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Trainers at FITA, have decades of experience in the Software industry.

Students receive a wide knowledge about Dot Net by the trainers and they can work on real-time projects.
Excellent lab infrastructure and smart classrooms.
We conduct interactive training sessions for the students to clear their doubts with the tutor.
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Weekend, Weekday and Fast track Dot Net Training in Coimbatore.
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FITA provides 100% placement support with training and certification.
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Dot Net is a free, open-source, and cross-platform for creating various types of applications. With the help of Dot Net, you can access different libraries, languages, and editors for creating web services. Dot Net Training in Coimbatore at FITA provides the best coaching in the .NET frameworks.

Dot Net and its characteristics


Languages like C#, Visual Basic, or F# are applied for writing Dot Net apps.

F# is a functional, cross-platform, and open-source programming language of Dot Net. It also involves imperative and object-oriented programming.
C# is a type-safe, modern, and simple programming language.
Visual Basic is an accessible language that has a simple syntax for creating object-oriented applications.


Dot Net facilitates to run your code on any of the operating systems. It doesn't matter whether you are writing code in F#, C# or others.

Mono/Xamarin is a Dot Net implementation for processing apps on all of the mobile OS.
The Dot Net framework supports various desktop apps, websites, services, and many windows.
It can be used to test different platform applications like Linux, macOS, and Windows.

One Consistent API

Dot Net has one consistent API that is common for every Dot Net implementation.

The .NET implementation also exposes extra APIs which are required to the operating systems for operating the windows registry.


Microsoft and others support a healthy package ecosystem created on Dot Net standard.
For example, NuGet, a package manager specially created for Dot Net that has over 90k packages.

Open Source and large community

Dot Net is open-source and the Dot Net foundation has a large community of developers about 60,000 and they have many numbers of companies that are already contributing to the .Net services. 

Join Dot Net Course in Coimbatore at FITA to learn the important topics in .Net framework and get trained under experienced professionals to become an expert in .NET.

Application Models of .Net

.Net offers multiples of application models and some of them are provided below,

Mobile- Uses a single code to build various mobile apps for Android, Windows, and iOS.

Web- Create many web-based apps for Docker, macOS, Linux, etc.

Gaming- Develop 3D and 2D gaming for mobile phones, desktops, etc.

Microservices- Create deployable services that operate on Docker containers.

Machine Learning- It adds speech processing, vision algorithms, predictive models and more to your apps.

Introduction to .Net Framework

Dot Net framework is a software platform designed by Microsoft. It builds web applications, which would operate on the Windows platform. 

In the .Net framework, Version 1.0 was the first version. In simple words, it is a virtual machine for executing the programs that are written in several languages like VB.Net, C#, etc.

.Net framework is widely used to develop web-based services and applications. It maintains industry standards and provides various web functionalities.

Microsoft has designed and developed about 11 programming languages, they are as follows,

Iron Ruby
Windows Powershell
C Omega
Iron Python

Components of .NET Framework

.Net Framework is a platform to build form-based applications and it provides technologies and tools to develop web applications. .Net framework consists of two main components, they are, 

Common Language Runtime
.Net Framework Class Library

Common Language Runtime(CLR)

It is the virtual machine component of the .NET framework. It runs the codes and it supports to make the process much easier by providing several services like thread management, memory management, type-safety, remote control, robustness, etc. Primarily, it's role is to manage the .NET program's execution. .Net helps in the code management, the Managed code is the code that focuses on the runtime, whereas, the Unmanaged code is the code that does not focusses on runtime.

Framework Class Library(FCL) 

It is also known as the Base Class Library and this is common for different kinds of applications. It has various interfaces, data types, class libraries, etc. to build several types of applications like mobile applications, web applications, and desktop applications. All these are integrated with CLR and are used by all .Net languages.

The below-mentioned are the various kinds of applications that can make use of .net libraries. 

Console Application
XML Web Services
Windows Services
Windows Application
Web Application

In common, Developers need to insert the FCL in their code and use its properties to execute complex and common functions like database interaction, graphic rendering, writing and reading a file, document manipulation, etc.

