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Artificial Intelligence is an actively growing subject in the world today. The Artificial Intelligence Course in Chennai at FITA that we have organized is comprised of the basics of the subject as well as representative applications of the subject such as Machine Learning, Data Science, Statistics, Artificial Neural Networks, etc., among others. The numerous applications and the huge possibilities of AI are always exciting and will help to expand human capabilities beyond our imagination. This course is designed for the students to get a grip on the fundamentals and also apply AI to build intelligent computing systems and models.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

AI can be defined as the science of creating machines that work in a manner that humans do with the help of intelligent programs. This is accomplished by studying to find out as to how human brains think and act while trying to solve a problem. The outcome of this study is used as the basis to develop intelligent software and systems.

AI is based on many subjects such as computer science, biology, mathematics, linguistics, engineering, and psychology among others.

Where Is AI Applied?

AI is currently used in applications such as in programs of strategic games such as chess and poker. The machine here can think of any possible outcomes on the basis of heuristic knowledge. It is applied in natural language processing when a computer should understand naturally spoken language by humans. Experts systems that use applications integrating hardware, software, and other special information that will impart reasoning capabilities rely on AI. Vision systems using AI are able to understand, interpret visual input on a computer. Speech recognition systems use AI to listen to speech and comprehend their different meanings when spoken by humans. There are many more applications being developed that would use AI to makes lives easy for human beings.

Artificial Intelligence - Detailed Syllabus

Data Science, Deep Learning And Artificial Intelligence - An Introduction

Introduction To Deep Learning And AI

Deep Learning: A Revolution In AI

Limitations of Machine Learning

Deep Learning

Need for Data Scientists
Data Science - Foundation
Business Intelligence
Data Analysis
Data Mining

Machine Learning

Analytics Vs. Data Science

Value Chain
Types of Analytics
Lifecycle Probability
Machine Learning Review
Project Lifecycle in Analytics
Deep Learning vs. Machine learning - Advantages
Why Deep Learning
Deep Learning - Real-Life use Cases


Data Categorization - Basis
Types of Data
Types of Data Collection
Forms of Data and Sources
Data Quality and Changes
Data Quality Issues, Story
Data Architecture
Data Architecture - Component
Data Storage

Big Data

What Is Big Data?

Map Reduce Framework
Big Data Distributed Computing and Complexity
Big Data Requirements
Big Data Challenge
Big Data Technologies
Big Data Architecture
Big Data - The 5 Vs
Hadoop Ecosystem

Data Science Deep Dive

Data Science Project Lifecycle & Stages
Data Science - What is it
Data Scientists are in demand
Data Product
Need for Data Science
Large Scale Analysis of Cost vs. Storage
Data Science Skills
Data Science Use Cases
Data Science Project Lifecycle & Stages
Data Acquisition
Sourcing data
Evaluating input data
Data formats
Data Quantity
Data Quality
Resolution Techniques
Data Transformation
File format Conversions
Python Language Basics, IPython and Jupyter Notebooks
Built-in Data Structures, Functions, & Files
NumPy Basics, Arrays & Vectorized Computation
Getting Started with Pandas
Data Loading, Storage, & File Formats
Data Cleaning & Preparation
Data Wrangling, Join, Combine, & Reshape
Plotting & Visualization
Data Aggregation & Group Operations
Time Series
Predictive Business analytics
Business Intelligence Development
Text Mining & Analytics

Why Artificial Intelligence Training In Chennai At FITA?

We have designed this course in a manner to teach you to build AI and other accelerated computing applications. The other highlights of the course are:

Course concepts are explained in an easy-to-understand manner.
The student is given lifetime access to recorded sessions of AI experts
The student gets to work on real-life scenarios and projects
The approach of the course is a practical-oriented one
We have trainers that are experts and they are certified
Our team of experts will provide the required guidance and support to understand the course in the right manner
The key aspects of the subject are taught using expert lectures, discussions and exercises
AT FITA Chennai we have expert AI instructors that have close to a decade’s experience in building AI systems for multinational organizations
The learning material that we provide at FITA Chennai is copious and prolific
We offer cutting edge AI training modules
We offer industry-based projects suited for portfolio preparation of the students
At FITA Chennai we also offer a job-oriented career support

Artificial Intelligence Training In Chennai At FITA - Eligibility Criteria

AI courses in Chennai at FITA are designed for any person that has a strong desire to learn and build systems using. The following prerequisites would, however, be required:

Basic knowledge of statistics, probability theory and linear algebra
Basic knowledge of Python programming language

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Future Of AI In India

According to statistics, India is the third country after the USA and China that is implementing AI-based systems at a fast pace. A number of private organizations, government departments, including the defence department and start-ups have ventured into building AI systems for a variety of purposes including mining, roadways, infrastructure and defence, IT, telecommunications, etc., among others.

With a view to making aspiring students proficient in AI, we have launched the Best Artificial Intelligence Training in Chennai at FITA. For more information, please visit …


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