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Are you looking for the best Oracle Training in Chennai? Enroll yourself in the Oracle Course at FITA to kickstart your career in the Software field under the guidance of expert professionals and increase your job opportunities.

The Oracle Corporation offers enterprise application products and is the top platform provider for Database Management Systems that is being used by various MNCs in diversified market sectors. Professionals certified by Oracle continue to be highly sought after and also enjoy the credits to gain higher income. FITA offers exclusive Oracle training in Chennai to teach and support students and professionals to gain enough knowledge and obtain certification as a Database Administrator. Modest batch sizes and personal assistance with plenty of hands-on exercises make sure that individuals are well prepared for becoming oracle certified professional

Course Highlights and Why learn Oracle Training in Chennai at FITA?

Trainers at FITA, have 12+years of experience in the Software industry.

Oracle Training in Chennai at FITA offers both technical and practical knowledge of the Oracle concepts.
We have professional trainers who have in-depth knowledge in Oracle databases.
FITA assures 100% hands-on Oracle training.
The Oracle course includes SQL and major algorithms used in Oracle.
We provide interactive training sessions for the students to clear their doubts regarding the subject.
Weekday, Weekend and fast-track Oracle Training in Chennai.
FITA provides 100% placement support with training and certification.
Helps the students with Resume building and Interview tips.

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Oracle Training in Chennai at FITA offers you best-in class oracle training by Oracle Certified IT professionals having more than 12+ years of industry experience. Students will be provided with Live Oracle Projects during the training.

Course Objectives Of Learning Oracle

At FITA we offer exceptional quality classes and it propels the students to get clarity in the practical knowledge. Join the Oracle Training in Chennai at FITA and track the advancements in your knowledge towards the advancement of your career.

Oracle certification is needed to try for the next level in the jobs. So, this training is suitable for the experienced without certification and for the beginners to equip themselves for procuring the certification.

Knowledge of server or RDBMS is essential to understand any programming language like java. So, to understand the back end operations join the course. The knowledge of databases, knowledge of servers and knowledge of cloud is essential.

Oracle Course will teach about data integration and help to understand the decision making in the organization.

Understand the usage of online and offline data for database management. Perceive the importance of safety measures in maintaining the data.

Oracle, SQL and My SQL are the popular database management systems. So, obtaining the Oracle certification will make one as a professional database administrator or DB developer.

Oracle adds new additions to the software and old functions are managed in the same way. To keep updated regarding the database and data storage specifications enroll yourself in the Oracle Course in Chennai at FITA.

Benefits of taking Oracle Training at FITA

At FITA we provide real-time training with exposure to the industrial standards which is very helpful for the students to gain the business knowledge and practical knowledge. Join the Oracle Training in Chennai at FITA to become an expert in the Oracle.

FITA is located at the center place and the comfort of the students in terms of distance and timing are given more importance to serve the students with personal care.

We know that placement is the biggest question of the students after formal education. Talk to our counselors and know about the skills in which you can scale up to join the big race of searching jobs. We provide the placement information regularly to the students and help them with the required tips for the interviews.

FITA offers best Oracle Training in Chennai with proven records from the students for the training and the placements.

After the training, the students become skillful in management and project management. The trainers dedicate their time to shape the students with the required skills and create a good community of learners.

Advantages of Oracle Databases

Oracle has become more popular in the business world because of its unique features. Oracle is playing a leading role in the software market due to its constant production of databases. Many new and featured versions of databases are released to enhance corporations and business's growth. Thus, there are many advantages to using an Oracle database.


Oracle databases are used in all business-level applications. It is highly utilized in the banking and financial sectors. On average, most of the world’s top-rated banks are using the Oracle databases to run their businesses efficiently. Primarily, it is attained because of the oracle’s functionality. Oracle offers a blend of integrated and high-level technology business solutions. It will be much useful for corporations that contain large amounts of information to analyze, store, and access.

