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FITA is rated as the Number one institute which offers the Best Spoken English Classes in Coimbatore. The trainers at FITA are highly experienced and have mastered the English language. Enroll yourself today at FITA to get the best Spoken English Class in Coimbatore in a most effective manner.

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Rated as the Best Spoken English Class in Coimbatore by Business Review Today!
Well experienced trainers to give coaching
More Conversation Spoken English Classes & practical sessions to practice and master this important language.
Time flexibility according to the candidate's convenience
Industry recognized course completion certificates
Multiple Levels from Beginner to Business English to suit every individual learner's need
On prime location at Saravanampatti and easy access from all major areas in Coimbatore

High Level Spoken English Course Syllabus:

Spoken English Development
Commonly Mispronounced Words
Vocabulary Improvement
Mastering English Grammar
Speaking Exercises in English
Peer to Peer Conversation in English
Idioms & Phrases
Audio Learning Session

Student Testimonials

6 Days Ago:

Rathnasabha, Software: About FITA in one sentence - “Best place to learn all courses”. Completed Intermediate level and enrolled for Advanced and Business English.

20 Days Ago:

Kumar, Mechanical Engineer: I joined for Spoken English Advanced level at FITA and I am feeling more confident now with their coaching. The student counsellor was so good at coordinating the Spoken English classes. Recommend to learn Spoken English Class in Coimbatore at FITA.

27 Days Ago:

Muthu, Student: I am from Avinasi and my English was poor. Now I am able to speak after completing Beginner level and intermediate level in 3 months. Thank you sir.


FITA is rated as the No 1 Spoken English Class in Coimbatore and has created a platform for the candidates to excel in English conversations without any fear. At FITA, we have well-experienced trainers in English to teach how to read, write and to speak. Trainers will be training the candidates to write English without any grammatical mistakes. Here we will be providing practical sessions for the candidates to practice the English by the method of discussing topics between the candidates. This makes the candidates confident enough to speak English fluently. Thus, making it easy for candidates to get placed in top level multinational companies. Now- a- days communication skill is the most important skill in corporate companies. So English speaking is one of the important keys to select in the interviews of multinational companies. So join English Speaking Course in Coimbatore at FITA to develop good communication skill.

Why English?

English is an international language and is understood all over the world. In fact, in today's world speaking English has become a necessity. Moreover, with the globalization of trade, commerce and new avenues of employment in BPOs and multinational companies the importance of fluent spoken English has grown immensely, being the international link language. Most of the people lack the requisite skills in spoken English while conversing in different situations in day to day life. The proper grasping of the model conversation is illustrated ahead that will help you immensely to overcome the weakness. English speaking is not only important to increase your knowledge and working opportunities but also helps you to increase your confidence along with personality development. English is also an important language for interstate communications. People of each state converse in their own language and often cannot speak or understand the regional language of other people. In such cases, English becomes the link between these people.

Few More Benefits Of Learning English:

English language is most widely used in communicating around the world. People who have good communication skill in English will have more job opportunities. Being able to communicate in English makes it easier to travel around the world. English is playing a major role in many sections like education, medicine, engineering and business. Many of the top academic journals are published in English. When people come from different countries usually use English as a tool for communication. One out of five people can speak or at least understand English. Students who want to go abroad for education have to learn English well. The real situation is that wherever you go in the world, the common language used is English. While travelling for education if you know English you will never face a problem. Although many people think that it is very difficult and confusing, English is actually the easiest language of the world to communicate between people and to learn because there are so many resources available at FITA.

Tips For The Perfection In The English Language

English Language is not about remembering the vocabulary and taking long sentences, but is it valued towards the perfection. English is the language which is assumed as formal language, business language and an international language. How to attain perfection in English language? Simple things and regular practice bring perfection in the language. Let us show some examples where there are possibilities to make mistakes and these examples are presented to make the learning path as interesting and we follow such methods for the FITA students. Let us give some example from the pronunciation, writing models and grammar in the English language to apprehend the importance of perfection. Spoken English Class in Coimbatore at FITA will help the joiners to gain in-depth knowledge and the language is tuned towards perfection.

