Tally Course in Chennai

Tally Course in Chennai

Tally is an ideal course for graduates and professionals who want to start their career in the finance sector. FITA offers the best coaching for Tally Course in Chennai with the help of skillful faculties who are industrial expertise.


There is always scope for the financial industry due to its necessity in the world. FITA ensures our students are well versed in the sector and attain success. In FITA, we cover all the topics related to finance field along with Tally Course in Chennai.

Tally Classes in Chennai can be scheduled as per your competency. Moreover, make sure the trainer’s availability before the commencement of classes in advance. Tally is highly booming and stable course for both fresher and experienced professionals. The roles that you can try after the completion of Tally Classes in Chennai are:

Admin executive
Accounts executive
Audit executive
Financial analyst
Account manager
Senior Accountant

FITA is very friendly with respect to teaching hence you will not find it difficult to approach the trainers in case of any doubts. Our trainers will provide with all the necessary study materials and coaching related to Tally Training in Chennai.

Course description

Tally is a widely bused software in the finance sector, which is used for accounting. Even though it has many features included in it, but it is popular as accounting software. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, which is the latest release in Tally, which made the greatest evolution in the financial sector.

You will be getting thorough knowledge in the accounting process, generating and printing of reports & invoices along with the recording transactions. Once you undergo Tally Course in Chennai there are many gateways available for you amidst them the leading ones are listed below:

Auditing & Banking inventory
Profit analysis


Fundamentals of accounting
Intro to Tally.erp 9
Mastering in Tally ERP 9
Inventory masters in Tally ERP 9
Vouchers entries
Advance accounting
Advanced Inventory
Taxes in Tally ERP 9
Service tax
Payroll accounting
Report generation in Tally ERP 9

Tally new version

Tally ERP 9 release 6 series is the new release of tally. Tally has designed the version with two levels such as the silver version and the gold version. Silver is for the comfort of the single user and the Gold version is for the comfort of the multiple user. Tally 3.0, Tally 4, Tally 4.5, Tally 5, Tally 5.4, and Tally 6.3 are the different version of tally which is used for the accounts, audit, and administration and analysis purposes. Let us shed light on the topic the enhancements in the Tally new version and get through the different usage of the tally software. Join the Tally Course in Chennai at FITA to enter in to the administrative jobs or accountancy jobs with less effort.

Purchases of Fixed asset

The account invoice in tally is used to record the fixed asset purchases in accounts. The fixed asset purchases are recorded in the voucher mode and now it can be recorded in the account invoice mode. Tally Classes in Chennai provides in-depth knowledge in to the process and explains the challenging tasks in the job with real time examples. The expenses and purchases are clearly identified by recording separately.


When recording an invoice amount the respective ledger balance is taken automatically and it is rounded off for the difference value. Tally Training in Chennai is the best training to start the career in the accounts.

Billing of e-purchases

If the bill is not physical and it is from the internet then the e-way bill is automatically exported to the invoice mode which is already in the JSON format. If the details in the invoices are the same then it can be grouped and single JSON file is generated for the e-way bill. The modification, consolidation, addition and elimination of the bills are possible through the new version. The bills are used for the purchases, delivery notes and credit notes are handled by the invoice mode. The multiple invoices or single invoices are exported in the JSON file. Tally Course Fees in Chennai is like a future investment for the fixed salary.


The ERP 9 release 6 aids for handling the GST in calculating the tax. The steps to be followed in the tally software to add the GST option are company name in which the accounts are recorded is created, start the GST functions, and finally the ledger is created. For adding the company the steps are click the gateway of tally then use >ALT+f3< and create the option company. Enter the details of the company like the mailing address, name of the company, address of the company and details of the currency symbol. Get the Tally Course Fees Details in Chennai and plan your time to join the course at the best institute for tally in Chennai. For the maintain field chose the options accounts only or accounts with inventory. Enter the year and fix the date as required. Use the password for the tally vault if it is required. Finally click the Y or the Enter to save and accept the created information.

For availing the GST features in Tally the process is to press F11 and f3, then the option of enabling the tax is shown then finally give the details of the taxation. The final screen will show the details of the company registration and GSTIN number. Then click the Y or enter button to complete the process.

Creation of company details and GST details are required prior to the creation of the ledger. Create the ledger then enter the details like the tax like chose the name of the tax like the sales tax, purchases tax, tax group, duties and state tax etc. Finally click Y or Enter to save the details.

Tally is the simple system and used for operating large set of data. Tally is used for the inventory and financial recording. So, learning Tally Training in Chennai is important to record the transactions and make the monetary movement in the business accountable with the fixed format. To gain the professional skills it is essential to learn tally in the financial domain.


List some of the features available in Tally ERP 9

Cost/Profit Centers Management for better ledger maintenance.

Outstanding Management for better Finance Management

Budget/Scenario supervision

List the types of the ledger, which can be made with the use of Tally ERP 9

Generation of Income/Expense ledger

Generating sales/purchase ledger
Developing a bank account
Generation of party ledger
Generating current liabilities
Development of tax ledger

Yes, upgradation of Tally 6.3 data to 8.1 is possible.

Tally Migration Tool will detect 6.3, if you select ‘Migrate Data’. Specify the path of Tally 6.3 data.

List out the options available in account books menu in Tally ERP 9.

Bank Book (s)
Cash Book (s)
Group Summary
Sales Register
Purchase Register
Journal Register

What are the different vouchers that can be created using Tally ERP 9?

Contra Voucher (F4)
Payment Voucher (F5)
Payment Voucher (F5)
Receipt Voucher (F6)
Journal Voucher (F7)
Sales/Invoice Voucher (F8)
Credit Note Voucher (Cntrl+F8)
Purchase Voucher (F9)
Debit Note Voucher (Cntrl+F9)
Reversing Journals (F10)
Memo Voucher (Cntrl+F10)