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If you are looking for establishing your career in the mobile industry then Appium Training in Coimbatore will be the perfect course for you.


There is a lot of development happening in the mobile industry on a daily basis and it is indeed necessary to keep ourselves updated with those stuffs. Thus, joining Appium Training in Coimbatore will get you the knowledge of app development in mobile. You can consider any private business or government sector, there is a mobile app for everything in order to use it with ease.

As the mobile industry is being expanded, likewise the app development for mobile is also getting a firm hold in the market. There are numerous apps related to education, health, photography, beauty, entertainment, business, food, lifestyle, sports, travel, games, weather and many more. Hence, the future of any candidate who has a strong foundation in mobile-based app development is excellent. Thus, without giving a second thought enroll yourself into our Appium Training in Coimbatore and mark your presence in the mobile industry.

Course Description

It is been evident that people are very specific over choosing a career and studies have shown us only a few courses are noticed and endeavored whereas the rest are left behind just because of lack of knowledge.

Here we are spreading awareness among students and organizations to pick students with exceptional quality. Thus, we are offering Appium Training at FITA for our students to become unique in the market.

Appium is a core of open-source test automation for the mobile apps based on the web. Both iOS and Android apps are driven by the respective web driver protocols. Appium is present on the device that listens from the main Appium process. It aids in the handling of web-driver sessions.

Different Types Of Functional Test

System integration test, test automation, user acceptance test, and data verification test are the different types of testing designed for functional testing. Appium Coaching in Coimbatore with FITA will explain about the different types of functional tests with the help of the Appium tool.

The Difference Between Unit Testing And Functional Testing

Unit testing is the testing conducted by the developer whereas functional testing is the testing conducted by the automation tester with a tool. Let us give a detailed description of the process to bring out the differences. Appium is the tool used for functional testing and let us view the classification of the two types of testing. Appium Coaching in Coimbatore is the best training to learn from the basics.

  • The unit test will have a few paths in the coding and in case of the functional testing there will be many paths to the coding part.
  • If the test is a failure and broken then it breaks into one part in case of the unit testing whereas it outputs large numbers in case of the functional test.
  • Unit test takes less time and executed very quickly. Functional test take more time and executed slowly. Appium Training in Coimbatorewith FITA is the best training to know about the Appium tool.
  • A unit test is performed to test a single part or the whole part of the application. Functional testing is conducted to test the functions of the application in different systems.
  • Unit testing follows the technique of white box testing rules and the functional testing follows the technique of the black box testing.
  • A unit test involves less cost while functional test involves more cost.
  • It is easy to solve the bug found with the unit test and it is difficult to fix the bug in case of the functional test. Join the Appium Course in Coimbatoreto enhance the knowledge required to enter into the testing domain.

Who Are Eligible To Learn The Appium Course?

Knowledge about manual testing or automation testing is eligible to learn the Appium course. Candidates with immense interest with no experience are also eligible to learn the Appium course as it deals with the basic level of knowledge to start learning. Appium Training in Coimbatore is the best training to gain knowledge and climb high on the career ladder.

Skills Required For The Automation Tester To Excel In The Automation Testing

The knowledge of the programming languages is essential for a tester to communicate with the developer regarding the changes and to use the different types of tools for the testing. If the project is to work with the Java programming language then the basic knowledge about Java is essential for a tester to check the further processes. The frameworks like cucumber and specflow ease out the work of the tester by writing the scripts in the English language and no need to write the coding. Appium Course in Coimbatore will sharpen the skills and aid for big career opportunities.

Knowledge of manual testing is mandatory for an automation tester as some elements require manual testing knowledge. Cloud-based automation and cross-testing with browsers like the test with lambda need the knowledge of the manual testing. Automation test is the tool based and machine-based testing which consists of the loopholes and manual touch will make the automation testing as perfect. The cost and the nature of the process are not suitable for the automation and in that case, the knowledge of manual testing is very helpful. Manual testing gives more insight into the problems to act respectively. Appium Coaching in Coimbatore will start the course from the basics and connect the basic concepts to the advanced level concepts.

Knowledge about the automation tools like Soap UI, UFT, RFT, Appium, Selenium and Apache JMeter gives an upper hand to the automation engineer to handle different types of projects in automation. Automation tester should understand the requirement from the client and the quality standards to be maintained. Some of the checklists are the language used by the developer, places where manual testing has been used, the different types of devices used by the user, the usage of databases, expectation of the user, the web services or APIs connected, and the expected time was taken are some of the elements to analyze the business requirement. Join the Appium Training in Coimbatore with FITA to walk towards the potential growth in the career.

Problem-solving is essential for an automation tester to handle complex situations. Bug with the script and bug with the application are analyzed with the skills of the tester to fix the bug.

Automation test needs to work quickly because he needs to test the application with browsers, OS, hardware, and networks. Creating huge test cases is an essential duty of an automation tester.

FITA offers the best training to the learners and makes the learning path easy to the learners. Automation is the vast concept and learning mobile automation opens huge opportunities to the learners as the mobile apps are increasing tremendously.


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  • It does not support Android Version below 4.2.
  • It doesn’t runs on Microsoft Windows.
  • It supports only limited hybrid app testing.
  • Driver Client
  • Appium Session
  • Desired Capabilities
  • Driver Commands
  • During software testing, there is no need for recompilation o0f the software app.
  • There is no restriction, framework usage.
  • Automation test can be written in any language such as Java, C#, etc.
  • Appium is the tool which deals with the application which is already installed on the device and it will not reinstall the application. Appium Training in Coimbatoreis the best training to hone the skills required for the automation of mobile testing.
  • Appium is the tool for the UI elements and it supports the black box testing.
  • The community learners or followers for the Appium are huge. The Github posts and the email from the Appium discuss shows that it has a good number of followers.
  • Appium supports for the android and IOS and the cross-platform support makes it as unique.
  • There are huge libraries in Appium and java is one of the languages used for Appium.
  • Appium also extends its support to web view automation. For the web view automatkion, it uses two frameworks for single automation. Appium Course in Coimbatorewill teach the learners about the advantages of using this tool through the practical challenges in the automation industry.
  • Major languages are used to use the Appium tool like Python, Javascript, PHP, C#, Java, and Ruby.
  • Appium uses the protocol from the web driver to automate the web apps with native and hybrid. It is the open source tool used to automate applications in IOS, Android and windows. The free cost and the vast coverage made it a popular tool. Robotium tool is also one of the mobile automation tools but it does not support for the web apps.
  • Appium has its basics from Selenium and knowledge of Selenium is helpful to learn the Appium easily.