Selenium Training in Chennai

Selenium Training in Chennai

selenium training in chennaiLooking for best Selenium Training in Chennai, FITA is the No 1 Selenium Training Institute in Chennai offering professional Selenium course by Selenium experts. Call +91 98404-11333 for more details.

Selenium is an automation testing framework that is used to test web-based applications. Selenium is open source and can execute scripts in parallel. Selenium allows users to write test scripts in several programming languages such as Perl, PHP, Java, C# etc though Java is the most popular and widely adapted programming language used with Selenium.  Selenium can be installed on different operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Macintosh. Selenium supports all the leading browsers.

Selenium is used in many IT companies due to its numerous advantages compared to other automation testing tools in the market. There is massive demand for automation testers to validate software and mobile applications across the world. Taking Selenium Course in Chennai at FITA will give an edge to enter into automation testing industry!


Why Selenium Classes in Chennai at FITA?

Selenium Training in Chennai at FITA will master you in all the essential skills like Selenium WebDriver, Java concepts, Design Patterns, Frameworks, Cucumber, Jenkins, Github & other important tools to create your automation suite
Learn Web automation the right way as used in the Software Industry
Selenium Course in Chennai at FITA is attended by more than 2000+ students till date and has helped numerous people like you to get a career in automation testing using Selenium
Our expert trainers will help you to implement your own automation framework as part of the programme
Automation testing for popular websites are performed as part of the practicals in the training itself
Our classroom training gives you a flexibility that suits your time, level of expertise and budget
Our expert trainers are handpicked who have gone through rigorous interviews with positive feedbacks from hundreds of professionals & students like you
At FITA, we have placement tie-up with more than 550+ companies that will open doors for world class opportunities
We have limited the batch size to enable students to have good interaction and understanding between our trainers and students
We have designed the Selenium Course syllabus according to the Global industry standards
Work on Live projects and gain confidence like a Pro

Learn Selenium Training in Chennai from the Experts!

After completing the Selenium Course at FITA, students will be familiar with Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Selenium WebDriver, Selenium Grid, Frameworks, Java, Jenkins, Cucumber, Github and various other industry oriented tools .


Automation Introduction

Why and When Automation?
Is automation the final solution?

Selenium Introduction

Selenium Introduction – What is Selenium and Why Selenium?
Introduction of Selenium Components
Selenium & Supported Languages – Java, PHP & Python

Oops Concepts and Core Java

Setup Java environment – Download JDK and Setup eclipse
Java programming concepts
Class, Object, Variables, Methods & Packages
OOPs concepts – Abstraction, Encapsulation, Polymorphism & Inheritance
Conditions and Loops
Access and Non access modifiers
Interfaces, Constructors
Collections – Set, List, Array and Arraylist
Exception Handling
Retrieving data from database

Selenium IDE and RC

Installing Selenium IDE
“Selenese” – Selenium Commands
Actions, Asserts, Assesors
Developing Test Cases & Test Suites With Selenium-IDE
Introduction to Selenium RC

Testing Framework

Introduction of testing framework & Unit Testing
Difference between TestNG and JUnit
TestNG introduction and Configuration with eclipse
TestNG Annotations and Data Providers
Creating Test Suite with TestNG
Tools helping Object identification

Selenium WebDriver

Selenium WebDriver Introduction
Architectural difference between WebDriver Vs RC
Download and Configure WebDriver with Eclipse
Cross Browser Testing – Firefox, IE ,Chrome, HtmlUnitDriver
Object locators / Identification
Handling various WebElement using WebDriver
Handling Mouse movements and keyboard Events
Handling pop-ups, windows and Alerts
Handling WebTables
Automating Real time scenarios
Handling Files – Upload & Download using AutoIT

Testing Frameworks

Keyword driven Framework
Data driven framework
Hybrid Framework
Cucumber Framework


Introduction of testing framework & Unit Testing
Difference between TestNG and JUnit
TestNG introduction and Configuration with eclipse
TestNG Annotations and Data Providers
Creating Test Suite with TestNG
Parallel Execution in TestNG
Tools helping Object identification

