SEO Training in Chennai

SEO Training in Chennai

Why join FITA for SEO Training in Chennai

SEO Training in Chennai We are on Top Google Results for the competitive Keywords like SEO Training in Chennai, SEO Course in Chennai and Digital Marketing Training in Chennai. Our results speak for themselves. When you follow our SEO Strategies you will get guaranteed results which are crucial for the success of any SEO Consultant.

Training is provided by SEO Experts who have ranked many competitive keywords. On completion of SEO Training, you will get an expert knowledge in SEO to rank website in top three results of SERP.

What do we offer at SEO Training in Chennai?

  • 100% Practical Training
  • Only SEO Institute in Chennai where training on Advanced SEO Tools will be provided
  • Job Placements in leading SEO companies in Chennai will be provided
  • Post Training Support
  • Smaller batches of 4-5 members to enable better learning
  • Flexible batches (Weekday and Weekend batches)

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is a process of optimizing your website to rank higher in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Why Search Engine Optimization?

The dynamics of business has changed much in the past few years. With the increasing competition, strong online presence and brand reputation is mandatory for every business organizations to be very successful. Businesses are dependent on search engines like Google and other online medium to bring more visitors to their website which in turn would help them increase sales. For a business to be successful, SEO or digital marketing has to be done.

High Level Course Syllabus

Search Engine Basics
Keyword Research
Off-Page Optimization Techniques (More than 20 off-page techniques)
SEO Softwares & Tools
Search Engine Marketing/PPC
Email Marketing
Latest Google Algorithm updates
On-Page Optimization Techniques (More than 40 on-page techniques)
Local SEO
Google Tools like Webmasters, Adwords and Analytics
Social Media Marketing
Online Reputation Management
Case Study

Who Should Join the SEO Training in Chennai

Students: If you are student looking for a job in highly lucrative online marketing industry or any web based industry, SEO is the key. Students who have undergone SEO Training at FITA are placed in many leading SEO Companies in Chennai. Don’t worry about Jobs anymore. At FITA, we offer job placements.

Web Designers & Developers: Website without proper SEO will not fetch results to your customer and your customer will not be happy to know that their website is not designed with SEO best practices. Learning SEO for any Web Designer would be a great assest.

Entrepreneurs/Business Owners: Are you a business owner struggling to get more sales? Rather than choosing an expensive SEO package, you can learn and do SEO yourself. This is the most cost-effective way!

Freelancers: If you are looking to generate Part-time income SEO is a great way of making a part-time money. Freelancers who have been trained at FITA earn anywhere from Rs 25,000 and above.

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SEO Tutorial

SEO Trends in the market

In case you are worried about your business is not progressing bey0nd a limit, then its time for you to consider Digital marketing. The various SEO approaches, which are trending in the market will definitely upsurge your business to the next level.

Search Engine Optimization has been a jargon for many who are saplings in the garden of business. SEO is nothing but the practice that increases the capacity and nature of traffic to the website over the search engine events. Hence, it plays a crucial role to cherish your business on a whole.

The latest evolution in the SEO market are listed below that will help you get the numbers over the period:

Site Speed

Even though there are many factors that determines the success of any business, we consider speed of the site is the crucial one. As the website is the only source of your business to reach the public on a digital platform. Thus, if user’s are finding difficulty in loading the contents of your website, then it is obvious you re loosing your valuable customer.

Voice Hunt

In the fast moving era, it is indeed necessary for us to be technologically sound. Hence, having a voice assistance with more precise answers for every query will help your business bloom. As people are more likely preferring voice than typing into something.

The dynamism of Social Media

Social media is a game changer these days as it is the shortcut for any business or product to reach out a wide audience. Many search engines including Google has kept the priority on the engagement of content across various platforms. Thus, enroll yourself into our SEO Training in Chennai for a bright future in an evergreen industry.

There are so many branches in digital marketing like SEO, SEM, and SMM. The taste and preferences of the general public are moving from the Radio, TV and newspaper to Google, you tube, Facebook and other social media channels. These days the latest news is known from time to time through the Google news, you tube trending videos and the Face book. The handy mobile are used to know the news with less time span. Programs are watched through you-tube and Mobile app than TV. SEO Training in Chennai is the best training to groom yourself as a professional digital marketing professional. So, electronic devices and internet world is demanding for the digital marketing. Let us provide you the detailed tutorial of digital marketing to make you know the spectrum of techniques applied to reach the end customers. The traffic to the website and the popularity of the website plays a big role in conversion rates or sales. Let me see the tutorial with the following eminent concepts of digital marketing like SEO, SMM, SMM, on page techniques, off page techniques, video marketing, and content marketing. SEO Course in Chennai provides the training with extensive knowledge from the online examples to make the students as the best SEO analyst.

