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Cloud Computing

In cloud computing, the word cloud is used as a metaphor for “the Internet”, so the phrase cloud computing means services such as servers devise through the internet or cloud computing is a model for enabling on-demand network access to a shared pool of unstructured computing resources that can be rapidly released.


On-demand self-services: consumer can provision computing capabilities as needed without requiring human interaction with each service provided.
Broad-network access
Resource pooling
Rapid- elasticity
Measures service
Multi- tenacity

Cloud Computing Courses


Cloud Delivery Models

Software as a service (SAAS)
Cloud providers leases applications or software which are owned by them to its client.
Platform as a Service (PAAS):
No control over the underlying architecture including OS, storage, servers etc.
Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS):
Provides virtualized computing resources over the internet. Abstract the user from the physical machine.

How FITA Works On Cloud Computing Training In Coimbatore

FITA is amidst the top training Academy, which offers Cloud computing courses in Coimbatore. The facilities from FITA training institute are well experienced in cloud computing technologies at the corporate level. So, the training given by our trainers are highly qualified. Nowadays, Cloud computing plays the main role in the IT sector so it will be useful to get training and Cloud computing certification to place in corporate companies. The practical knowledge is must to get a clear through in the technical round of cloud computing in an interview and to work in company. Here, we are providing the well-maintained lab to practice the cloud computing techniques with the help of our FITA trainers. FITA, also offers placement assistance for the students to kick start their career. Students from our FITA Academy are already placed in the top level of corporate companies. FITA has a tie-up with 550+ corporate companies.

Deployment Models Of Cloud Computing


Public cloud which allows system and services to be easily accessible to the general public.
Public cloud is highly scalable and reliable.


A private cloud hosting solution, also known as an internal or enterprise cloud, resides on the company’s intranet or hosted data centre where all of your data is protected behind a firewall.


Hybrid Cloud is a mixture of public and private cloud non-critical activities are performed using public cloud while the critical activities are performed using the private cloud.

Cloud Providers

Google Cloud Platform
Digital Ocean
Amazon web services
IBM Cloud
Microsoft Azure

Benefits Of Doing Cloud Training In FITA

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What Is The Eligibility For Learning Cloud Technology?

Professionals with experience are considered to learn the cloud computing course as the basic knowledge is essential to understand the operations and logic behind the different types of cloud. Cloud computing is all about operating systems, administration, networking and virtualization. So, the eligibility to learn cloud technologies is to have an idea about Windows administration, Linux administration, database skills like SQL or My SQL, and programming languages. Cloud is about the hardware infrastructure, data center, and software infrastructure. So, experience into database management, networking skills or programming languages will help to understand the infrastructure and services of the cloud technologies. Talk to our coordinators and join the Cloud Computing Courses in Coimbatore for a career shift.

Basic Terminologies Of Cloud Technologies

Cloud is the vast technology and there are so many specifications in the courses offered under cloud computing. Let us provide some terminologies in the cloud environment. There terms to aid the learners with a learning path of some basic knowledge about the processor operations in the cloud environment. These terminologies are used in different types of clouds like public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud for different purposes. Join the Cloud Computing Training in Coimbatore with FITA to learn from the basics concepts and the advanced concepts.

API- API means interface of the application programming which acts as an endpoint with user behavior. Cloud Computing Courses one the skills required to manage the mundane task in the organizations.
Auto-scaling Auto scaling is the concept of checking the load and the Amazon EC2 instances.
Centralized log Centralized logging means the different servers are connected to the cloud and the centralized logging provide the solution to view and correlate the different logs. FITA provides the best Cloud Computing Courses in Coimbatore for learners from Coimbatore.
CDN- CDN is the network for the content delivery which makes the delivery time to decrease reduces the load on the network and simplifies the task of the machines for the resource management.
Lambda- Lambda is the architecture which has no server and helps for building the apps in a faster way with agile methodology.
DNS- DNS is the managed service provider which runs the DNS servers to answer the queries regarding domain names in the cloud environment.
Microservices- Microservices is the architecture which is suitable for the cloud environment, emphasis on the services and deploy the systems independently.
Microservices- Microservices is the architecture which is suitable for the cloud environment, emphasis on the services and deploy the systems independently.

