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What Is DevOps?

DevOps is the concept which says about the process of combining the script, automation and operation process behind the different cycles in the project. The problems in the process are well analyzed and immediate feedback is entailed to improve the quality of the application. The information regarding the files or libraries is saved in the containers. The communication and separation both are handled by the micro-services. Process management and workflow management are executed by the DevOps tools in the cloud environment. Cloud environment demands the workflow management, storage management, communication and separation which is possible through the tools like DevOps. Join the DevOps Training in Coimbatore with FITA to know about the implementation of DevOps in the cloud environment.

Why DevOps Demand Is On Rise?

The demand for the DevOps engineer is high because the frequency of deployment is increasing in the organizations, bug fixing with less time span, faster releases, reduces failure and fast recovery time needed. Many big companies like Amazon, Google, and Etsy are using the DevOps tools to deploy huge code and deliver the services with security. Companies like Etsy do 50 deployments per day with automation tools for the management of the workflow. The big volume and the high-speed requirements with the companies are the reason behind the upsurge of the DevOps concept. Devops Certification Course will increase the proximity for the job opportunities and highlight the bio-data to the job providers.

Glimpse Of Training With FITA

The top tools used for the DevOps are Git, Jenkins, puppet, docker, Nagios, and Selenium. FITA offers the set of major tools to initiate the knowledge of DevOps.
The concept of containers, infrastructure automation, source control management and orchestration are some of the elements which need the experience to understand in DevOps. The conceptual and practical approach of the trainer aids for a better understanding of the students.
The competitive edge to handle the interviews demands professional training. The training from FITA by the expert trainers and the updated syllabus will bring out the best in the students.
Learning and continuous learning demand for a pleasant environment and we provide the learning environment with a frequent industrial update and practical examples for the project. FITA provides the best learning environment and produces the best performers in the job industry.
The students understand the key elements for the success and the performance indicators after completing DevOps. FITA helps the students for getting the DevOps Certification.
Access to the trainer and training support even after completing the course. The trainers or the coordinators will help the students if they need materials support or support through phone calls. Devops Training at FITA will change the life path of a student and improve the confidence to learn intensively.

Responsibilities Of The DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineers should have the knowledge on web development and infrastructure management of the application. The responsibility of the DevOps engineer starts with system administration. The role demands the management of servers and troubleshooting the issues with servers. Join the DevOps Training Courses with FITA to know about the responsibilities of DevOps engineer. Automating the workflow for the server, knowledge on different types of clouds like public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud and infrastructure management are the key areas of work for a DevOps engineer. Virtualization is the next biggest task allotted to the DevOps engineers. The quality of the process is essential to check where the knowledge of network and coding becomes essential. The coding is essential to check the automation of the server, application installation, validation, and configuration. The DevOps engineer communicates with the development team and operations team for the usage of tools and the process carried on. So, the communication skills and the team coordination to complete the huge process for a DevOps engineer. Devops Training in Coimbatore with FITA is designed for making the learners as industry ready.

What Are The Certifications Available For DevOps?

DevOps certification can be grouped as foundation certificate, DevOps leader, develops Engineering, continuous delivery certificate, test engineer with DevOps, certification for agile service management, and certification for the agile process management are the different types of certificates with the DevOps. DevOps certificate, SysOps certificate, AWS certificate, Puppet certificate are some of the authorized certificates for the DevOps course. FITA helps the students to clear the DevOps Certification Course with a constant supply of materials and the practical sessions with the trainers. Scripting skills, infrastructure knowledge, security knowledge, flexibility, decision making skills and soft skills are essential for a DevOps engineer.

Which Companies Use DevOps?

DevOps is used by many companies to improve the performance and manage the huge deployments with faster frequencies. In the top companies, quality is given high priority. So, let us see the list of companies using DevOps technology for managing the work. Devops Certification is the proof for the DevOps Engineers to join the big companies as the standards are given due importance in big companies.


Amazon is a big company which started using DevOps technology for scaling in the year 2010. The move was to manage the new software for server with the deployment of every 11.6 seconds and the plan was to deploy 1,079 deployments in the busiest hours. Devops Training will help the students to understand the process of the deployment. The change in the production environment has been handled with high quality with DevOps. The report for the implementation says that there was only one outage for continuous deployment of 100,000 deployments. FITA is the best institute to learn the DevOps Training in Coimbatore as we have the proven records in the quality of the training.


The editor Coman Hamilton said when receiving the award for streaming that they adopted DevOps approach and IT industry is changing its standards with the DevOps technology. Netflix is the streaming company with cloud-based infrastructure and the micro-services work with codes that are directly deployed into the web pages. The images are updated and if the images fail to deploy then the automation will deploy the other image. Devops Training Courses with FITA is helpful for the students to enter into big companies.


Etsy is an e-commerce company which requires continuous deployment. Initially, there was a problem with deployment and they handled it with DevOps from the year 2009 and this came out to the public with the Michael Rebetsy interview with network world. The deployment speed at Etsy is 60 per day. Etsy believes that they learn lessons even from failures and learning is essential to improve the technology.


NASA makes use of the DevOps technology for the analysis of the data received from Mars. The data received from the curiosity goes as millions of telemetry data and this is used for the real-time analysis. Thus DevOps is useful for visualization, analysis, and usage of an appropriate algorithm.

FITA training center offers the DevOps course to improve the job opportunities to the learners. DevOps increases profitability reduces the problems of downtime and reduces the lead time also to the businesses. It is used to automate the complete transition of the application through automation from the development phase to the run phase. Learning the technology which is used globally will open up the on-site opportunities to an individual. Take the career to the next level with the incremental learning ladder with the DevOps Training Courses at FITA.


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