Keyword research

Keywords play a vital role in the Search Engine Optimization. SEO is about positioning the website among the first ten listing of the Google. Keywords should have relevancy and high volume of search from the targeted customers. Hence there are so many tools available for the key word research like Google key word planner, KW finder, Moz’s keyword explorer, Keyword tool, and SEM rush. When using these tools the marketer need to furnish some information to the settings like the broad match, phrase match or exact match, location target, negative keywords target etc. After providing the necessary information the keywords are searched and the respective volume of search is known.  The high volume keywords are used in the URL, heading tag, on-page content and Meta description. So, by placing the keywords in multiple positions increases the chances of getting listed in the multiple search increases the traffic and ranking in the Google. SEO Training with the experienced trainer makes you to realize the need of digital marketing in the small scale and large scale businesses.

Competitor analysis

Competitor analysis can be done by checking the keyword density from the tool, analyze the word count of the competitor, analyze their social media posts, and analyze their backlinks. Site: the brand name or website of the competitor is the query in the Google which shows the relevant websites of the competitor. There are tools for analyzing the word count and backlinks of the competitors like MOZ link explorer, Spyfu, quicksprout, SEMrush, SimilarWeb, Alexa, and Google advanced search operation, Siteliner, and Keyword competitor. SEO Training in Chennai provides the course with flexible timings and constantly help the students till they get placed or establish their own business.


SEO is the organic search or the natural search of the customers whereas SEM is the paid search which is arrived by running ads. Search Engine Optimization is arrived through proper keywords, responsive design for the mobile as well as the desktop, designing the website with all the elements required for the on-page, creating the external quality links to the website and generating the backlinks to the website. The SEO Training Institute in Chennai offers the best training and bridge the gap between the knowledge and practical knowledge. Backlinks are created through guest post with anchor text, directories relevant to the domain, forum discussion relevant to the domain, book marking, and classifieds. External links are created through linking the website with relevant authoritative websites. Google’s penguin spam filter which is the part of Google algorithm is now demanding for the quality backlinks to the website. Find the broken links and less quality links then remove those links to optimize the website.

On-page Optimization

The tittle tags or Meta description appear in the search engine results pages [SERPs], web browser and social networks.  As like the saying first impression is the best impression it is essential to impress the viewer’s with the Meta tittle, Meta description and tittle tag. HTTPs are good for the secure connection as of 2018. URL limit is 60 or less than that. The character length for Meta description is 150 or 160. Tittle should consist of the primary keyword and the brand name. SEO Course is the best course for the beginners and for those who already have experience in the marketing field. These tittle tags should have the primary keyword and project the content in an interesting manner. Website link and SEO tittle are different elements in the appearance. SEO tittle should consist of the primary keyword in the web page.

The Meta description and Meta keyword is the first experience to the website visitors. Hence it is essential to make it relevant and more appealing to the visitors. After the Meta description the tittle tag is the second thing which welcomes your visitors and hence keeping it crisp is essential to withhold the visitors till the end of the page. SEO Classes in Chennai help the students to land in their dream job with good salary. Placing the call to action in the page is also important to increase the conversion rate. The enquiry form or the phone number is the call to action in the web page. Face book and twitter have their own tittle tags which make the marketer to optimize the tittle with the designs of different networks.

Unique page tittle and unique post tittle is important for the freshness and creating demand among the readers. Google sometimes append the brand name at the end of the tittle if the brand is popular brand. The percentage for keyword density is 1.5 percent. The formula for calculating the keyword density is number of keywords divided by the total number of words in the content. Robot.txt is coding to be added to the C-panel of the website and it makes the robots to allow or disallow the pages to be crawled. For a website where there is online payment or any personal information of the customers is shown it can be disallowed from crawling by mentioning as disallow in the robot.txt as these data are sensitive data. HT access is to keep the websites as https for security reasons. In a nutshell, on-page optimization is all about Meta tittle, Meta description, URL, tittle tag, SEO tittle, Key word density, Robot.txt, HT access and content are some of the on-page factors which help to gain good ranking in the Google.

Off-page techniques

The page authority and domain authority are the two important parameters to decide the quality of any website. Some of the websites where the backlinks can be generated are social networking websites, social bookmarking sites, forum submission, blog directory submission, question and answer sites, article submission, image submission sites, video submission sites, info graphics submission sites, and document sharing sites. Create a login and then submit the page link with respective keyword in these sites to improve the backlinks to the website. Best SEO Training in Chennai train the students with the practical examples and make them a good digital marketer.


There are many types of search engines and the popular search engines are Google, Bing and yahoo. Especially in India Google is used more than the other search engines. There are five elements in the Google ad words and they are ad campaign, ad groups, keywords, ad text, and landing pages. Ad campaign is about the product or service for which the ad is designed. Ad group is to get the high level of CTR at lower cost. Same types of products are sub categories here. Keywords relevant to the ad are mentioned in the keywords. Join the SEO Training in Velachery and gain the ubiquitous knowledge from the professionals.

The Ad auction is about the bidding the keywords and payment for per click. If the keywords are there in the Google’s search history then your ad enter in to the ad auction. Every time your ad gets clicked the payment from the budget will be reduced. Google provide the ad rank after the ad auction which says about the bid rate and other qualities of the ad. Maximum bid rate, quality score and ad rank are the metrics which makes your ad to show in the first page or second page of the Google. SEO Training in Tambaram helps the students to gain in-depth knowledge in the trends of digital marketing.