Develop Hybrid Framework

Creating Hybrid Framework for Web Application using WebDriver /TestNG
Use external Data for Testing (Excel sheet, xml files, Property file)
Reading and understanding reports
Screenshot of Failed Test case

Selenium Grid

Introduction to Selenium Grid
Configuring Grid setup
Configuring Grid for Multi-browsers
Remote Webdriver

Build Integration

Integration with Maven

Continuous Integration

Integration with Jenkins


Page Object Model


Cucumber Introduction
Why Cucumber?
BDD & its application
Components of Gherkin
Step Definition
Setting up a Cucumber Project

2000+ Students Trained in Selenium since 2012!

FITA is a Top Rated Selenium Training Institute in Chennai which offers an in-depth Selenium Course in Chennai by highly experienced professionals with more than 8 years of IT experience. We provide best and high-quality training based on current global  industry requirements. We assure you that you will gain thorough knowledge Selenium and creating an automation test suite by joining the Selenium training at FITA.

Our experienced trainers will assist students to learn at their convenient pace. Once completing our selenium training, we offer placement and certification assistance to all our students. Interested in our Selenium Training in Chennai You can also visit our Velachery, T Nagar and OMR branch to have a discussion with our student counselor to know about course syllabus, duration and fees. You can also ask for free Selenium course Demo!

Key skills required to become a Selenium tester are

The basic programming skills in Java to use the selenium tool is essential
Good knowledge in Selenium Grid is Essential
Good knowledge in Webdriver and frameworks like Hybrid is essential
Selenium testers need to be methodological and diligent at work to ensure the quality in the process of the testing.
Some parts of the work are repetitive and monotonous for the testers, so the tester needs to be passionate and self motivating
Teamwork is important in testing. So, coordination among the developers and testers are important.
Test architecture knowledge, test design, and troubleshooting are important in testing.
Basic certification like ISTQB foundation level helps for the progress in the testing profession for a tester.

Job opportunities after completing Selenium Training

The industries in which testing professionals can work are banking, insurance, manufacturing, customer relationship management, and supply chain management. Technical knowledge and domain knowledge both are important for a tester. Join the Selenium Training in Chennai at FITA to gain in-depth knowledge of testing.

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Read the Common Selenium Interview Questions here

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Common Selenium Interview Questions.

1. Explain how to launch a browser using Selenium web driver?
We create an object from Firefox driver, chrome Driver, and Internet Explorer driver and web driver is
an interface. For the Firefox driver it is Web Driver driver = new FirefoxDriver();, to launch the Internet
Explorer, it is WebDriver driver = new InternetExplorerDriver(); and for the safari driver it is the
WebDriver driver = new SafariDriver();

2. Explain the FirefoxDriver and is it a class or an interface?
FirefoxDriver is a java class and it implements the WebDriver interface in the selenium.

3. Which interface is the super interface of web driver?
Search context is the super interface of the web driver in the selenium.

4. Write the meaning of the code Webdriver driver = new FirefoxDriver():?
WebDriver is an interface and an object is created with the Firefox driver class is the meaning of the
code Webdriver driver. Selenium Training in Chennai will cover interview questions as part of the course curriculum.

5. What is the purpose of creating a reference variable?
Reference variable in the WebDriver helps to use the same driver variable to work with any browser like
a driver, SafariDriver etc.

6. List out the different exceptions you have faced in Selenium WebDriver?
ElementNotvisibleException and the staleElementReferenceException are the two exceptions used in
the Selenium Webdriver.

7. Explain the Element not visible exception?
This exception is about the element which is not on the webpage but visible to the DOM and sometimes
used for the element which is associated with the XPath.

8. Explain the stale element reference exception?
The reason for this exception is if the element has been totally deleted and it is no longer attached to
the DOM.

9. List out some of the exceptions in the Selenium web driver?
The web drive exception, illegal state exception, timeout exception, no alert present exception, no such
window exception, and no such element exception are some of the exceptions in the selenium web

10. List out the different types of waits in the selenium web driver?
Implicit waits, Explicit waits, and fluent waits are the three types of waits in the selenium web driver.

