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Very simply put, Data Analytics is the name given to the process of examining large sets of data and derive conclusions based on the information contained in them. This is done with the aid of other existing software and specialized systems. Big data analytics is widely used in today’s businesses and industries to help them take appropriate decisions. The same is used by researchers and scientists to verify models and theorems.

These initiatives spurred by data analytics help businesses to increase their revenues, improve the efficiency of operation, optimize marketing campaigns and respond in a manner that suits emerging trends in the market.

If you are looking to make a mark in the IT realm by becoming a Data analytics expert, do a Data Analytics Course in Coimbatore FITA. We will help you to chase your passion and land your dream jobs.

Big Data Analytics Training In Coimbatore FITA - Intended Audience

Any of the following are eligible candidates for data analytics training in Coimbatore FITA:

Aspirants who are data savvy
Business analysts
Database admins
Networking Operators
End Users
Job Seekers

Basic knowledge in the following concepts would help for undergoing data analytics course in Coimbatore FITA. This would help the candidates to retain the knowledge of the core subject of data analytics during the training and afterward.

Algebra, statistics and machine learning
Database applications
Communication skills

Why Big Data Analytics Training In Coimbatore

Our training highlights that have helped us become the top-rated institution in this realm are the high-quality of classes delivered by domain experts with many years of experience in related fields, sophisticated infrastructure setup in our labs, live industry projects and case studies for hands-on experience given to our students and lending a helping hand to the students so that they can land the best jobs in the industry.

Demand For Data Analysts

It is now a known fact that people with knowledge of data analytics can change the competitive face of any industry. Some of the business sectors using Data Analytics are Aviation, Oil, Gas, E-Commerce, and Retail. Multinational corporations of large sizes are now looking for Data Analysts who will help their businesses to remain competitive. Some of the biggest names hiring data analysts are Wipro, Accenture, Microsoft, Deloitte, Google, and Amazon among others.

The job openings that are on offer are Data Strategists, Data Analysts, Data Managers, Business Analysts, and Data Visualizers.

Big Data Analytics Course In Coimbatore FITA - Curriculum

#1: Big Data Analytics - An Introduction

Overview of Big Data
Data scientist - Job & Different Roles
Big Data Analytics in Different Industries

#2: Data Analytics - Lifecycle

Data Discovery
Building Data Models
Planning Data Models
Preparation of data
Data Insights

#3: Data Analysis Methods (Using R)

Exploring & Analyzing Data
Introduction to R
Building Data Models and their Evaluation

#4: Theory & Methods Of Machine Learning

#5: Analytics For Unstructured Data-Using Hadoop & MapReduce

#6: Sample Data Analytics Project

#7: How To Create Final Deliverables

Simply put, the Data Analytics Training in Coimbatore FITA is a practical-oriented hands-on course that equips the participants to fare well in interviews for competitive Data Analyst and related jobs in any reputed multinational corporation in any industry.


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Trainers at FITA are industry experts who have 12+ years of experience in their field. They train students with real-time projects and case studies.

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