Pronunciation In English

The “ou” group of the sentence in English is pronounced in a different way. Thought, through and though are the words from the same word families which has different sounds. The other example is the word February which is pronounced as feb-vu-airy. The right pronunciation is considered as without “r” by the Americans. FITA training center has expert trainers who can make the students to pronounce the right sounds with the Best Spoken English Classes in Coimbatore. The spelling and pronunciation are different which requires the attention towards the minute things to attain perfection in the English language. Mischievous is the word which is pronounced after the separation of the word like mis-cheeve-ee-us. It is not four syllable words and it should be pronounced with three syllables like mis-chiv-us. The word division and its pronunciation are essential to speak the flawless language. FITA want to bring out the best in the Coimbatore students and we focus on the syllabus, trainers and the training methodology through the Spoken English in Coimbatore.

English Writing

Usage of apostrophe is very important to improve the perfection in the writing. “Its and it's, you are and you're” the example which are used in different context in the English language. “Its” word is used for the possession and “it is” word used for explaining the place where it is happening. Best Spoken English Institute in Coimbatore will teach the students to speak, write, and read English regularly to enhance the language skills. Singular and plural are not the same for all the words in English. The plural for cat is cats whereas the plural for sheep is two sheep. Thus memorizing these singular and plural with examples will help to gain more insight in to the language with perfection. Fewer and less are used in English for quantities but there is difference in the usage. Fewer is used for countable noun and less is the word used to express the mass noun.

Usage Of Articles

When mentioning about the professions it is essential to add the articles in the sentence. The example sentences are “I am a teacher” and “I am a doctor”. “A and An” are the articles used for mentioning general or one thing among the group of things. Spoken English Course in Coimbatore will train the students in the usage of articles with real-time examples. The example sentence is “I want to buy a new car”. If the conversation is about a specific type of car then the article “the” is used. “I want but the car with the latest model that we looked in the shop yesterday” is the example sentence for the usage of “the”. FITA provides the best Spoken English Class in Coimbatore which helps the students to articulate in the English language.

Double Meaning Phrases In English

There are some phrases in the English language which has dual meanings and opposite meanings. Best Spoken English Classes in Coimbatore will give examples which are easy to remember and create an interest with the students with the step by step incremental syllabus. Let us view the list of such phrases to visualize the usage of English in different situations. The meaning of literally is exact and not exaggerated but in some places, it is used to convey the meaning of exact and in some places it says the meaning of exaggerated. “There were thousands of stars in the sky”. This sentence shows that exactly the stars are thousands in numbers. “Math is literally the toughest subject in the tenth standard”. This shows that math is not the only toughest language but there are other subjects which are difficult to learn. Here the meaning of literally is not exact but it is exaggerated. Spoken English in Coimbatore at FITA is the best idea to explore the different elements in the English language.

“Refrain” is the word in the English language which has a dual meaning. The first meaning is about not to use the particular thing and the second meaning is about repetition. The context of usage gives the correct meaning of the phrase. “Overlook” is the word which has two meanings such as to supervise something or to avoid something. Thus depending upon the sentence formation and the context the exact meaning is understood. “Back up” is the word which has two meanings one is to support or help someone and the other one is to move from a place. Join FITA for the Best Spoken English Institute in Coimbatore and know about the standards in the language. “I backed up in the car due to heavy traffic in the small road” and “I will take the back up of the work to support the team” are the example sentences.

English language speakers are big in volumes and the geographical distribution of the language speakers is also high. The international relations grow with the knowledge of English. The volume of the vocabulary in the English language shows that English is the superior language to the other languages. The Oxford dictionary released in the year 1989 had 625,000+ words which are comparatively high than any other language. It is predicted that the big volume of the population in Asia especially in India and China the group of learners for the English language are increasing to support the global job market. Hence English is the global language and to a position in the big companies it is essential to learn the global language. FITA is the best center to learn the Spoken English Class in Coimbatore and we value the journey of English knowledge in the mind of each individual learner.

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