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Tally Course in Bangalore

Course Highlights & Why Tally Training in Bangalore at FITA?

Proficient Trainers with 12+ years of experience as an Accountant.

Courseware that is designed to meet the market requirements.
Interactive Training session with maximum exposure to the tally software.
Smart Classrooms with enriched learning.
Professional Tally Course in Bangalore at FITA with certification.
Flexible Batch timings with affordable cost.
Weekday, WeekEnd and Fasttrack Tally Classes in Bangalore at FITA.
We have a dedicated placement portal that provides job assistance to all the students.
100% placement placementent support even after course completion.
FITA provides the required corporate training.

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Tally Software was founded in the year 1986 to develop a leading edge technology product that has practical relevance to every kind of business. 

This tool consists of the concurrent multi-lingual accelerator technology machine. This software is easy to use and they are designed to solve day-to-day activities related to the enterprise. It provides a complete solution around the inventory, accounting principles, and data integrity. It has features that can encompass global business. Also, this software is provided with easy to use interface and make the workload of the users simple. 

It provides a solution for all the Accounting principles like inventory management, stock management, invoices, purchase order management, and stock valuation methodology. Besides, this tool comes with the drill-down option that can trace the details of all the transactions. The tally tool helps in handling the simple classification of accounts, accounts receivable and payable, general ledger, and bank reconciliation. At present Tally Solutions has raised its position from Single Product company to Multiple Product with several other offerings like Retail, Audit Space, Accounting, and Enterprise Resource Planning. Many organizations have begun to implement the tally software to their organization because of their user-friendly features and affordability.  Tally Training in Bangalore at FITA provides the necessary professional training to use the software efficiently with certification. 

What you will learn in Tally Training in Bangalore at FITA?

Creation of Company in Tally
Using Ledger Accounts
Learning the Voucher Entry 
Budgeting in Tally
Calculation of Payroll in Tally
Calculation of TCS and GST in Tally
Inventory and Stock Management in Tally
Calculation of Cost Center and Cost Categories in Tally
Handling of Payroll including the Salary process
Managing the company accounts independently
Handling project accounting. 

Prerequisites and Eligibility to learn Tally


This course doesn't have any prerequisites. Except for one who has a fundamental knowledge of Accounts is easy for them to learn.

Eligibility Criteria:

It can be learned by people from all walks of life. This course can be learned by people who aspire to be a professional Accountant. Also, this course can be learned by Bachelor of Commerce Graduates, Master of Commerce Graduates, and Chartered Accounts for increasing their skill sets. It is also useful for MBA graduates. Enroll Tally Training in Bangalore at FITA and learn the course holistically with certification under working professionals. 

Phases of Tally

Tally is the basic accounting tool that is used by a large number of people in various businesses for their regular accounting work. The Tally software has released numerous versions over the years. Below are the detailed evolution of the Tally Software over the years. 

Tally 3.0 (1990): It is the first edition of Tally. This version was used for the fundamental needs of accounting and in small businesses. This Software required more special commands to perform the application operation. Besides, it supports these functions only in Microsoft DOS.

Tally 3.12 (1991): This is identical to the earlier version. Though new features have been updated here, the operations performed here resembles the former version Tally 3.0

Tally 4 (1992): This is the third edition of Tally which was introduced in the year 1992. Like Tally 3.0 and 3.12 this version can also support only Microsoft DOS and it just has few modifications when compared to the other two versions.

Tally 4.5(1994):  This edition is also based on the DOS program. As the DOS Program is simple, the operations can be completed quickly with this. Besides, this version laid its focus on the accounting functions like Voucher Entries and Ledger classification. It also provides simple financial reports. 

Tally 5.4 (1996): This version had more upgraded features compared to the previous versions. It is the Graphic Interface edition which became popular among many users. With the release of this edition, it has become the best accounting software. This version consisted of inventory modules, structured invoicing and integration of accounts. 

Tally 6.3(2001): This edition supports the Windows Operating System. This edition is completely based on the Windows version hence it is supported with VAT and Printing. Besides, this version was the extension of the enterprise system where it interacted with the other system via database connectivity. 

Tally 7.2(2005): This is the revised edition of the former versions. Also, this version came with new and enhanced features. The operations were performed rapidly here. This version is the integrated enterprise system that supported numerous features like VAT, TCS, and TDS. Besides, it also supported the feature of the Service Tax module. 

Tally 8.1(2006):  This version is also a modified one when compared to the previous versions. This version had an additional feature like Data Structure. Tally 8.1 software supported 10 different languages. 

Tally 9(2006): This version preceded the previous edition. This version supports 13 different languages which also includes one foreign language. Also, this version has the feature of Point of Sales, Payroll, Excise, TDS, and e-TDS filing. 

Tally ERP 9 (2009): It is the recent edition of Tally. This edition offers its users complete business solutions. Some of the significant features of this edition are remote access, GST filing, multi-user login, payroll, data security, and transaction procedures. Tally Training in Bangalore at FITA provides the training to use the tool under the guidance of experienced tutors.

