DevOps Training in Chennai

Devops Training in Chennai

DevOps Training in ChennaiLooking for DevOps Training in Chennai? Learn DevOps Process, Metholodgies & tools like Git, Chef, Docker, Jenkins, Puppet, Ansible and Nagios from FITA – a Leading Institute who offers the best DevOps Certification Chennai. Call @98404-11333 for further details.

DevOps as a culture is disrupting the entire IT industry. As of 2018, about 40% of the Global top 2000 companies have already adopted to DevOps as their approach. This has created

Myriad opportunities for professionals who are skilled in DevOps. Developers and testers who are not familiar with production or Ops and Ops who are not familiar with coding and testing are becoming less valuable to organizations and they are slowly becoming obsolete. As DevOps is not limited to any particular technology, professionals working in DevOps will work in the different technology stack. DevOps will transform a professional with single skill like Coding or testing or Ops into a professional with multi-disciplinary skills which include Coding, Testing and automating Infrastructure, Build, Release management. Are you ready for the DevOps Transformation?

Professionals working in DevOps are one of the highest paid IT professionals and the demand for DevOps surges every year due to the rapid incorporation of this culture by leading companies across the globe. According to a recent research report published by Gartner, organizations using DevOps approach deploy code 30-35 times more frequently than others and less than 50% of their deployments fail. No wonder another research claims, 90% of their survey respondents have mentioned their companies are looking for incorporating DevOps in their Organization.

DevOps training in Chennai at FITA will make you an expert in Configuration Management, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Monitoring using powerful DevOps tools – Git, Chef, Docker, Jenkins, Puppet, Ansible and Nagios to automate various activities. At the end of the DevOps Course, you will get FITA DevOps certification as well.

Key Objectives of DevOps

Improve collaboration between all Development, Testing and Ops team in an IT environment

Improve deployment frequency
Achieve faster go to market time
Minimize the failure rate of new software releases
Reduce the lead time between fixes
Improve recovery time

Why FITA for DevOps Training in Chennai?

Highly qualified DevOps Professionals as Trainers with many years of Experience in IT
Curriculum that meets the Global DevOps Industry Standards
Convenient Option of 3 Locations in Chennai – Choose the DevOps Training in Velachery or OMR or T Nagar
Real-time projects & Case Studies
Interactive instructor-led DevOps training
Get an opportunity to Interact with co-participants from diverse background

DevOps Certification Chennai at FITA Training centre is delivered by highly qualified DevOps professionals with many years of expertise in DevOps Tools & methodologies. DevOps Course in Chennai at FITA is one of the most industry recognized Course Globally. AWS Devops Training in Chennai offered at FITA is ideal for anyone who is looking for a lucrative career in the DevOps industry. After completing the DevOps Course, participants will be able to implement the DevOps concepts in your day to day work. DevOps Course in Chennai at FITA is offered on Weekdays, Weekends and Customized FastTrack modes.

Prerequisites for Taking up DevOps Certification Chennai at FITA

While anyone who is interested to learn and master DevOps can take up the DevOps foundation certificate at FITA, a fundamental coding and Linux knowledge would be an added advantage. Even if you are not familiar with Linux, our DevOps professionals will master you in these areas.

Who Should Take-up DevOps Course in Chennai at FITA?

Though there is no limit in who can take-up the DevOps Certification Course, below are some of the job roles who can take-up DevOps Training and benefit from it

System Administrators
Network Administrators
Project Managers
Project Leads
Business Managers
Automation Architects
Application Developer
Software Developer
Software Tester
QA Engineers
Business Analyst

High level DevOps Course Objectives

Learn the fundamental concepts of DevOps
Learn to install Common Servers
Learn to Configure Servers
Learn Linux Commands and working in Linux Environment
Learn to Monitor the performance metrics and other success factors in DevOps
Learn to Deploy and Manage software version control in DevOps
Learn to Manage Software buildsin DevOps
Learn to Automate Backups
Learn the Best Practices in data storage
Kubernetes for managing containerized applications
Learn how to use key DevOps tool Docker
Learn how to use key DevOps tool Puppet
Learn how to use key DevOps tool Chef
Learn how to use key DevOps toolAnsible
Learn to setup the right security for the infrastructure
Learn to use Git
Learn to use Nagios
Learn to Optimize communications, workflow & feedback loops
Learn to Virtualize and performance tuning

Job opportunities after completing the DevOps course:

The organizations with high-functioning use the DevOps technology and learning DevOps is like a gateway to multiple opportunities. The multiple roles of the DevOps professional in the top organizations are the software tester, DevOps architect, automation engineer, software engineer, integration specialist, and release manager. Rather than qualification the experience or the project knowledge is given more value when selecting a DevOps professional for the job. At FITA, we train the candidates with right process to acquire the knowledge of quality standards in the DevOps industry.

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Technical innovations in DevOps 2018

In order to know whether this article is useful for you or not, you must get some idea over DevOps Training in Chennai. DevOps is neither a tool nor a software but it is the platform, which enables developer and tester to work on the same page. Some of the latest tools in the market in the year 2018 are listed below:







An open-source management tool administers the automation of apps along with infrastructures in IT like the configuration of network and deployment of clouds. It works on master-slave architecture, which is agent-free with the usage of simple syntax in YAML.


A continuous integration, which is written in the Java language. It can be used for the testing purpose in real-time, which aids in finding a solution for bugs. Jenkins provides multiple ways of communication. The scripts can be pipelined into a single workflow. Integration of your DevOps stages can be done with around 1000 plugins.


An open-source tool used for configuration, also used in the inspection and deliver the software across the lifecycle that is independent of platform. Puppet is working over master-slave architecture, which maintains a long record of accomplishment.


It has a powerful monitoring system that provides an identity to the organization along with the resolving the issues of infrastructure. Monitoring of server performance issues and planned infrastructure upgrades prior to the outdated systems.


It is a combination of Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana, which is used in the collection of insights of logs or data. It is lightweight and simple for deployment along with the search for performance in real-time.