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Seeking for a professional institute to learn SEO course? Join SEO Training in Madurai at FITA is the right place to learn the course professionally.

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A curriculum that meets the market standards
100% Practical Training
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Real-time projects & numerous Case Studies.
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Professional SEO Trainers with industry-relevant skills in SEO techniques.

The acronym SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, it is the process of optimizing your website to get the traffic or rank in the organic search or the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Though promoting business activities through paid advertising and social media can generate traffic to the websites, the significant online traffic is done by a search engine. Many businesses rely on SEO techniques to promote their business because it builds trust and credibility. The key function of SEO in any business is to establish a strong foundation of the website by making it user-friendly and easy to navigate. There are numerous factors taken into account while establishing the authority in search engines like Google. The factors that create authority are listed below.

Quality Backlink profiles
Machine- learning Signals
Optimized On-page element and content. 

Also, the SEO technique is affordable for any organization to develop their business when compared to other promoting practices. Thus, SEO has become the driving force in the majority of businesses to promote their activities. 

Enhance your career opportunities by enrolling yourself in SEO Course in Madurai at FITA and learn the course professionally under the guidance of experienced tutors.

SEO Course highlights at FITA:

Search Engine Optimization is the technique that helps to increase the rankings, relevance, and visibility of webpages on the search engine results. SEO Course in Madurai at FITA provides students with the necessary training on creating traffic to the sites and explaining the concepts of SEO clearly from the basics. Listed below are the key highlights of the course.

On-page Optimization
Off-page Optimization
SEO local search
SEO site audits
Competitor analytics
SEO tools
Off-page optimization technique
Recent updates of Google Algorithms
Generate relevant SEO keywords

Eligibility Criteria to the SEO Course

Freshers who aspire to begin their professional careers can opt for this course. Besides freshers, the course is equally useful for other professionals as well. Given below is a list of other professions who can benefit from learning the SEO techniques.

Business owners
Online marketers
Marketing professionals
Fresh graduates
Copywriters & content writers

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Career Prospects of SEO

SEO is one of the flourishing careers at present globally also it is the most rewarding marketing discipline. The career growth in the field of marketing will be progressive if one has the skill sets of SEO. Also, SEO is one of the emerging careers in India as the number of people who penetrate on the Internet is increasing day-by-day and the scope of developing your career aspects is higher.

Given below are the various job profiles offered in an organization on completing the SEO course.

SEO Trainee
Junior SEO Executive
Senior SEO Executive
SEO Analyst
Senior SEO Analyst
Link Building Expert
SEO Consultant
SEO Project Manager
SEO and SEM Specialist
Analytics Expert
SEO Trainer
Writing and Blogging
Freelance SEO consultant

Based on the report submitted by the scope of SEO growth in the Digital marketing area is comparatively high and it has created more job opportunities in recent years. The average package offered for a fresher is Rs 3,00,000 per annum also the package and perks vary based on the experience. Join SEO Training in Madurai at FITA and learn the course with the recent iterations of the search engine algorithms. Tutors at FITA are well-expertized in this field and they train the students efficiently in applying the SEO techniques.

Knowing more about the key elements of SEO

Keywords: Keywords play a crucial role in the SEO techniques, it should be well-researched, carefully chosen before using it on the websites. Keywords are the words that the prospects use to find online content and a particular brand. Also, it is mandatory to use the URL's, Backlinks, and local keywords to increase the traffic of your website.

On-Page SEO: The ranking of any website is decided based on the on-page factors and the on-page factors include technical aspects like quality of your code, the site speed, web structure, internal navigation, and on-page alignment. Also, content relevancy and user experience are important factors of SEO On-Page site. SEO Training in Madurai at FITA trains the students efficiently in understanding the concepts of SEO techniques and its application.

Off-Page SEO: It refers to the activities that are carried outside of a website to increase organic visibility. It is also called a link building that aims to create several reliable links from other websites since the search engine uses them to increase the reliability of the website.

Content: Content is the most important part of SEO because it is the means through which you reach and engage the audience in your business. The content provided on any website should be relevant and reliable to the users. The various content published on a website is as follows

Web page content
Whitepapers and Ebooks
Social Media posts

Search Engine Marketing (SEM): It is the method of paid marketing efforts it includes tools like Google AdWords, Native ads, Social media ads, Google shopping ads, Pay-per-click, and Display ads. SEM helps you in targeting the specific audience easily compared to other tools. This method comes under Search Engine also it one of the popular methods used in Digital Marketing like SEO. SEO Training in Madurai at FITA supports students with a holistic understanding of the course also they train the students with industry-relevant skills.

Enroll yourself in SEO Training in Madurai at FITA and have a holistic understanding of the SEO techniques under the guidance of industry-relevant tutors. Also, tutors at FITA train the students efficiently to equip themselves in a professional environment.

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