11. Describe implicit wait in selenium web driver?
The implicit waits in the web driver wait for a certain amount of time after throwing an exception. After
the exception, the web driver will wait for the element based on the time and the default setting is zero
in the web driver. Lot more interview questions like these will be covered as part of the Selenium training in Chennai programme at FITA.

12. Describe the web driver wait in selenium web driver?
The condition and time are set in the webdriver wait on a certain element. This wait is only applied to
the specified element and the wait also throws an exception when an element is not found.

13. Describe the term fluent wait in selenium web driver?
Fluentwait explains the maximum amount of time to wait for a specific condition and the frequency
explains the condition before throwing an exception.

14. Explain how to press the ENTER Key on the text box in the selenium web driver?
The selenium Enum keys with its constant ENTER is used to press ENTER key in the selenium web driver.

If you are trying for Selenium jobs, these questions would certainly help you. However, make sure you are you undergo the Selenium Training in Chennai at FITA to get a complete knowledge on Selenium.

15. How driver.close() and driver.quit() methods are used in Selenium?

The driver.close and driver.quit has mild variation in the functions. driver.close() is used to close webDriver and driver.quit is used to open the WebDriver instances. Selenium Training in Chennai provides the practical training with the real time examples which gives in-depth knowledge in the technology.

16. How driver.findElement() and driver.findElements() commands are used in WebDriver?

findElement() returns single web element whereas findElements() returns a list of WebElements which satisfy the locater value passed. The syntax differs to both the cases. If there is no element then findElements() shows 0 elements whereas the findElement() shows NosuchElementException command.  Selenium Training provides quality training to the students residing in and around Adyar.

17. List out the methods to check the visibility of the web elements?

isDisplayed(), isSelected(), and isEnabled() are some of the methods to  check the visibility of the web elements. Selenium Course in Chennai covers wide range of topics with flexible timings to educate the students with all the challenges in the automation industry.

18. Which class is used to select a value in a drop down in Selenium?

Select Class is used to select a value in Selenium.

19. In which scenarios the screenshot is taken in the selenium Web Driver?

Application issues, Assertion failure, to find the web elements on web page and time taken to find the web elements on web page are some of the scenarios under which the screen shot is taken in the Selenium web driver.   Selenium Training Institute in Chennai provides the practical oriented training and to enter in to the automation industry selenium training is very helpful.

20. Describe how we handle the web based pop-up?

The third party tools like Auto IT and Robot class are used to handle the pop up in the windows. The selenium does not support the window based applications and it supports only the web application testing.

21. Explain which language is used in selenium to handle the hidden elements in Selenium?

Java script is used in selenium to handle the hidden elements in the selenium web driver.

22. How the code for the broken links works in the selenium?

Import packages, collect links in web page, identifying and validating URL, send http request, validating the links, and troubleshooting are some of the functions which are performed through the coding to find out the broken links.

23. Describe how java script is used in selenium and how to read the java script variable in selenium?

Java script is used to see the hidden element in the selenium and javascriptexecutor is used to read the variable in the selenium. Join the Selenium Training in Velachery and excel in your job with the help of the practical oriented training.

24. How the test data is read in the web driver?

The tests data can be read from excel using JXL or POI API in the selenium Web driver. When compared to JXL the POI and API has many advantages.

25. How to automate the captcha and bar code reader in the selenium?

It is not possible to automate the captcha and the bar code reader in the selenium.

26. Mention some scenarios where it is not possible to automate the Selenium Web Driver?

Bitmap comparison, automating captcha and reading the bar code is not possible to automate in Selenium.

27. Explain object repository in selenium?

Object Repository is used to store the element locator values. It does not store the values in the scripts rather it stores the values in the centralized location. To save all the properties the property file is created and this property file is called as Selenium Web Driver. The detailed syllabus is the highlight of the Selenium Training in Tambaram. 

28. How to create object Repository in Selenium?

In selenium, we call objects as locators. Some of the locators are ID, Name, Class Name, Tag name, Link Text, Xpath and CSS. Object repository is a collection of objects and to locate the object repository in the seperate file. All th objects are stored in the class and each page in the web page is mentioned as class.