrated with other tools (CMS) such as Joomla and WordPress and frameworks such as CakePHP and Magento. The possibilities are endless with such combinations. All of these make PHP the most sought after among expert web applications developers.

FITA is reputed to be the Best PHP Training Institute in Madurai. This is because they strive to provide the students with the right knowledge in the subject and the right skills. The PHP Training here is executed in such a way that the students are encouraged to create their own website/application on the cloud or server. The FITA PHP Training Institute in Madurai offers ‘regular and part-time’ and ‘weekday and weekend’ options to suit all types of students and working professionals.

Detailed Syllabus For PHP In FITA


Evolution of PHP
Basic Syntax

Data Types In PHP

Definitions: Variables, Constants
Integers, Floating Point
Array functions
Associative Arrays
String Functions
Null and Empty
Data Type Juggling and Casting

Database Connectivity

Execute Query
Set Query Parameter
Perform Basic Database Operation (DML) - Insert, Delete, Update, Select
Connect with MySQL Database
Introduction to RDBMS
Join (Cross, Inner, Outer and Self Joins)

MYSQL and PHP - First Steps

Dynamic Text Execution
Insertion of Comments
Embedded PHP code on a page
Operational Statements

PHP - Logical Expressions

Switch Statements
If, Else, ElseIf Statements
Logical Operators

PHP - LOOP Expressions

Continue, Break Statements
While Loops
For, For Each Loops
Array Pointers

Creation Of Web Pages Using PHP Basics

Multiple Return Values
Global Variables
Major Functions
Function Arguments
Passing of Arguments and Returning Values from Functions
Default Argument Values

User-Defined Functions

File Inclusion
Headers Modification
HTML Encoding
Page Redirection
Encoding and Using GET Values
Links and URLs
Output Buffering

Testing & Debugging

Deduction of Issues
Clearing Errors

The Best PHP Training Institute in Madurai is FITA. Coaching is provided from the basic level to advanced topics to make you an expert at the end. The PHP Course is in the form of individualized interactive sessions. You are given live projects to work with to enable you to experience real-life challenges. The best students after the PHP course are given ample placement opportunities in top-of-the-line MNCs.