Oracle Training in Coimbatore

Oracle Training in Coimbatore

FITA is offering the best Oracle training in Coimbatore. Oracle is one of the leading domain in IT sector. So, register today in FITA to get Oracle certification and to place in the top level of corporate companies. Trainers at FITA, are well experienced with corporate knowledge, which will be beneficial for the students to a greater extent.



Oracle was founded by Larry Ellison with Bob Miner and Ed Oates in 1977. It deals with the Database, Middleware, Business Apps, Development Software, File System, Operating System, etc. The database is used in order to store the data. Oracle is not a case sensitive. We can write Oracle keywords in upper case or combined characters. We can write oracle quires in a multiple queues.


Provides permanent storage of data.
It is a collection of different database objects.
Different objects have different roles to perform.
Refers to a set of related data and the way it is organized.

Database Management System

DBMS is a computer software application that interacts with the user, other applications to capture and analyze data. It is designed in order to allow the definition, querying, creations, updates, and administration of databases. Data sharing, data security, data integration, data access are some of the major advantages of DBMS.

Purpose Of Oracle Database

Managing the information stored and store the data.
We can modify, extract, and search for information within a database.

We can store data in different formats and we can access them through application. (example Text, numbers, images, video files, xml, clob, blob).

The main purpose of a database is to store data in a structured way so that you can access it easily.

Two Major Tracks In Oracle

Oracle Development (Oracle PL/SQL developer),

Oracle DBA (Oracle Database Administrator).


FITA is awarded as the Best Oracle Certification Institute in Coimbatore, which provides the training in a smarter manner for the students to understand easily. The trainers from our institute are well qualified in Oracle certification. Moreover, the practical sessions from our trainers are very useful for them to perform in the technical side of placements. The job opportunities for oracle learners are high while comparing with other domains in corporate companies.

Job Opportunities For Oracle Learners

The Oracle Corporation is a multinational company that mostly focuses on computer technology and to store the data about the organizations. When it comes to Oracle jobs, the candidates are selected for general administration, HR, finance, support and service, consulting, IT, legal, manufacturing, marketing, Production and training. The company recruits for both non-technical and technical processes.

Benefits FITA

FITA offers the syllabus of Oracle training which is most updated that is prepared by the trainers from IT sector based on the level of corporate company projects. Hence, the training provided by FITA is always worthy. And students should be strong in technical side for that we are offering the practical sessions to practice the queries in lab, so that the students will easily clear the technical rounds in the interviews. Now-a-days, the employees for Oracle is in demand, so students make use of this opportunity to get the training in Oracle from FITA and get the Oracle certification to place in the corporate company. In addition, FITA is also providing the placement assistance.

Best oracle training in Coimbatore.
Updated syllabus in Oracle.
Well specialized Lab Classes.
Flexibility in Timing.
Placement assistance.