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Benefits of learning Tally Course in Madurai at FITA

Interactive training sessions.
100% of professional training with certification.
Training provided for all the versions of the tally course.
A curriculum that meets the standards set by the Industry.
Efficient Tally Trainers with a decade of experience in this field.
A Realistic practice provided to the students from the Creation of Company Accounts to Balance Sheet.
Also, a recap of the previous session is provided regularly to the students.

Tally is the accounting software that is used predominantly in most of the small and medium scale industries. It is the accounting software that is preferred by most of the accountants because of its usability and it is economical. Tally Solution offers multiple features to its users, ever since they introduced the version of ERP that is Enterprise Resource Management it has modified the term Tally. The Tally ERP version permits the accountants to record the transaction from Inventory to Payroll of a business. Also, the release of the Tally ERP9 version facilitates the job of accountants easy by making the GST transactions simpler to use. Besides GST transactions, this version allows the users to digitalize the bill and invoices quickly. These unique features of Tally Software have grabbed the attention of large scale enterprises as well and they have slowly begun to use this software for their business transactions.

Enroll yourself in Tally Training in Madurai at FITA and enrich your accounting skills in Tally under the guidance of experienced tutors.

Tally Course In Madurai FITA - Syllabus

Tally - User Interface
Company Management Principles
Masters - Ledgers, Groups, Bill-wise Debtors’ and Creditors’ Ledger
Payment Voucher
Tally - Day Book
Bills Pre-Allocation
Receipt Voucher
Journal and ContraVoucher
Tally ERP - Cheque Printing
Masters: Inventory
Goods and Services Tax (GST)
Purchase Voucher - GST
Sales Voucher - GST
GST - Returns and Payment
Tally - Billing Features
PO Processing
Processing Sales Order
Debit & Credit Notes
Tally - Bank Reconciliation
Tally - Price List
Credit Limits
Stock Transfers
Manufacturing Vouchers
Batch-Wise Details
Tally - Reorder Levels
Automatic Interest Calculations
Types and Class of Vouchers
Point of Sales
Optional Vouchers and Scenarios
Budgets and Controls - Tally
Cost Centres & Categories
Analysis of Party Ledger
Purchase and Sales Reporting
Stock Analysis & Reports
Cash & Bank Reports
Search, Filter and Sorting
Financial Reports
Multi-Language Option
Export, Import, Backup and Restore
TDS in Tally
Payroll Accounting - Tally
Finalisation Entries
Data Security
Tally Audit
Data Synchronisation
Multi-Currency Option
Reports - Printing
Shortcut Keys for Different Function

Eligibility Criteria for Tally Course

Tally Course can be learned by anyone who strives to be a Professional Accountant and there are no prerequisites to learn this course, except one needs to have some fundamental knowledge in the Accounting concepts. Given below is the list of candidates who can learn the Tally Skills and enhance their career opportunities. 

Tally Course can be pursued by high school graduates. 
Bachelor of Commerce graduates can pursue this course.
Tally course is also useful for Chartered Accountants, Master of Commerce and MBA graduates to increase their skill set on their resume.

Tally Training in Madurai at FITA trains the efficiently in using the Tally tool and also explains the concepts of Accounting to the students clearly. 

Career Prospects of Tally

Tally is the Accounting tool that is used in the majority of the Business organization in India. The scope for a Tally Accountant is high compared to normal accountants without the Tally skills. The reason for any organization to adopt the Tally Software is because of its efficiency. 

The major business that uses the Tally Software is listed below.

Banking Sectors
Financial Trusts
Retail businesses
Chartered Accountant.

Given below are the various job profiles that are offered in an organization on completing the Tally Course.

Admin Executive
Junior Accountant
Accounts Executive
Financial Analyst
Audit Executive
Account Manager
Senior Account Manager. 

Learn Tally Course in Madurai at FITA and get certified under the trained experts. By acquiring the Tally Skills professionally one can widen their career opportunities. 

Salary and Perks offered to a Tally Accountant

Based on the report submitted by the Payscale.com, listed below are the average package offered for Accountants with Tally skills in an organization.

For Freshers with Tally Skills - Rs 2,50,000 per annum
Mid-level Accountant with Tally Skills - Rs 3,20, 000 per annum
Senior Accountant with Tally Skills -Rs 8,00,000 per annum

The packages and perks may vary based on the organization's requirements.


  • Tally 4.5: MS-DOS support Financial Accounting System
  • Tally 5.0:Upgraded version and it work in Windows Operating System 
  • Tally 5.4: Capable of importing Data facility
  • Tally 6.3: It enables to support printing VAT
  • Tally 7.2: Supports Statutory features.
  • Tally 8.1: It is a multi-language support software. This software supports more than 10 languages
  • Tally 9: Improved version of 8.1. It supports 13 languages including Foreign language. Also, the Payroll system is introduced along with this version.
  • Tally ERP9: It is the latest version that supports features of remote access, data security, digitalization of bills. Also, GST transactions can be calculated in this.

Tally Course in Madurai at FITA trains the students with all the versions of Tally also they provide the necessary training to use the tool efficiently under the guidance of experienced tutors.

A Tally is an Indian tool which was founded by Shyam Sunder Goenka and his son Bharat Goenka in 1986. Earlier the term Tally was known as Peutronics, later it was named Tally Solutions. The abbreviation of Tally stands for Transactions Allowed in a Linear Line Yard. Tally Solutions have gained significance in the global market as well. Countries like Kenya and Africa also uses this tool predominantly for their accounting purpose.

Given below are the default features that are available in the GST Invoice of Tally ERP9 version.

  • Invoice Number and Date
  • Customer Name 
  • Shipping and Billing Address 
  • Customer’s and Taxpayer’s GSTN
  • Place of Supply
  • HSN/SAC Code 
  • Taxable Value and Discounts 
  • Rate and Amount of Taxes 
  • Item or Product details 

Listed above are the basic details required to calculate the GST Invoice and if any one of the above-mentioned details are missed then it is considered to be invalid. The Accountant need not worry about the details if the accountant is working in Tally ERP 9 version as all of these details are provided by default in that version. 

Join Tally Training in Madurai at FITA and learn the Tally course professionally under the guidance of industry experts and get certified. Tutors at FITA explain the application and use of Tally software clearly to the students and they train the students efficiently to equip themselves in a professional environment.

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