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There has been numerous development in the marketing field in the past few years. Therefore, it is very important to evolve along with the evolution of technology. Hence, enroll yourself in our SEO Training in Coimbatore and make yourself well versed in Digital marketing.


FITA is famous for its credibility and loyalty for the student who join us. At FITA, we make sure every penny of yours spend for the course counts. Our faculties are chosen from the leading companies who have years of experience. Students and professionals after the completion of SEO Training in Coimbatore will be getting the most exciting offers from top MNC’s around the world.

We plan our sessions as per the requirements of the students and make sure they get hands-on experience in order to have the exposure to real-time scenarios. SEO Training in Coimbatore has gained its popularity among students due to its necessity in the market.

Course Description

SEO offers a great hand in the upbringing of any business irrespective of its size. This process optimizes the website in order to rank it top in the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc. The necessity of any business to go online is very crucial; as customer’s preference over e-commerce has been, keep on evolving with the trends in the market. Thus, SEO Course in Coimbatore will be a great investment for you.

The nature of shopping is now mostly online-based because of the various options available at a single point. SEO Course in Coimbatore makes your product to be noticed to a wider audience in a short span of time. Hence, you will attain success in a shorter period at a legitimate manner. Therefore, be first to start a career in Digital marketing sector by joining our SEO Training in Coimbatore.


Search Engine fundamentals
Keyword Research
Off-Page Optimization
SEO Softwares
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Latest Google Algorithm updates
Email Marketing
On-Page Optimization
Local SEO
Google Tools like Webmasters
Adwords and Analytics
Online Reputation Management

Fundamentals Of SEO

SEO shows the journey of a website in the big competition and continuous marketing for the website is on rising to manage the competition from the same domain. The online marketing trends which attract the website audience form the basis for the SEO. The fundamentals of SEO are Keyword research, keyword density understanding, link building, content marketing, and social media marketing. Join the SEO Training in Coimbatore with FITA and learn about the evolution of SEO trends in digital marketing.

Search Console, Google Analytics, Keyword Planner, Screaming Frog, Google Sheets, and Yoast plug-in are the wide range of tools available for free for the SEO analysis. If the big population around the world searched for a word in Google then what happens to Google and how it manages the search? Will the Google crash and disconnect the service? The answer to this question is the Google algorithm which produces quality results. Let us see the fundamentals of SEO which is the guidelines from the Google algorithm. SEO Course in Coimbatore is the best place to learn the fundamentals of SEO.


The keywords are decided after thinking so many factors like volume of searches, the user intends for the keyword, competition for the targeted keyword, time factor emphasizes on the more priority or less priority, scalability of keywords like placing keywords in the single website or multiple websites. Unnecessary pages and unnecessary content on the pages also have a negative impact from the perspective of Google. The density of the keywords is decided after checking the guidelines from Google. SEO Course in Coimbatore will train the candidates about using the tool for the keyword and placing the keyword in the content.


Backlinks are gained through the no follow links from the guest post, blog commenting, bookmarking, classifieds, article submission, audio submission, and listings. These tactics improve the SERP rate with SEO. This help for the ranking and authority to the website. Relevance is the essential factor for the backlinks which makes the process natural for the search engines. Finding out the relevant website and commenting with the anchor text or submitting the article link there helps for the increase in the traffic. The backlinks should be relevant and anchor text should consist of less keyword to make it natural. SEO Training in Coimbatore will train the candidates about generating “do follow” links and quality links. Avoiding bad links is also essential to improve the domain authority.

Content Marketing

The idea behind the content marketing is to target the keywords, create content with a query in the mind of the learners, use the best title, create caption tag in the content, produce relevant content and create an editorial calendar for regular update of the content to create the enthusiasm among the learners. If the company is using the content management system like word press then the theme should be mobile friendly and user-friendly to see the contents regularly. FITA is the best SEO Training Institute in Coimbatore and it trains the candidates to reach the targeted audience with relevant and appealing content.

Social Media Marketing

If the buyers or customers for a product are from young age group then social media marketing will boost the website traffic. Socialization is the technique of connecting the product and the recent happenings. This will create interest to the viewers and one of the trends for continuous marketing. After completing the SEO Training in Coimbatore with FITA the learners reach the enhancement in the website traffic with proven methodologies.

Google analytics is the tool which gives details about the traffic to the website. After seeing the Google analytics tool the approach towards online marketing for the websites can be optimized. SEO Course in Coimbatore is very helpful to get huge job opportunities after completing the course with FITA. Google ranking, Domain authority, and website traffic are some of the indicators of online marketing. Google ranking implies the traffic for the keywords, Domain authority say about the competition in the market from the rivals for your domain, and website traffic implies the quality of content and backlinks. SEO methodologies say about the organic traffic to the website through keywords, content, and backlinks. Let us see the power or influence of keywords, content and back links in the website. Digital Marketing Course in Coimbatore is the best course for increasing the rankings and achieving the desired sales.

What Skills Create A Good SEO Analyst?

Communication skills, writing skills, social skills, analytical skills, technical skills, excel skills, and adaptability skills are the wide range of skills required for the SEO. Communication skills are essential for SEO analyst as they do keyword research, prepare product description, prepare content for the submission in different channels and write comments for the marketing purpose. As the SEO process involves data, devices, and decision making process analytical thinking is essential to understand the SEO. Social skills are essential to create awareness about the brand name and tackle the competition. The excel templates are useful for measuring the changes in the algorithm, creating CTR and recording the keywords for digital marketing. Digital Marketing Training in Coimbatore will hone the skills needed to become successful in the SEO techniques.

Challenges In SEO Analysis

Rank drop is the biggest challenge in SEO. The content, backlinks and the campaigns are targeted towards the google search and improvement in the rank. Sometimes the change in the algorithm of Google will have an effect on the rank drop. Digital Marketing Training Institute in Coimbatore is the best course to know about the challenges in SEO job.
Choosing the right tool is essential to manage the results in SEO. The tools used for the backlinks checking, tracking tools, and competitor analysis tools will give insight into the details but it is essential to check the results with the real time results.
SEO is all about understanding the competition and managing the competition is the biggest challenging factor in SEO. The keywords, content topic, link, and content word count are decided after doing competitor analysis.
Creating a link with many online channels is the difficult part of the SEO. Finding a relevant and quality link is a challenging task in SEO. SEO Training in Coimbatore will make the job of the SEO analyst easy by providing different ideas to solve the problems.

Digital marketing, front end technologies, web technologies, video marketing, and content marketing are the different types of technologies that are booming to the top in the recent past. To join the high pay jobs learning these technologies are essential and FITA is the one-stop place to get all your needs. FITA helps the students to land in the right jobs for you. The interview support from FITA like mock interviews, resume preparation and linked in creation will make your job search easy in the big competition of these days.


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  • Keyword Planner
  • Google analytic
  • Open site explorer
  • Description Meta tag — 150 characters
  • Keyword Meta tag — 200 characters
  • Meta Robot tag
  • Title Meta tag — 60 characters
  • Optimizing images
  • Optimizing CSS delivery
  • Enable browser caching
  • Search Engine Journal
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