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There are hundreds of web and mobile apps that hit the marketplace on a daily basis. Nevertheless, the best apps are the ones that offer the best user experiences. The UI UX design course in Chennai FITA gives the participants a deep insight into the design structure so that it helps them to create apps that render great user experiences.

What Is User Interface (UI)

This is the part of the program that handles the human and machine interaction part. Forming good user interface needs a thorough understanding of a user's needs. Only if the UI of a program/app is good a user is prompted to download an app or a program. Therefore, the design of a good user interface is of paramount importance in an app for it to become popular. Big corporations are known to invest millions of dollars to develop a great UI. The UI developer course in Chennai FITA is structured so that students can design the best UI for their apps.

What Is User Experience (UX)

User experience (UX) design of the software contributes to meaningful and relevant results for the user when executing the program. The pleasure that a user feels when running the program involves the design of the program as well as integrating many other aspects including the functionality. Any time a user runs a program, he/she tends to form a ‘first impression'. When this process happens, the perception, action and motivation of the user integrate together and form what is referred to as User Experience. This can be positive or negative. Negative user experience will prompt the user to leave the platform and never to return. The UX design course in Chennai FITA has been put together to help mobile and web app developers to generate the best user experience through their programs.

The UI UX Course At FITA Chennai - Provisions Of The Course

The UI design course in Chennai FITA is designed to help in the following areas:

Help the participant to form strategies
Prioritize the resources available and the intended investments
Determine the OS and other supporting devices for the app
Understand the needs of the end user
Select the correct controls and UI patterns
Analyse features to enhance user experience
Enhance cross-device usability with the help of responsive designs
Designing the UI so as to improve the usability
Testing/Validating the app for user-friendliness

UI UX Design Course In Chennai FITA - Prerequisites

There are no specific conditions for enrolling in this course. However, it is important that the participants are familiar with best practices as far as user experience is concerned. At the end of the UI developer course in Chennai FITA, the student would have gained sufficient hands-on experience in creating mobile apps that have a top-of-the-line user experience.

Who All Can Join This Course

Designers, both beginners and those at the intermediate level, can do this course to perfect their design fundamentals. Any candidate wanting to plan a career in UX design can enroll for this course. A UI design course in Chennai FITA can help any person that is seeking to launch a new app of their own. Any individual with a sheer interest in design can use this course to take their skills to a whole new level.

Design Project

Why Choose Chennai FITA

We have designed the UI UX courses in a comprehensive manner that allows deep interaction between the faculty members and students. The course is a healthy mix of theoretical courseware and practical lessons. The faculty members are experienced and are committed to getting the best results out of the participants. The participants stand a chance to build a design portfolio under expert guidance by enrolling for the UI UX design Course in Chennai FITA.

UI UX Design Course In Chennai FITA - Detailed Syllabus

This UX developer course in Chennai FITA is made up of the topics as listed below.

Overview Of The Course

User Experience - What is It
Importance of User Experience
User-centered Design
UX vs. UI
UX and its Future

User Study

Stakeholder Interviews & Meetings
Business & Product Goals
Competitor Analysis
Analysis of Market segment
User profile
Critical Success Factors
Group Analysis - User
Usability Criteria

User Research

Interview Users
Contextual Enquiry
Review - Heuristic
Focus Group
Empathy Map

Information Architecture

Navigation - Different Types
Sorting Tools
Card sorting and Reverse card sorting

Predesign Basics

Mobile UX - An Introduction
Mobile UX Design Basics
Native vs. hybrid
Sketching & Paper Prototypes
Mobile First approach
Design Workshop

Prototyping & Wireframe

Low & Hi-Fidelity Wireframes
Wireframes Tool- Sketch, Balsamiq
Prototype Tool - InvisionApp

Approach To Design On Mobiles

Different Mobile Platforms
Screen Sizes
Native & Hybrid Applications
iOS & Android Design
Design Guidelines
Design Patterns for Mobiles (Forms, Navigation, Sort& Search, Tables, Filters, etc.)

Approach To Design On Web Platform

Responsive Design Guidelines
Global Standards - Fonts & Colours
Assets and Style Guide

UI UX - Future Design Concepts

UX and AI
UX for AR & VR
UX for Enterprise Applications

Testing Procedures

Preparation - Usability Test (Scenario, Screeners)
Creating a Test Plan
Tools for Testing
Testing - Usability & Remote Usability

Trends In Designing

The designs with the UI can be divided as the mobile view related and the desktop view related. 2019 is the year of shift of the designing visuals and interactions. Unique illustrations, geometric shapes, over sized headlines, voice interface, UX writers, design systems and advanced features in prototyping tools are some of the latest trends in the designing field as per the year 2019. Technology is bringing the advancement in all the arena and such changes are trained to the learners with time to time through the training centers like FITA. Let us deep dive in to the topic and analyze in detail about the trends in the designing. Join FITA for the best Ui Ux Design Course in Chennai and promote your skills.


The designs communicate to the users more effectively than words. Illustrations are the powerful tool with the designer. Illustration is the catchy word or the caption tag in the image. Illustrations bring the difference between one design to another design. As all the designs have same sort of feel some times adding illustration will enhance the user satisfaction. UX Design Course in Chennai will give blissful future with potential growth in the job profiles.


Animations are the best tool to tell the story. The animation with the next level will engage the customers. This will aid for the visual identity and illustrations. Motion images will helps you to promote your brand. UX Design Course in Chennai will take your career to the next level.

Voice Interface

Google Home and Amazon Echo are some of the products with importance to the voice interface. The interfaces are the combination of the visuals and voice. The voice based products reached 100 million in 2018. UI UX Design Course in Chennai makes the designing part as interesting one.


The prototype designs are used for designs as well as voice based products. By the year 2020 one prediction say that more than 100 million users will shop from the AR. The mock plus iDOC the tool for the breakthrough products aid for the productivity. UX Design Course in Chennai is the best course to increase traffic in the website.

Flat Images With 3D

The 3D with the CG makes the visuals interactive. The 3D with the motion pattern will create good impression with the users. Join FITA for the incomparable UI UX Design Course in Chennai and take your career to the next level.


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