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Job Openings In Cochin

Support Engineer

Maxwell GeoSystems


Job Description


Hiring Support Engineer with a profound understanding of PHP programming  language.

Skills Required

  • Proficient in PHP programming language
  • Must have the ability to manage client projects.
  • Must have Python programming language skills
  • Understanding of web-development technology
  • Understanding of MySQL

12 Dec 2022 Apply Now

Software Engineer

BEO Software Private Limited


Job Description

We are hiring a Software engineer having an in-depth understanding of Java programming language skills.

Skills Required

  • Experienced in Java 8
  • Experience with Spring MVC/ Spring Boot/CDI/primefaces
  • In-depth knowledge of Hibernate/EJB 3/Spring Data JPA/Spring JDBC
  • Knowledge in MySQL/Oracle/MSSQL/MongoDB
  • Good experience in React/Angular/Thymeleaf/JSF

04 Nov 2022 Apply Now
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