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  • Oracle Training in Madurai

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    FITA Academy’s Oracle Training in Madurai is conducted for students as well as software professionals to precisely learn about the Oracle Database Software. Oracle is a leading and powerful Relational Database Management System and learning it will benefit students to be professional Oracle experts and help them get placed in high tech software companies. The Syllabus of Oracle is extensively designed by the Database experts of the IT domain. The same experts handle the training program for students so they can be assured of gaining first-hand knowledge of the Oracle Database Software.

    Course Highlights & Why Oracle Training in Madurai at FITA Academy?

    Introduction to Database, DBMS, RDBMS, SQL Standards, Datatypes in Oracle, Operators in Oracle, Schema Design, and Objects.
    Learning Data Retrieval Techniques and clauses such as Where Clause, Having Clause, From Clause, Group By Clause, Order by Clause, USing Clause, Constraint Clause, By Update Clause.
    Understanding DDL Commands for Table Creation, Altering the Column, Modifying the Column, Renaming the Column, Truncate Command, and Delete Commands.
    Comprehending DML Commands to Copy the Data, Copy the Structure, Updating Value, Deleting a Particular Record, etc.
    Knowledge of Integrity Constraints such as Not Null, Unique Key, Primary Key, Referential Integrity, Check Integrity, and other constraints like Row-level Constraints and Column Level Constraints.
    Getting familiarized with Built-in functions such as String functions, Date Functions, Mathematical Functions, Conversion Functions, Special Functions, Analytical Functions, etc.
    Getting acquainted with Data Aggregation functions such as Count(), Sum(), Min(), Max(), Avg(), etc.
    Exploring JOIN and its types such as Equi Join, Non-Equi Join, Self Join, Outer Join, Left and Right Outer Join, Full Outer Join, and Cross Join.
    Mastering Set Operators and its types such as Union, Union All, Intersect, Minus, and Pseudo Columns such as ROWID and ROWNUM.
    Understanding Sub Queries, Database Transaction, Security, Schema Objects, etc.

    Upcoming Batches

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    05-06-2023 Weekdays Monday (Monday - Friday)
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    Oracle Training in Madurai Batches

    Classroom Training

    • Get trained by Industry Experts via Classroom Training at any of the FITA Academy branches near you
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    Instructor-Led Live Online Training

    • Take-up Instructor-led Live Online Training. Get the Recorded Videos of each session.
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    • Basic SQL statements Review
    • Select, Project, Join
    • Describing Oracle tables
    • Restricting row returns
    • Basic reports
    • Set commands
    • Column wrapping
    • Breaks and summaries
    • Adding prompts to queries
    • Equi-join, Outer join
    • Hiding joins by creating views
    • Subqueries
    • Exercise – writing subquery
    • Correlated subquery
    • Non-correlated subqueries
    • Between operator
    • IN and NOT In operators
    • Sub-queries
    • EXISTS clause
    • Using wildcards in queries (LIKE operator)
    • Count(*), Sum, Avg
    • Min and max
    • Using the group by clause
    • Review of Basic joining methods
    • Merge join, Hash Join, Nested Loop join
    • Advanced SQL operators
    • Between operator
    • Introduction to rule-based optimization and cost-based optimization
    • Collecting table and index statistics
    • Column histograms
    • Changing default optimizer modes
    • Using TKPROF
    • Using SQL*Trace
    • SQL reusability within the library cache
    • Table high-water mark
    • Table striping and table partitions
    • Using EXPLAIN PLAN
    • Interpreting EXPLAIN PLAN Output
    • Using indexes to improve performance
    • Identifying full-table scans
    • Re-writing SQL queries
    • Using hints to improve SQL performance
    • Using parallel query to improve performance
    • Tuning sub-queries

    PL/SQL is an extension of SQL together with procedural features of a programming language. It supports conditional looping, variables and exceptions. Introduced by Oracle Corporation in the early 1990s, it helps to enhance the features of SQL.

    • Defining PL/SQL tables
    • Reasons to use PL/SQL tables
    • Populating a PL/SQL table
    • Retrieving from a PL/SQL table
    • Introduction to the dbms_sql package
    • Creating a dynamic SQL statement
    • Creating nested blocks
    • Understanding scope in nested blocks
    • Triggers and database events
    • Defining a trigger
    • Timing a trigger
    • Enabling and disabling a trigger
    • Basics of stored procedures
    • Basics of functions
    • Basics of packages
    • Defining stored procedures & functions
    • Function and stored procedures prototypes
    • Passing arguments to functions and stored procedures
    • Recompiling functions and stored procedures
    • Pinning packages in the SGA with dbms_shared_pool.keep
    • Package forward declaration
    • Package dependency
    • Package overloading
    • Listing package information
    • Bulk queries
    • Bulk DML (forall statement)
    • Using cursor attributes
    • Analyzing impact of bulk operations
    Oracle Training in Madurai Details

