Software Testing Course in Coimbatore

Software Testing Course In Coimbatore

If you are eager in joining IT sector but not comfortable with programming, then Software Testing Course in Coimbatore at FITA will be perfect for you. Join FITA today to get trained with the unique training methodology in software testing followed by our faculties.

Software Testing

Software testing is a process which is used to identify the correctness, completeness and quality of any developed computer software. It includes a set of activities conducted with the intent of finding errors in software so that it could be corrected before the product is released to the end user. Software testing is a check activity in order to validate whether the actual results match with expected results and to ensure that the software system is bug-free.

Why Software Testing Course in Coimbatore at FITA:

Ranked as the best Software Testing course in Coimbatore by experts!
Training provided by well-experienced trainers.
Hands-on experience with a real time project.
Flexible Timings as per student’s comfort.
Certificate recognized across all leading companies in India and other major countries
Placement assistance in order to enter various corporate companies
Our elite location in Coimbatore at Saravanampatti is easily accessible for students and professionals residing in Coimbatore.

Why to Consider Software Testing As A Career

Testing is simple when compared to the development domain.
Software testing offers you opportunities to work in corporate companies.
The extent of landing a position in testing sector is high.
Software testing will always be an in-demand profession.
Software Testing is a challenging and rewarding profession.

Syllabus Overview for Software Testing Course in Coimbatore Manual Testing Course Syllabus:

Software Lifecycle Models
Testing Basics
Test Strategy & planning
Preparation of Test Case Document
Test Reporting
Real-Time Project
Execution of Test Cases
Defects Tracking Mechanism
Defect Categorization
Defect Management
Software Testing Models

Selenium Course Syllabus:

Selenium is an automation tool, which aids the tester to test scripts, along with validation and reuse of scripts in an effective way.  There are different modes available in Selenium Training in Coimbatore, namely selenium remote control mode, record playback mode and grid record mode. Selenium is preferred more in the market due to its adaptability on different operating systems.

Why Automation
Selenium IDE
Selenium RC
Selenium WebDriver
Core Java Important Concepts
Selenium Frameworks:

  • Keyword Driver Framework
  • Data Driven Framework
  • Hybrid Framework

Selenium Grid
Cucumber – BBD Framework

Student Testimonials

12 Days ago:

Mahima, Student: I joined FITA for testing course and was overwhelmed by the attitude and training by the faculties over there. I will definitely recommend my friends to join FITA.

28 Days ago:

Kumar S, Student: FITA is a straight organization with friendly environment!

41 Days ago:

Parthiban Subbaiyan: I worked in BPO for more than 5 years and worked in Allsec. Joined FITA Engineer Course and I must say FITA is an excellent place to learn new technology and few reasons for this is friendly management and flexible timing, which I personally felt very essential in any institute. My trainer was very helpful and helped me with many interview questions.

44 Days ago:

Siva R: I am Siva and completed Testing course at FITA. Trainer helped me with all possible interview questions during the session which helped me to face the interview with confidence.

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What is next after Software Testing Course in Coimbatore

Software Testing is having a great demand in market due to its necessity. Is it acceptable if the medicine, which we are consuming routinely, was not tested earlier? Could you imagine if the mobile which keeps us busy always was not tested before and bursts into ashes due to some technical error. Hence, it is very crucial to reduce the risk of the failure of any product. Therefore, software testers play the vital role in avoiding such technical faults. Hence, joining Software Testing Course in Coimbatore will flourish your career with an ocean of opportunities.

The journey of software testing does not end here, it can be taken to the next level by pursuing Selenium course. As automation is playing a great role in the Software Testing field. Selenium is an open source in nature, which makes its reach to a wider crowd. Moreover, its support for various operating systems makes it preferred over other Automation tools in the Software Testing Training in Coimbatore.

The opportunities for software testers are enormous in Coimbatore. Some of the companies, which are in search of qualified testers are CTS, Angeler technologies, Caresoft global, Gedee Weiler, Veradis technologies and many more. There are many job positions for candidates who are trained in Software Testing Course in Coimbatore namely Quality lead, Software Quality Assurance, Software Quality Control and Quality manager apart from the generic Software Tester position. FITA is rated as the Best Software Testing Training Institute in Coimbatore.

Importance of Software Testing

Testing is the process of maintaining quality in the different software products. Testing is important to manage the competition in the industry and deliver the quality product with in the given time frame. The error finding at the initial stage or development stage improves the performance. Join the Software Testing Course in Coimbatore and enhance the opportunities to get placed in the top companies.

