Embedded Course in Coimbatore

Embedded Course in Coimbatore

If getting into IT sector is boring for you, and then Embedded Course in Coimbatore will help you plan your career with a handsome amount of salary. Hence, grab the opportunity and get into your desired job by joining FITA.


FITA has been known for its unique teaching methodologies planned by our faculties. These faculties are having industrial experience and are well versed with market requirements. Embedded Course in Coimbatore is gaining its importance among the students who want to enter the Electronics field.

Embedded Training in Coimbatore will fetch you the required training to get into the core field. This will be helpful for both fresh graduates and experienced professional who are keen to switch their career path. FITA, is considered as the best Embedded Training Institute in Coimbatore.

It took great efforts from our faculties to gain the name and fame of Best Embedded Training Institute in Coimbatore. Hence, we make sure it is maintained by giving out standard education with excellent syllabus.

Course description

There is always a need of candidates who are trained in a technology, which blends both hardware and software. Thus, Embedded Course in Coimbatore will get you a wide range of opportunity for you. The necessity of candidates who have knowledge in embedded is required in many fields such as mobile technology, military, automation, telecom, automation, medical and many more.

Embedded Course in Coimbatore will reflect its usefulness even in your home appliances such as AC, electronic gadgets, fridge, and many more. The scope of embedded Training in Coimbatore is not constrained with few designations but, has extended to Product Development, PCB designer, Product Designing, RTOS development.


Basics of Embedded Systems
Data and Signal Processing
PLDs Introduction
Intro to Microcontrollers
ARM Controllers
8051 Microcontroller
Mixed Signal Processing
Introduction to System On Chip(SoC)
Application Development Using 8051 And ARM-7


What do you infer from ISR?

An ISR stands for Interrupt Service Routines, which is the procedure stored at particular memory addresses that are called when a specific type of interrupt occurs.

How can the interrupt latency be reduced?

Application program.
Platform and interrupt controller.
Timer frequency
CPU clock speed.
Cache configuration.

Mention the uses of timers in embedded system.

Real Time Clock (RTC)
Capturing count value in timer during an event
Initiating an event after a preset time delay
Time slicing for various tasks
Time division multiplexing
Scheduling of tasks in RTOS

List the key components in an embedded system.


I/O circuits


The need to limit power lost when running the system continuously.
It ensures the availability of System Memory.
It checks the Processor Speed availability.