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    Trainer Profile

      • The Oracle trainers of FITA Academy are Software Professionals having a maximum work experience of 7+ years in the Oracle technology.
      • They possess profound knowledge of Oracle Software Applications and ERP Methodology.
      • They are proficient in handling Oracle Database and PL/SQL Languages.
      • They possess excellent Teaching skills and Communication skills.
      • They have high level technical knowledge and a good understanding of Oracle Products.
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    Oracle Certification Course in Madurai

    About Oracle Certification Course in Madurai
    at FITA Academy

    Oracle Training in Madurai Certification

    Oracle Certification Course in Madurai

    FITA Academy’s Oracle Certification Course will make students get familiar with the important Oracle concepts. To highlight some of the concepts are Core Database concepts, Functions of Database Administrator, SQL/PL/SQL Concepts, Physical and Logical Database Structures, Overview of Table Space, Oracle Network Configuration and Management, Database Programming and Configuration, Harnessing Storage and Cloud Management and Scripts of Databases. Our Oracle Certification training program can be attended by anyone wanting to master the Oracle Database. In addition, the training program can be attended by Software Professionals such as Software Developers, Software Architects, Database Analysts and Administrators, and also Project Managers. Doing a professional Certification program in Oracle has many advantages for candidates as Oracle is one of the leading RDBMSs and it is owned by one of the software tech giants. These compelling reasons make Certified Oracle candidates a valuable asset to the organizations as they know how to skillfully work with the Oracle Database. The Oracle Database has a market share of 48.35% which is a good number that indicates certified oracle candidates will be in demand. Another main reason to do a professional Oracle Certification Program has certified oracle professionals earn around a total of $94,000 per annum globally. There are no prerequisites necessary to join our certification program, just basic database knowledge will be sufficient. FITA Academy offers the best Oracle Course in Madurai for students through its unique training program handled by the Oracle Database experts.

    Oracle Training in Madurai Reviews

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    Job Opportunities After Completing Oracle Training in Madurai

    Oracle Training in Madurai with Placement Support

    Oracle Database (Oracle DB), also known as simply Oracle is a Relational Database Management System, is a Database Software from Oracle corporation. Presently the Oracle DB is used by many IT corporations for their Data Processing. The Oracle DB is presented in four editions such as Enterprise Edition, Personal Edition, Standard Edition, Express Edition, and Oracle Lite. The reason Oracle became more popular is that it provides more productivity features to Software companies. That is, it is much more scalable than SQL. That is the reason Oracle DB is much preferred over SQL Database. The growth of the Oracle DB has led to the demand for skilled Oracle Developers globally. By 2028, there will be around 2,84,100 job openings for proficient Oracle Developers. These developers are responsible for performing necessary and distinguishable tasks in their work environment. The day-to-day tasks of an Oracle Developer include Designing and Developing Oracle Applications according to project requirements. Carry out initial design reviews, create specifications and suggest improvements. They are also responsible for developing reports, modifying existing codes to improve Oracle applications, and also develop database procedures.

    Also, they are responsible for rendering timely help to other developers for analyzing and troubleshooting system issues. Choosing the profession as an Oracle Developer has always many advantages as Oracle seems to be one of the powerful solutions for Data processing and storage facilities.

    Let us now discuss some of the additional responsibilities they hold as an Oracle Developer,

    • Team up with Java developers and complete complex financial calculations.
    • Design tables, views, SQL queries, stored procedures, functions, complex PL/SQL packages for ETL.
    • Use JavaScript validations to validate data into the database after entering appropriate error and informational messages.
    • Utilize VSS and SVN for Source control.
    • Maintain databases on Linux Servers.
    • Utilize SVN tool for Version Management.
    • Implement and test customized ERP System for customers.

    Finally, let us discuss the salaries of the Oracle Developers in India. An entry-level Oracle Developer earns around Rs. 4,65,807 per annum. Mid-level professional earns around Rs. 8,70,309 per annum. While experienced [professionals earn around more than Rs. 10,00,000 per annum. Join FITA Academy’s Oracle Training in Madurai to experience a first-hand training and to gain high-level knowledge of the Oracle Database.

    Student Testimonials

    DivyaSri S

    I am in my final year of Engineering. I wanted to do the Oracle Certification course because the field has a good scope for freshers. Learning at FITA Academy has been really helpful in understanding the Oracle Database completely. All the classes were practically taken and the classes were very interactive and engaging. The syllabus was also comprehensive which covered all the important topics. I had a good learning experience and am thankful to my trainer for the wonderful training program she conducted.

    Reena S

    I attended FITA Academy’s Oracle Certification course. The training program was helpful for me to get placed in an IT company as an Oracle Developer. My trainer was so knowledgeable and it was evident through her teaching. She shared many insights and knowledge of the Oracle Database which was really helpful to gain a good understanding of Oracle. Their placement support is also equally good which helped me to get placed. Thanks to my trainer and also the FITA Academy team for this wonderful learning experience and also for the career support.