Customer Satisfaction

Oracle databases largely satisfy the customer's expectations. This feature allows organizations to upgrade themselves. To provide efficient and noticeable results, Oracle databases offer new versions with popular features indulged in it. Oracle Training in Chennai supports you attain more technical knowledge in the Oracle databases.


Reliability is one of the major advantages of Oracle Databases. It provides enhanced performance when Oracle is engaged with demanding tasks. In order to manage the integrity of information stored, it uses an important tool called the ACID test, where the reliability of stored data can be tested. Thus, it shows that Oracle databases have been proven to deliver high integrity of data storage.

Flashback Technology

One of the significant advantages of Oracle databases is it is integrated with Flashback technology. It is important not to miss any data at any instance that is saved in the database system. If any case occurs with the loss of data or unknowingly deleted, Oracle's Flashback technology highly helps to recover the lost data efficiently. This technology allows reducing human error. However, this aspect allows for a perfect administrative process and maintains simplified management.

Multiple database support

It is the best advantage of the Oracle database system where the users can use multiple databases at the same time. Become an Oracle expert by learning the important terms involved in the Oracle databases by joining Oracle Training in Chennai at FITA.


The Oracle database can run on more than twenty networking protocols and can be ported to various platforms, almost 100 hardware platforms. Thus, making it more portable for making changes in the system hardware and system OS.


The performance of Oracle databases is comparatively high in the software industry. Oracle has more than 100 GB databases and the performance includes the transaction control and other factors. The application of Oracle databases is quite good on the market.

Other Advantages

Some of the other advantages of Oracle databases are durability, consistency, isolation, and atomicity. These mentioned four factors are also well managed by the databases and thus makes this as a competent and reliable database system.

Obtain a clear approach and know more about the Oracle databases in the Oracle Course in Chennai at FITA.

Integration Of Oracle With The Cloud

Oracle code is used along with the latest technologies like the micro-services, containers, machine learning, block chain and intelligent bots. Let us discuss with a broader view about the database Oracle along with the use of coding and framework. Oracle database cloud is a service which creates the connectivity to the virtual machine. Oracle database available with the OS is now available with the cloud platform. Join the Oracle Training in Chennai at FITA to enhance the skills required to clear the interview.

How to use Oracle Cloud?

DBAAs monitor is used to check the status of the database and monitor whether the parameters are fulfilled. Version 24 of the Mozilla Firefox, Version 9 or 10 of the Microsoft internet explorer, the 29th version of Google Chrome, and 6th version of Apple Safari are the different browsers used to support the Oracle cloud. Putty and Oracle SQL developer are essential to download before starting the coding part in Oracle. Oracle Course in Chennai will provide comprehensive training to project your skills in a highly competitive world.

Search for the putty folder and open the folder on the computer. SSH is the protocol and DSA, RSA is used for digital computing algorithms. Change the settings to 2018 bits in the generated key to gain security from the SSH-2 or RSA. Click, generate and then paste the keys to the file. The public key is created to create connectivity with the Oracle cloud. Oracle Training in Chennai is the best training to enter into the software industry as an Oracle developer.

The service instance is created by invoking the database cloud service, defining the type of subscription, selecting the release of the software, select the edition of the software, configure the instance of the service, configure the DB, backup, recovery, and finally confirming the database instance.

Connecting the database

To connect the SQL the SID and the IP address are essential. The Oracle cloud administrator will provide the credentials to log in to the database. The link can be direct or indirect. The access to the Oracle compute cloud is created along with the rules of the database cloud service. Inside the service, name click the hamburger menu.

Create access rules and the status of the rules. See the display of the rules. The rules are created, updated, edited and deleted in this access page. To monitor the DBs the hamburger menu near to the access rule is enabled. The connections to the SQL developer are enabled with the new database connection dialogue. Username, password, SID, hostname, service name, and connection name are created with the database connection. Oracle Training in Chennai will help every individual to know about the different concepts with database management in different environments.

To add the row to the table the connections tab placed towards the left side is used. In your cloud database see the countries details and the country id is used to add the data to the database. The user sessions are monitored through the sessions. The opened sessions in the database are known through the interactive report in the Oracle. The summary of the open session is provided in the top table of the database. Oracle Course in Chennai at FITA is designed with an intensive syllabus and extensive practical classes to make the training as an interesting one.

