Python Training in Chennai

Python Training in Chennai

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Python is most popular and versatile programming language. Python programming language has advanced data structures and effective object-oriented programming concept that allows the developers to write concepts in fewer links than other programming languages. The simple syntax and dynamic typing feature make python as ideal programming language for scripting and rapid application development in many platforms. This programming language is used in leading companies like Google, Yahoo, CERN and even in NASA. If you are new or just need brush-up with python programming language, you can consider taking Python Training in Chennai at FITA.

Python programming language supports multiple programming models such as imperative and functional programming, object oriented or procedural styles. This programming language also features automatic memory management, dynamic type system and also features inclusive libraries. Being an open source platform, python programing language is used everywhere. It increases the career prospects of python developers.

Python Training in Chennai Syllabus

Variables, Loops and Statements
Functions and Variables
Understanding Error Detection
Working with Files and Classes
Strings & Collections
Handling exceptions
Files and Resource Management
Django ORM

FITA offers python course in Chennai by python experts, with more than 8 years of experience in UI development. We offer professional training through world class interactive system. We offer practical oriented training that assist students to gain hands-on experience. With our professional training, we guarantee 100% satisfaction for your investment.

Django Training in Chennai

Django is an open source web application framework that written in python programming language, powered by Django Software Foundation. This programming language follows MVC architectural pattern. Django primary goal is to ease the development of complex and data-based powered websites. The factors like managing high traffic, site code, bug tracking, quick updates, code reusability, ready-made tools and support will determine the success of a web application. Django programming language features all above mentioned features that make this framework popular among the web developers. Some popular sites that use Django framework include Pinterest, Instagram, Disqus, etc.

FITA offers Django training in Chennai by certified professionals. Python and Django are widely recognized as one of the easiest programming language to learn, even for beginners.

Django Course Syllabus

Introduction to Django
Generating simple Django Views
Configuring URLconf’s

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FITA rated as no 1 Django and python training center in Chennai.

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