Google Web-master tool

Create Google account then go to the webmaster tool, click the add a site button there, enter the website URL, click continue, verify the website by uploading file to the webserver or adding HTML tag to your website’s home page, sign in with your domain name, or sign in with your domain name provider or use the Google analytics code. For the site map submission in Google it takes at least one week of time then only Google will show about your website in the web master. Join the SEO Training in OMR and transform yourself as a digital marketer.

The on-page improvements are shown in the web master.  To know about which keyword is used more click above the keyword in the web master then the number of pages appear in the search is shown. The click through rate shows the number of clicks in each page. The bad links like the spam links or paid links are warned by the Google through web master. Check the traffic menu and click the links on the site. The links shows the number of websites linking your website. If the links are not relevant to your website then such links can be removed with the help of the webmaster tool. Some pages can be demoted and by doing this the concern page will not show up in the search result. Privacy policy page can be demoted and thus the marketer can engage the customer with the right pages. High priority keywords, traffic to the pages, and the other website links are clearly shown in the web master to analyze about the keyword, the respective content and the links of the page. SEO Training in Chennai is designed with a focus to help the students with less interest in programming and more interest in analyzing the different markets.

Google Analytics

Sign in to the Google analytics tool, track the analytics ID, add the analytics id to the websites and it will take 24 hours to show the data relevant to the concern website. Google analytics is the snippet written in the language JavaScript or coding languages and it tracks the details of the user through browser. Google analytics integrate cache and cookies in the user’s computer and track the visits of the users. Google analytics help to analyze the acquisition, behavior and conversion through analytics. Acquisition shows about the different channels like organic, direct, social or referral which brought the viewers to the website. Analytics can be connected with the ads to provide precise information’s. Behavior gives information like the time spent on the page, number of page views, bounce rate and the exit rate. It gives idea about the behavior with respect to the age, gender and other things. Analytics also provides the information pertaining to the page speed. Audience section says about the device used and geographic reports for the traffic. By making minor changes with the analysis the conversion rates increases.

Make use of our SEO Training and shine in your career.

SEO industrial updates

The Machine learning algorithm of the Google is changing periodically and the previous releases like penguin, pigeon, panda, and Fred implies periodical changes.In the year 2018 the broad care algorithm and hill top algorithms tweaked the digital marketers. In the year 2017 the updates like Maccabees and Fred dominated the methodologies of digital marketing. Let us examine the algorithms to know more about the trends in digital marketing. This update is not for the penalization purpose but it is to reward the on-page parameters to be followed. If the guidelines are not followed then Google will deindex the page and if the guidelines are followed then the reward is shown in the ranking of the Google.The algorithms are targeting the low quality websites and improving the search volume among the users. Join the SEO Training in Chennai at FITA to climb up high in the career path.

Broad care algorithm

The keywords usage or density of using keywords has influence in the ranking. The H1 tag should have 2 percent more keywords, HTTPS can have 18 percent keywords, tittle tag percentage is reduced to 9, the page rank value is reduced to .7o for the D value, and the TF-iDUF method is used instead of the TF-PDF method.The algorithms are used to reward the websites, enhance the user experience and provide the relevant information to the users. To maintain the quality and to support the competition the updates work on the different types of business.SEO Training is the best training for the learners with interest in marketing and different channels used for marketing in the digital media.

The user related content is important than keywords based content is what Google emphasis. User intent and the content are the two factors which are given more importance in the recent algorithm. The keywords are used in the HTTPS or H1 tag will push the content to the search but the tittle and the content should answer the questions of the users. Hence the content with less keyword will focus on providing the information relevant to the keywords. Join the SEO Course in Chennai to know about the digital presence and the influence of the technology in the digital media.

Maccabees and Fred

The mobile view and the desktop view of the website is the key factor in the user experience when searching the answer for a query or keyword. Maccabees is the update to the core algorithm and hence it is named as Fred informally. Maccabees are targeted towards the tactics followed for the blackhat digital marketing. The links for the advertisement in the website should be natural, different sort of Content targeted towards the single keyword is not natural, Content with less words and with quality lesser than the standardization, and the barriers in the form of view or design for the mobile phones are some of key elements in the Maccabees algorithm.

Hill top algorithm

The main purpose of the hill top algorithm is to identify the authoritative websites. The authoritative websites are known through the traffic and popularity. If the website is linked to pages with high rank and relevant to the domain then it increases the ranking of the new domain page. Relevant topic and links generated from the pages of relevant topic are the characteristic of the authoritative website. Relevance and the backlinks with expert pages are essential to rank high in the Google as authoritative page.

At FITA we offer the best training and we are reviewed as the best SEO Training Institute in Chennai due to the expert trainers and the avid syllabus for the inclination of the knowledge. Digital marketing is the grooming technology which acts as a bridge to the domestic business and the global business.


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Job Description

We require candidates with one to 3 years of experience in SEO, SMO and SEM related channels of marketing, do the keywords research to improve the search, and work with creating the post for different channels.

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