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The Spoken English Training Program at FITA Academy is a comprehensive course suite that focuses on communication skills in addition to reading, writing and listening skills of the English language. Our Expert Mentors provide you in-depth training in Vocabulary, Pronunciation, and Grammar to strengthen your communication skills which aid you in communicating English fluently. 

Course Highlights

  • Interactive Instructor-led Live Online Spoken English Training sessions delivered by Language Experts
  • Expertly crafted Spoken English Online Course modules to cater to global industry standards
  • A curriculum complied with the perspective to enrich your vocabulary and make you Speak confidently in English
  • Hands-on Training with different Audio-visual session to make you understand different accents of English and improve your listening skills
  • Spoken English Online Training Program at FITA Academy gives equal emphasis on the Business Communication aspect as well

Course Objectives

  • Learning 700+ vital English business and commonly used words, expressions, phrases, and idioms to improve day-to-day communication requirements
  • Able to use appropriate words in a sentence while speaking
  • Able to gain grammar accuracy
  • Improved pronunciations and implement different accents while you talk
  • Demonstrable knowledge on the nuances of the English language
  • Enriched knowledge of different writing styles with constant reading practices
  • Develop the caliber of a good listener and respond spontaneously in English
  • Become an eloquent and confident speaker in English

English is one of the omnipotent languages of the world. It is stated that English is the official language of 53 countries and more than 400+ million people speak English. Also, English is the second commonly spoken language in many countries across the world. According to the report submitted by the British Council projects, it is anticipated that by 2020 there will be around 2 billion people who will be studying in English. Therefore learning English will help you communicate fluently with other fellow global citizens. 

Undoubtedly, English is the predominant language that is used in the Business sectors. Many business enterprises have mandated English as a compulsory language as they service to global clients. A survey has confirmed that most of the cross-border business communication around the world is possible only because of the English Language. This is the significant reason why companies hire candidates with proficient knowledge in English communication.

Reputed global Enterprises such as Daimler-Chrysler, Fast Retailing, Airbus, Nokia, Renault, SAP, Technicolor, Microsoft, and Samsung have mandated English as their official corporate language. Furthermore, in the coming days business will steadfast more towards global platforms to increase its revenue and profits. And this will surge the companies to seek more employees with communication skills in English. If you are a person who is seeking for a high-paying job, then knowing to speak English fluently aid you in securing the job at ease. 

It is also stated that English is the language of the Internet. To adhere to the above statement according to the reports submitted by Education First, it is mentioned that over 565 millionpeople use the Internet daily and that 52% of the world population visits the websites that are published in English. Learning English helps you to access immense information on the websites and widen your knowledge as well. 

When you look for the learning options most people suggest that you learn English by yourself by reading books, watching movies and documentaries. The downside of learning a non native language by yourself, is that you can not understand its grammar structure easily. For any language, Grammar is the most important element. Only when you have a stronghold over the grammar does your language sound fluent. Apart from Grammar, every language has nuances in it which can not be comprehended when you do self-learning. 

It is advisable to step into a professional platform to learn a language under the guidance of Language Experts. Spoken English Online Training at FITA Academy guides the students from their basics under the Mentorship of Language Experts. Spoken English Online Mentors at FITA Academy explain the concepts of the grammar and its structure clearly. They help you in learning new words and to incorporate those words in your sentences with accurate pronunciation. By the end of this training program, you will become a confident and proficient speaker in English.

Trainer Profile

  • Spoken English Online Trainers at FITA Academy are Language and Communication Experts with a minimum of 8+ years of expertise in training the students to communicate in English
  • Spoken English Online Mentors at FITA Academy are capable of training the students from the basic to advanced level of communication
  • Experienced and Proficient Trainers at FITA Academy who have individually completed above 25+ batches of training
  • Trainers provide personalized mentorship and career guidance
  • Spoken English Online Instructors at FITA Academy help you build professional resume and train you for the Interview preparation 

Career Opportunities

Learning Spoken English has many upsides in it. It helps you to learn about a different culture, tradition, people, and changes the perspective of your thinking as well. Moreover learning a language means your network is broadening. It leads to access to a plethora of job opportunities. English is considered the language of businesses and undeniably it is true, we can see English spread across a wide range of streams. 