    Akash R

    This is the first training program I attended for a Software course. I wanted to learn Oracle because Oracle seems to be a good option for freshers to have a solid career. I am glad that I chose FITA Academy to do the Oracle Certification program because their training was on par. My trainer taught the concepts with examples of real-time projects and use cases. Thus it was easy to understand the concepts to the fullest. Projects and assignments were given which were helpful to understand better about the oracle software.

    Lokesh J

    I am glad to share that I got selected as an Oracle Developer in an IT company. This was possible because of my trainer’s solid teaching. She took so much effort to precisely teach about Oracle Software. The practical classes were also really helpful to have a clear understanding of the Software. Her presentation was so neat and concise. All the classes were so interactive and she shared her work experience and project experience. The placement support was equally good and the FITA Academy team timely shared all the interview details with us. Am thankful to my trainer and FITA Academy for conducting an elaborate training program.

    Oracle Training in Madurai FAQ

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    Oracle Training in Madurai Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

    There are no eligibility criteria set by FITA Academy for students to join its Oracle Training in Madurai. Furthermore, students and Working professionals with any educational credentials can join FITA Academy’s Oracle Course in Madurai and excel at it.

    • FITA Academy recruits only Industry professionals as trainers to train students to their best capacity as well as to develop and enhance their knowledge of the programming language.
    • FITA Academy has been in the Software and Language training field for a decade.
    • FITA Academy has successfully trained more than 30,000 students under its primacy.
    • Affordable fees for students as well as working professionals.
    • In-depth course coverage for more than 60+ hours.
    • Interview tips and Placement training.
    • 100% Placement support.

    FITA Academy provides 100% placement support for students enrolling in Oracle Training in Madurai. FITA Academy owns an active placement cell which is an integral part of the Placement support whose members will be providing all the placement details that are happening in your field. Besides, our trainers will be conducting classes like Mock Interviews, Group Discussions, etc for training students for placement.

    Students who want to get enrolled in FITA Academy can contact our support team through the number provided on our website for their respective cities. Else, students can utilize the “Request for a Callback” option to get a call from us to enquire about the joining process. Else, students can visit our respective branches in person.

    FITA Academy provides both Weekdays and Weekends classes for students to enroll in Oracle Training in Madurai. Students can choose any one of the options to learn at their convenience.

    Students who have missed any of their classes can contact our support team or place a request to them in person to reschedule their classes. Once placed, our support team will reschedule the classes at the earliest.

    Additional Information

    What is Oracle?

    The Oracle Corporation developed Oracle, a relational database management system. Oracle’s RDBMS can handle any data model and is available in a number of product editions, including Standard Edition, Enterprise Edition, Express Edition, and Personal Edition, from which the customer can choose the database system that best meets their requirements. Oracle systems are scalable and secure, with high performance capabilities, as compared to other databases on the market.

    Its database is also referred to as Oracle. It’s a relational database management system with several models that’s primarily intended for enterprise grid computing and data warehousing. It is one of the primary alternatives for businesses looking for cost-effective applications and data management solutions. To communicate with the database, it supports SQL as a query language.

    Editions of Oracle

    Its database is currently accessible in five different editions, each with various features.

    • Standard Edition One – is designed for single-server or highly branched commercial applications that require a small number of features.
    • Standard Edition – This version includes all of the features included in Standard Edition One. It also includes larger machine support as well as Oracle Real Application Clustering.
    • Enterprise Edition – This edition includes security, performance, scalability, and availability, which are essential for mission-critical applications involving online transaction processing.
    • Express Edition – is a free to download, install, manage, develop, and deploy entry-level edition.
    • Personal Edition – Except for Oracle Real Application Clustering, it has the same features as Enterprise Edition.

    Features of Oracle

    • Performance – Thanks to features like Real Application Clustering and Portability, Oracle databases are scalable based on usage. In a multiuser database, such as Oracle’s, data consistency and concurrency must be controlled.
    • Availability – For real-time applications, high data availability is necessary. Data availability is ensured at all times in high-performance computing settings. During planned and unplanned outages and failures, data is accessible.
    • Backup and Recovery – Its design has sophisticated recovery features that allow users to restore data from nearly any form of failure. In order to maintain high availability, the database must be swiftly recovered in the case of a failure. Parts of the data that were not damaged are still accessible, while the ones that were are being recovered.
    • Security – The highest focus is always data security. Oracle has systems in place to keep data access and usage to a bare minimum. Authorization and editing user activity can help to prevent unauthorized access and provide users their own accounts.

    By enrolling in our Oracle Training in Madurai students can explore more about the Oracle Database Software and gain broad knowledge of it.

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