The manage page from the drop and down menu allows users to on and off the database. This page is used to create, unplug, plug, modify and clone the database. The SQL monitor and the parameters are operated with the drop down menu. FITA is the institute with proven records for the Oracle Training in Chennai and the constant changes in the syllabus as per the market trends help the learners a lot.

Syllabus of Oracle Training in Chennai


Structured Query Language is mainly designed for managing data stored in relational database management system (RDBMS). SQL can be used to perform task like retrieving data or updating data in a database. There are n-number of relational database management system available in market that use SQL which includes Oracle, Sybase, Access, Microsoft SQL Server etc., and SQL is considered as the standard language for interacting with any RDBMS.


Introduction to SQL statements
How to write Basic SQL statements
Restricting and sorting data
Single Row functions
How to display the data from multiple tables
Aggregating data using group functions
Sub Queries
Producing Readable output with iSQL Plus
Creating and managing tables
Manipulating Data
Other Database Objects
GROUP BY clause


PL/SQL is extension of SQL along with the procedural features of programming language. It supports conditional looping, variables and exceptions. It was introduced by Oracle Corporation in early 1990's to enhance the features of SQL.


Anonymous Block
Array Handling
Various control Statements
Conditional statements

Trainer Profile

At FITA, Trainers are the working professionals in top MNC companies.
Trainers have worked under Oracle databases and have in-depth knowledge of recent updates in the software industry.
Tutors train the students with Real-time projects to get Practical & Technical knowledge. 
Students gain knowledge with relevant industry skills in Oracle. 
Trainers give necessary interview tips and resume building skills.

Job Opportunities After Completing Oracle Training in Chennai

Career Prospects of Oracle

The job opportunities for Oracle Developer is comparatively high in the market since it is one of the emerging technology in the Software and the IT industry. Some of the companies that hire Oracle skilled candidates are,

Tata Consultancy Services

Roles offered

Listed below are some of the job roles by the organizations, they are,

Oracle Developer
Database Administrator
Database Administrator
Database Developer
Front End Coder
Back End Coder
Data Analyst
Business Analyst

The job role of the Oracle developer is to fix the issues with the database system; write the queries suitable for the client’s requirement. The job role of a database administrator goes with the installation, store the data in the required format, extract the data, transform the data and handle the database, check the security and recover the data by using the best practices.

Database developer can work as a software architect, database developer, front end coder, back end coder etc. The database administrator can become a database administrator, data analyst, business analyst and data science expert etc.

Remuneration Offered

Based on the survey provided by the, On average, a fresher earns Rs 3,00,000 to Rs 4,00,000 per annum.
Candidates with 4-8 years of experience earn Rs 4,50,000 to Rs 6,50,000 per annum.
Candidates with 9-11 years of experience earn Rs 8,00,000 to Rs 10,00,000 per annum respectively.

Join the Oracle Training in Chennai at FITA and learn the entire course under professional trainers with certification.

Oracle Certification Training in Chennai

Oracle course certification will be provided upon completion of course. This certification will make the student get the leading job posts in the MNC companies easily. Certification shows the candidate has a professional qualification to enter in the field.

Oracle Training in Chennai

Oracle Certification makes the candidate as a certified Oracle Developer who has core knowledge in Oracle software and its tools used. With the help of this certification, you can make a positive impact on yourself during the interview and you can get the job opportunity with ease. The candidates who are wishing to start their journey as a Developer in Salesforce can take up this Oracle Training in Chennai at FITA which leads to a successful path to their career.


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  • An Affordable fee structure for both students and IT professionals.

Trainers at FITA are industry experts who have 12+ years of experience in their field. They train students with real-time projects and case studies.

  • FITA has an active placement cell for the students.
  • Provides 100% placement assistance to the students.
  • Provides Interview training and tips to the students.
  • Supports the students in Resume building.

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