Having good communication skills not only helps to acquire jobs quickly but also helps to get a better salary. A candidate with good communication skills can get job opportunities such as Teacher, Television Anchor, Translator, Librarian, Aviation Sector, Travel Guide, Public Relations Officer, BPO/KPO Jobs, Sales and Marketing jobs, Hotel and Management chains, Press and Media. Having good communication skills also helps in various other industries such as Banking and IT to progress to key levels of designations such as Project Managers, Technical Lead, Client coordinators, Programmers, Developers, Senior Software Engineers, HR, Business Analyst as these designations require good communication skills to handle the team and clients.

Apart from this, you can gain your dream jobs in the IT sector easily if you are fluent in English. Most of the IT sectors look for a candidate who has good communication and presentation skills. Presently, small and medium scale companies are also looking for candidates with good communication skills while recruiting them. Since most of the clients and projects that most of the IT companies and SMEs work are for foreign clients. English has now become a part and parcel of life and one who has a good command over this language is predominantly preferred over others. 

Spoken English Online Training at FITA Academy hones the necessary professional communication skills that are sought in the industry. Our Trainers provide in-depth training on business communication skills and thus helps you to move ahead in your professional career.


Spoken English Online Course Certification is one of the professional accreditation that states the efficiency of your Spoken English skills. This certificate mentions that the candidate has gained the required knowledge in Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking skills. You can showcase these credentials along with your resume at the time of the Interview for prioritizing your profile.

Apart from the FITA's Spoken English Course Completion Certification, obtaining a global certificate aids you to access wider career opportunities. You can pursue any of the International certifications such as IELTS or TOEFL


Abhay Veer -

I enrolled for Spoken Online English Classes at FITA Academy for the Intermediate level. The classes were really good and interactive. I am planning to do my Advanced level also here as I am very much impressed by their training methods. 

Baskar V -

I am a Ground staff at the Airport. I have a basic knowledge of English. But, at times the visitors are too fast and I am unable to match their speed or understand what they are trying to convey. I wanted to be an effective speaker just like others in my workplace. So, I enrolled in FITA's Spoken English Online Training at my convenient timing. Now, I have learned many things about the language and I am confident that I can understand and reciprocate to visitors quickly. Thanks, FITA!


1) What is the prerequisite to learn Spoken English Online Course at FITA?

There are no prerequisites to learn Spoken English Online Course at FITA Academy. Anyone who desires to speak English confidently and to enhance their communication skills can opt for this course. However, you are required to be enthusiastic to learn the language quickly. 

2) Who can learn the Spoken English Online Course at FITA?

The Spoken English Online Course at FITA can be learned by any novice. We offer training at three different levels - Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced level. A candidate can choose any of these levels to enhance their communication skills. 

3) How can I further enhance my Language skill sets after completing the Spoken English Online Course at FITA?

Upon completing the Spoken English Online Course at FITA Academy you can further elevate your career by pursuing any of the following courses to get your global certification for english.

  • PTE
  • OET

4) What are the training options I can avail at FITA's Spoken English Online Training?

We provide you with a Spoken English Live Online Training or Spoken English Classroom Training session. You can avail of any of these training options. 

5) How are my Spoken English Online Instructors/ Mentors selected?

Instructors/ Mentors play a predominant role in the career upliftment of a student. At FITA Academy, We designate you only certified trainers who hold at least 5+ years of training experience and after undergoing a meticulous interview process and technical evaluation.

6) Does FITA Academy provide me Weekend or WeekDay Spoken English Online Training?

At FITA Academy we provide you with both Weekday and Weekend options for Spoken English Online Training.

7) What should I do If I miss any of my classes?

You need not worry about missing the class. You can contact our support team and they will assist you in rescheduling the missed sessions. 

8) I want to know more about the Spoken English Online Training program at FITA Academy, How can I contact you?

You can always contact us through our Live Chat Link or Customer service number 93450 45466