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FITA enhances the student's capability to get their accumulated knowledge converted into talent. There are many designations, which can be opted by you once you complete the PHP Training in Bangalore. Some of them are:

Software Developer
PHP Programmer
PHP Trainee
Web Designer
PHP Web Developer

Our trainers are always there to clear doubts even after the course completion. They are experienced with industrial environment and the latest updates. PHP Course in Bangalore is gaining immense importance due to its ease of working with along with less time consumption.

FITA is considered as the best PHP Training Institute in Bangalore due to its expertise from the industry along with the excellent syllabus.

Course Description

Developers are always in search of a programming language that supports multithreading. Thus, PHP is chosen by most of the developers as it saves a lot of time. Few websites that are used on a regular basis such as Facebook is build up on PHP.

It is a fact that something, which is easy to use is very tough to learn. So is PHP hence, we ensure learning of PHP is made easy to our students. The top companies that hire PHP developers are listed below:

CBitss Technologies
Tech Mahindra
IDS infotech

If you are thinking of being trained in PHP Training in Bangalore then here are few points, which makes PHP preferred over other scripting languages available in the market:

This has a well-formatted structure
PHP code once written can be used everywhere.
Authentication process is done in a secured network.
Using PHP for scripting is efficient
Database management is very simple.
Tracking process can be done very quickly.


Basic PHP Development
Working with file system
Working with regular Expression
Introduction to database
Disk Access, I/O, Math and Mail
Control Structure
Working with forms
Classes and Objects
Logical Expressions
PHP Code Using Loops Concepts
User-Defined Functions
Creating Web Pages with PHP Training


Rasmus Lerdorf developed PHP in the year 1994. Hypertext Processor is a scripting language on the server-side that is open-source used in the creation of active web applications.

  • (object) – cast to object
  • (int), (integer) – cast to integer
  • (float), (double), (real) – cast to float
  • (bool), (boolean) – cast to boolean
  • (string) – cast to string
  • (array) – cast to array
  • Boolean
  • object
  • callable
  • float
  • integer
  • resource
  • string
  • array
  • NULL

PEAR stands for “PHP Extension and Application Repository”, which extends PHP and aids in providing a high level for web developers in programming.

  • sprintf() Function
  • print() Function
  • printf() Function
  • Var_dump() Function
  • echo() Function
  • print_r() Function

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