Syllabus of Tally Course in Bangalore


Need for Accounting
Principles of Accounting
Various types of Accounting
Learning the Accounting Rules
Single Column Entry
Double Column Entry 
Triple Column Entry
Benefits of Double Entry
Journal Transactions
Knowing Book Keeping
Disadvantages of Manual Accounts.
Knowing what is Tally?
Why Tally?
Getting to know Tally ERP 9
Tally Versions
Configuration and Activation
Gateway of Tally
Tally user Interface
Configuration of Tally ERP 9
Differences between Single Entry Mode and Double Entry Mode
Installation of the Data path
Global Configurations
Regional and Currency Configurations
Creation of Company
Altering and Deleting Company
Company Level Configurations
Knowing Ledgers and Group
Creation, Alteration, Groups, and Ledgers
Bill Wise ledgers
Payment Vouchers
Default Vouchers
Contra Vouchers
Receipt Vouchers
Journal Vouchers
Purchase Vouchers
Sales Vouchers
Creation, Alteration and Deleting of Vouchers. 
Tally Report Model
Drill Down Report
Bank Books and Day Books
Debtors and Creditors
Debit Note number
Credit Note number
Trial balance
Rectification of Errors
Profit and Loss Account
Balance Sheet
Cash Flow Statement
Fund Flow Statement
Bank Reports
Getting to know Inventory in Tally
Units of Measure
Category and Stock items
Stock Groups
Integration of Accounts and Inventory
Creation of Managing Price lists with the price masters
Stock Transfers
Stock Reports
Managing and Creation of Price Lists
Purchase Vouchers
Sales Vouchers
Purchase and Sales Orders
Handling Credit Sales 
 Handling Credit Purchases
Recording Bill wise information
Order processing
Re-order processing
Managing Stock Returns and Rejection
Debit Note and Credit Note Number
Tackling aging invoices. 
What do you mean by GST?
Knowing what is SGST, CGST, and IGST. 
Activation of GST in Tally
Setting up of the GST in the Company Level, Inventory Level, and Ledger Level. 
GST Invoices and Taxes
Creation, Alteration and Deleting the GST Masters. 
GST Purchase Entry
GST Sales Entry
Managing Unregistered Dealers
Reverse Charge Entry for GST
Printing with GST Invoices
Purchase Register
Sales Registers
Over Dues
Payables and Receivables
Aging Invoices and Stock Registers
GSTR 1 Return Filing

Point of Sales in Tally 

Bank Reconciliation

Payroll Accounting
knowing Payroll
Pay Categories and Heads
Employee Information and Salary Details
Attendance Entries
Handling Leave Categories
Paid leaves
Unpaid Leaves
Overtime duty
Accounting the Loss of Pays
EPF Accounting
ESI Accounting
Professional Tax Accounting
Handling Income Tax on Salary 
Tax Deducted at Source
Handling TDS and other Expenses
Pay Slips and Pay Sheets
Payroll Reports
Optional Vouchers and Scenarios
Budget Controls
Cost Categories
Cost Centers
Multi-Currency and Multi-Language
Export and Import of Tally Data
Backup and Restore of Tally Data
Tally Audit
Tally Vault
Merge and Split of Company Data
Tally Remote
Customizing the Invoices/ Reports with the Company Logos and other information.

Trainer Profile

We firmly believe in the blended way of learning.
Tally Trainers at FITA trains the students professionally to use the Tally Software. This eventually helps the students to have the maximum practical knowledge to use the tool. 
Tally Trainers at FITA are experienced tutors who have 12+ years of experience in using the Tally tool.
Tally Trainers in Bangalore at FITA are working professionals from the Accounting field who has wider knowledge to use the tool. 
Trainers support the students with the necessary individual attention for clearing the doubts of the students. 
Trainers help the students by taking up mock interview practices and corporate training. 

Job Opportunities After Completing Tally Course in Bangalore

Career prospects 

In the present era, everyone wishes to expand their businesses to the next level. To expand a business to the next level is not an easy job. It involves huge investments and labor power. But, few jobs can be made simpler and rapid for the workers with the help of software and tools. Tally is one such software that helps businesses with solutions to make their work simpler and rapid. With the implementation of the Tally tool, many businesses have increased their revenue and productivity as well. 

Tally is primarily used by all sizes of companies ranging from small scale to large scale businesses. It is mainly because of its features and affordability. Also, the maintenance of the Tally Software is simple. Based on the recent survey it is stated that most of the companies in India are looking for candidates with Tally Skills on their resume for the job position that is related to Accounting. Below are the general designations that are offered to candidates with Tally skills. 

Admin Executive
Tally Operator
Junior Accountant
Accounts Executive
Financial Analyst
Audit Executive
Account Manager
Tally operator
Accountant Trainee
Data Entry operator
Tally Accountant Executive
Senior Account Manager

Remuneration offered:

On average, a fresher with Tally skills may earn Rs 2,60,000 per annum.