The quality in the product is decided by several factors and some of them are user-friendly design, effective functionality with business standards, the failure should be reasonable, the different pages or dimensions of the software should be consistent, and it should consider the budgeting part also. The end client rises so many concerns like a reason for the defects, the level of quality, matching business requirement and matching the system requirements, etc. To handle the end customers and to improve customer satisfaction testing plays a vital role in the IT industry. The coverage of bugs and the compatibility of the test case for the different operating system is essential for a tester. Software Testing Training in Coimbatore will improve the skills and gives in-depth knowledge into testing.

The waterfall or agile development is the hot topic in the testing which is learned along with the manual testing. The advancement in the testing is the invention of the DevOps which is derived from the agile model. Software Testing Course in Coimbatore with Placement will train the students in the manual testing and the agile methodologies followed in the industry.

What is Waterfall Model or Agile Model in Testing?

The waterfall or agile development is the hot topic in the testing which is learned along with the manual testing. The advancement in the testing is the invention of the DevOps which is derived from the agile model. Software Testing Course in Coimbatore with Placement will train the students in the manual testing and the agile methodologies followed in the industry.

Let us deep dive into the topic and see some valuable advantages of using the waterfall model. The waterfall model is used in the invention of different models like the CRM, supply chain management, point of sales, Inventory management systems, and Human resource management systems. In the year 2000, the new transformation happened and the agile concept is used by many companies to test the quality in the software testing. Waterfall model requires more planning whereas agile model requires less planning. Agile method is helpful for the continuous delivery and enhancing customer satisfaction in the large projects. The agile method divides the process in incremental and makes the process fast. The divisions are iterative and bring good results. FITA is rated as the Best Software Testing Training Institute in Coimbatore by the students and employers.

When Agile Technology is Used?

The agile model is suitable for the regression testing of when a new change is introduced. The new increments for testing are produced at less cost and high quality with Agile technology. Software Testing Training Center in Coimbatore train the students about the integration of agile and regression testing.

It takes less time for the developers and they back to the work after testing the new functions.

In the dynamic world agile assumes that the user’s needs are changing periodically and accordingly the process is set fast. Software Testing Training Institutes in Coimbatore serves the learners around Coimbatore for understanding the different trends in software testing.

Skills Required for a Software Tester

Analytical thinking is an important aspect of testing. The testing process brings out the unfamiliar problems and it is a crucial part of testing. Proper understanding improves the analytical aspect of the tester. Best Software Testing Institute in Coimbatore will bring out the skills from inside and make the students as industry ready. Only skilled students can clear the interviews in a highly competitive world.

Visualizing the problems and mapping the problems to arrive at a solution is essential for a tester. Conceptual skills and ability to think visually is essential for a tester to make the testing as successful.

The creativity is the essential element in the testing and the curiosity to see the minute things is an essential trait of a tester. The tester see things which are not visible to the normal viewers, therefore, an eye to the detail is essential for a tester. Isolating the minute things and learning from different aspects is possible only if they have a curiosity towards the process of testing.

The tester should know about the different tools used for the testing. Bug tracker, test data generation, screen capture, test idea generation, screen capture, test idea generation, log searchers, GUI automation, Selenium, QTP, Load runner, and RPA are the wide range of tools for the testing process.

Learning attitude is essential for a tester as the market for testing is innovating a wide range of tools. Learning about the different tools and applying the practical knowledge to test the application, product or process is the essential part of the professional life of the tester.

Time management is the essential skill as testing is more close to the delivery. Managing the process, team, and time is very essential for a tester. FITA is the Software Testing Institute in Coimbatore which helps the students to teach about the time management.

Effective communication is essential for a tester to understand the requirement from the client and to answer the questions of the client after the delivery. Delivery of software is almost like selling the software and hence maintaining the rapport with the client is essential for a tester.

Different Types Of Testing

Functional testing, non-functional testing, unit testing, reliability testing,  efficiency testing, maintainability testing, portability testing, integration testing, interface testing, regression testing, smoke testing, Acceptance testing, sanity testing, and system testing are the wide range of testing used in the software industry. Different tools are used for different types of testing. The industrial demand for the testing with different tools and the specifications and the big volumes are handled only through the efficient tools in the software industry. FITA helps the students to clear the Software Testing Certification Course in Coimbatore and progress in the testing field. The terminologies and the conceptual understanding are essential to handle the multiple projects in testing. The salary for the tester is high in the global job market and learning the basic concepts and advance concepts make the individual learner to excel in the software industry.

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