Responsibilities Of A Cloud Engineer

Cloud Engineer hold honorable positions in the reputed companies like Cloud Security Engineer, Cloud developer, cloud network engineer, cloud architect, and systems engineer. Let me see the job description for these roles which creates a virtual interest over these jobs. Let me see the roles with a group classification as a developer, architect, and operations engineer for a better understanding of the responsibilities. After completing the Cloud Computing Courses with FITA the learners will join the big companies as developer, architect and operations executive.


Developers should have detailed knowledge of one programming language.
Cloud developers take care of the development of the application, deploy the application in the cloud environment and debug the application. Join the Cloud Computing Courses in Coimbatore to acquire expert knowledge in the development of cloud applications.
When writing the program they handle the API, SDK and command line interface.
They should have knowledge about the life cycle of cloud applications.
The knowledge about the different service providers in the cloud environment is also essential to maintain the applications.
Knowledge about continuous integration is essential for a cloud engineer.
Implementing the security measure is an important task of a cloud developer.
The developers write code for server fewer cloud applications.
Developers possess deep knowledge into the containers of the cloud.


Architects design applications with dynamic, fault tolerant, easy accessibility, scalability, and reliability.
They understand the requirement of the application and select the cloud services which are suitable for the deployment of the application.
They take care of the migration of the applications from the physical environment to the cloud environment.
Design the wide operations of the applications with scalability in the cloud environment.
Implement the budgeting ideas and minimize the cost. Join the Cloud Computing Training in Coimbatore to understand the role of the cloud architect.

Cloud Operations Engineer

The architects design the applications, the developers develop the applications and the operations engineer maintains the applications. Find below the responsibilities of a operations engineer.

They understand the virtualization technology and monitor the systems.
They should know the concepts of networking like TCP, DNS, and firewalls to monitor the systems. Join the Cloud Computing Coursesto transform from a networking engineer as a cloud operations engineer.
They should manage the flow of data and implement ideas to control the data from the service provider.
The operations engineer deploys the systems and operates the systems with scalability.

What Are The Different Types Of Certifications In Cloud Computing?

There are varieties of courses offered under the same domain cloud technologies. So, let me see the match of individual experience with a suitable domain in the cloud technologies. There are five types of certifications offered by the Microsoft under the cloud platform and they are Microsoft Azure developer, Microsoft Azure infrastructure architect, Microsoft Azure implementation specialist, designer of cloud data, and designer of big data for analytics. MS-Azure and big data are the two major divisions from Microsoft. In the case of Amazon, the developers are advised to learn the AWS development and their role is to develop the SAAS applications for cloud technology.

There are three types of certifications in the Amazon and they are the foundational level, associate level, and professional level. Candidates with six months of experience can go for foundational level, candidates with one year experience can go for associate level and candidates with two years of experience can go for the professional certification. Join the Cloud Computing Courses in Coimbatore with FITA to clear the Azure and Amazon certification. The developers involved in the development and implementation of the application. Implementation of the auto-scaling, cloud essentials, load balancing, and high availability are some of the tasks handled by the developers interested in the cloud computing.

Administrators or networking professionals can move into the AWS sysops or DevOps certification. These professionals will deal with the administration task like automate the deployments, use the tools of AWS for the configuration or deployment, and they use the services of the Amazon like Cloud watch, EC2, Cloud trial, Route53, Glacier, VPC, IAM, and S3. According to the experience or interest one need to select the technologies in the arena of cloud computing. FITA helps the students of Cloud Computing Training in Coimbatore for procuring the certification and for placement.


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