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Learning to speak in English may be one of the best things that you can do to move up from wherever you are in life now. With IT and everything digital you may be able to reach out but to connect with the whole world you would have to learn to speak in English. If you are looking for Spoken English class in Madurai, we at FITA can offer help.

When you join to learn English at FITA, you are linked to the Best Spoken English Class in Madurai. With a completely different training methodology, we lead you through the correct path and keep you motivated enough through the length of the course to master the nuances of the spoken English language.

Practical sessions in the Spoken English Class in Madurai FITA are geared to improve fluency and also teach the American/British accent for those who need it. The course has been developed by expert English Language professionals that have international certifications to their credit.

Spoken English Courses in Madurai FITA have flexible timings and methodologies. Both classroom and online training are provided. For working professionals and students, class timings are made flexible: the English class students can opt to attend either weekday or weekend classes according to their convenience.

FITA offers three levels for students who join Spoken English Institute in Madurai: Beginner Level Course, Intermediate level Course, and Advanced Level Course

Course Objectives

Speak English fluently in any situation
Frame sentences with correct grammar in English
Present your thoughts coherently in English
Participate effectively in group discussions
Present yourself well during interviews
Speak in neutral accent or in American/British accent

General Syllabus

Listening Speaking Reading and Writing
Parts of Speech
English Grammar
Thinking in the English language
Managing everyday activities using English
Attitude and Body language

Detailed Syllabus

Module 1: Beginner Level

Implementation of grammar in sentences
Listening, vocabulary and reading
Developing confidence
Skill improvement in speaking
Test and evaluation
Communication in English
Speaking in English
Intonation of syllables
Idioms, phrases and proverbs
Group discussions
Test and evaluation
Improving writing skills
Email etiquette
Business Vocabulary
Business correspondence
Extempore speaking
Removal of fear
Improve selling skills

Module 2: Intermediate Level

Enhancing vocabulary
Verbal communication
Email Drafting
CV Writing
Business Communication
Improve grammar in everyday conversation
Enhance Vocabulary to higher levels
GD and extempore
CV Writing
Test and Evaluation

Module 3 - Advanced Level

Real world English
Audio Video Lessons to improve listening skills
Personal communication in English with friends, relatives, colleagues, boss and subordinates
Insight into human behaviour
Business communication through telephone
Speaking with clients and customers
Meetings in the office with superiors
Office meetings
Presentation Skills improvement
Conversational skills enhancement

Module 4 - Advanced Personal Growth Module

Group discussion techniques
Public speaking
Team building
Interview skills
Presentation skills
Selling skills
How to read body language and respond
How to kill nervousness and speak confidently
Goal setting skills
Body language

At the end of the Spoken English Center in Madurai at FITA, you will be able to handle yourself well and correctly speak, read and write in English. At FITA, you can join the Best Spoken English Institute in Madurai and we are committed to providing you with a great experience and ensured results.