Mid-level experienced candidates could earn up to Rs 3,30,000 per annum. 

Candidates with 7+ years of experience can earn up to Rs 7,00,000 per annum. Join Tally Course in Bangalore at FITA and learn to use the Software professionally and enrich your skill sets in the accounting domain. 

Various businesses that use the Tally Software are listed below and they are,

Financial Trusts
Banking Sectors
BPO's / KPO's
Retail businesses
Chartered Accountant firms.

Learn Tally Training in Bangalore at FITA and enhance your career opportunities with the Tally skill set. Tutors at FITA train the student to use the software and its application efficiently. Also, they constantly upskill the knowledge of the students with market-relevant skills.

Tally Certification Training in Bangalore

Tally Course Certification is the professional credential that mentions the ability of a person to use the Tally Software that is related to the basics of Accounting such as Inventory, Journals and Ledger Transactions, Balance Sheet Transactions, Payroll Transactions, and GST Calculation. Also, having the Tally Course Certification at the time of the Interview creates a positive impact and it adds value to your resume and on yourself. As most of the Job Seekers in the Accounting, domain look for candidates with Tally skills.

Tally Training in Bangalore

Tally Certification Course in Bangalore at FITA provides certification with training for graduates and working professionals to broaden their knowledge in the Tally tool.Tally Training at FITA in Bangalore is provided by experts who have vast experience in using the Tally Software. They train the students in using the Tally Software efficiently.

Features of Tally ERP 9

Tally ERP 9 is the prominent software tool that is used among many users. It is an upgraded edition of Tally. It is stated that more than 20 lakhs businesses use this software. This tool provides an ideal solution for small, medium and large scale businesses as well. This edition can easily handle multiple functions like inventory, accounting, and compliance. 

Different users of Tally


Languages support

Tally ERP 9 supports 13 different languages and they are English, Arabic, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Panjabi, Indonesian, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, and Gujarati.

Key features of Tally ERP 9 

Asset Management
Audit Trail
Banking Integration
Barcode Integration
Bonus, Loan & Advances Management
Customer Management
Customer Support
Email Integration
Financial Management
HR & Payroll
Inventory Management
Job Costing
Multiple Company
Online document storage (back-up)
Payroll Management
POS invoicing
Product Database
Production Management
Supplier and Purchase Order Management
Quotation & Estimates
Taxation Management
Warehouse Management
Accounts payable
Accounts Receivable
Bank Reconciliation
Fund accounting
Cash Management
Compliance Management
Balance Sheet
Accounting Integration
Bills of Material
Billing & Invoicing
Budgeting & Forecasting
Accounting Management
Purchase Management
Document Printing
Sales Management
Service Tax
Checks & Controls
Access your Data on the Go
Live Chat
Purchasing & Receiving
Statutory Capabilities
Job Work
Internet-based Capabilities
MIS Reporting Capabilities
Data Exchange Capabilities

Tally ERP 9 Software encompasses all these features. This is the reason behind more users to utilize this tool. It is the complete product for all solutions and yet it retains its originality with simple features and provides holistic business functionality. 

Advantages of Tally ERP 9

This tool provides powerful remote capabilities that accelerate the process of collaboration. 
We can easily find qualified personnel.
It is simple to customize
Reduces maximum human errors.
Easy to access documents.
Data Files are transferred quickly. 
Also, Tally ERP 9 supports both the Silver and Gold Edition for their users. 

Tally ERP 9 with GST

This version of Tally has incorporated GST in the accounting system, which makes this a reliable GST software as well. With the Tally GST feature in it, we can do the following things: Prepare, maintain and share all the accounting data in the GST compliant format. 
This makes GST budgeting easier for tax consultants as well.
This tool stays upgraded with GST regulations and norms constantly. 

Tally Training in Bangalore at FITA trains the students proficiently to use the tool under expert guidance.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

  • Tally Course in Bangalore at FITA is designed by the subject-matter experts with 12+ years of experience in Tally and Accounting domain. 
  • Unlimited Lab usage is provided for the students.
  • Support the students with the necessary individual attention to clear the doubts of the students. 
  • Comprehensive Coverage of Tally Course Syllabus with 60+ hours of training.
  • 20,000+ students trust FITA. 
  • The Nominal Fee structure for students and working professionals. 
  • Flexible batch timings with course certification.
  • We proudly state that we have tie-ups with 600+ small, medium and large scale companies. Most of the companies have job openings for the Accountant position with Tally Skills.
  • We provide active Placement Support to our students with 100% job assistance.

You can enroll by contacting our support number or you can also directly walk into our branch office.

Our Institution was set up in the year 2012 by a group of IT veterans to provide professional IT Training to the students. We are present in the Training industry for more than a decade.

We have trained 20,000+ students which include the headcount of the working professional as well.

  • We provide the maximum individual attention to our students. The Batch size of the Tally Course is minimized to (5-6) members per batch to clear the doubts of the students.
  • We firmly believe in the blended way of learning and thus we train the students with numerous case studies and real-time projects.