.Net framework also involves a few more concepts,

Common Type System(CTS)- It defines a different set of data types that can be applied in various .Net languages. In general, there are two types of CTS, they are,

Value Types
Reference Types

Common Language Specification (CLS)

The common Language Specification is the subdivision of CTS and it describes the set of instructions that need to be satisfied by all the other language compilers. It supports cross-language debugging and cross-language inheritance.

CLS Instructions:

Sample rules of CLS are provided below,

Representation of text strings 
Representation of enumerations 
Static members representation and this is a subset of the CTS which all .NET languages are expected to support.
It follows the language guidelines so that they can interact with other .Net languages.

Dot Net Training in Coimbatore at FITA offers you excellent training in .NET concepts and supports you to grow your technical skills.

.NET Framework Version History

.NET Version

Introduced IDE

Features Detail


Visual Studio 2019

It has high-resolution displays, security enhancements.
Shipped as Windows container images.
Supports Windows 7, server 2008 R2, Server 2012 R1, server 2019.


Visual Studio 2017

Enhanced cryptography
High-DPS support in windows form
supports Windows Presentation Foundation


Visual Studio 2015

Supports Just-in-time compiler
Improves event tracing
RyuJIT, for high performance


Visual Studio 2012

Introduced CLR 4.0
Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF)
Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR)
Task Parallel Library


Visual Studio 2010

Parallel Extension For parallel computing
Supports code contracts
Task Parallel Library


Visual Studio 2005

Windows Cardspace
Windows Workflow Foundation
Direct3D Technologies


Visual Studio 2005

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
Windows Communications Foundation (WCF)
Windows Workflow Foundation (WF), and CardSpace


Visual Studio .NET 2005

64-bit computing
Smart personal object technology
Anonymous Methods


Visual Studio .NET

Introduced CLR 1.0
Support for Object-oriented Web application development
Use of DLL class libraries

Syllabus of .Net Training in Coimbatore

The basic concept of the .Net framework
Concepts in OOPS
C# Programming basics
Classes & Objects
Inheritance and Polymorphism
Struts and Namespace
Delegates and Events
Creating window based application
Overloading and overriding operators
Properties and Indexes
Exception Handling
File system and streams

Trainer Profile

At FITA, Trainers are the working professionals in top MNC companies.
Trainers have worked under Dot Net frameworks and have in-depth knowledge of recent updates in the software development industry.
Tutors train the students with Real-time projects to get practical & technical knowledge. 
Trainers give necessary interview tips and resume building skills.
Trainers support the students to grow their analytical skills in Dot Net.

Job Opportunities After Completing Dot Net Training in Coimbatore

Career Prospects of Dot Net

At present, Dot Net programmers or Dot Net Developers are the demanding job profiles in the IT market. Listed below are some of the reputed Organizations which hire Dot Net skilled candidates and they are as follows,

CSS services
HCL Technologies
Tata Consultancy Services

Roles Offered

Some of the various job roles that are offered by an Organization are,

.Net Developer
.Net Software Engineer
.Net Programmer
Lead .Net Developer
C# Developer
Full-Stack Developer
Software Architect

Remunerations Offered

Based on the survey provided by the, On average, a fresher earns Rs 3,00,000 to Rs 5,00,000 per annum.
Candidates with 4-5 years of experience earn Rs 6,00,000 to Rs 8,00,000 per annum.
Candidates with 6-8 years of experience earn Rs 9,00,000 to Rs 10,00,000 per annum respectively.

Join the Dot Net Course in Coimbatore at FITA and learn the course under professional trainers and enhance your job opportunities.

Dot Net Certification Training in Coimbatore

Dot Net course certification will be provided after the successful completion of this course. This certification will make the student get the leading job posts in the MNC companies easily. Certification shows that the candidate has professional skills to enter the field.

Dot Net Training in Coimbatore

Dot Net Certification shows the candidate as a certified Dot Net developer who has in-depth knowledge in Dot Net frameworks. With the help of this certification, you can make a positive impact on yourself during the interview and you can get the job opportunity with ease. The candidates who are interested to start their career as a Developer in Dot Net can take up this Dot Net Training in Coimbatore at FITA which supports to enhance their career.


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