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FITA has been known for its unique teaching methodologies planned by our faculties. These faculties are having industrial experience and are well versed with market requirements. Embedded Course in Coimbatore is gaining its importance among the students who want to enter the Electronics field.

Embedded Training in Coimbatore will fetch you the required training to get into the core field. This will be helpful for both fresh graduates and experienced professional who are keen to switch their career path. FITA, is considered as the best Embedded Training Institute in Coimbatore.

It took great efforts from our faculties to gain the name and fame of Best Embedded Training Institute in Coimbatore. Hence, we make sure it is maintained by giving out standard education with excellent syllabus.

Course Description

There is always a need of candidates who are trained in a technology, which blends both hardware and software. Thus, Embedded Course in Coimbatore will get you a wide range of opportunity for you. The necessity of candidates who have knowledge in embedded is required in many fields such as mobile technology, military, automation, telecom, automation, medical and many more.

Embedded Course in Coimbatore will reflect its usefulness even in your home appliances such as AC, electronic gadgets, fridge, and many more. The scope of embedded Training in Coimbatore is not constrained with few designations but, has extended to Product Development, PCB designer, Product Designing, RTOS development.


Basics of Embedded Systems
Data and Signal Processing
PLDs Introduction
Intro to Microcontrollers
ARM Controllers
8051 Microcontroller
Mixed Signal Processing
Introduction to System On Chip(SoC)
Application Development Using 8051 And ARM-7

What Do You Infer From ISR?

An ISR stands for Interrupt Service Routines, which is the procedure stored at particular memory addresses that are called when a specific type of interrupt occurs.

How Can The Interrupt Latency Be Reduced?

Application program.
Platform and interrupt controller.
Timer frequency
CPU clock speed.
Cache configuration.

Mention The Uses Of Timers In Embedded System.

Real Time Clock (RTC)
Capturing count value in timer during an event
Initiating an event after a preset time delay
Time slicing for various tasks
Time division multiplexing
Scheduling of tasks in RTOS

List The Key Components In An Embedded System.


I/O circuits


The need to limit power lost when running the system continuously.
It ensures the availability of System Memory.
It checks the Processor Speed availability.

Embedded Is About Electronics Or Computers?

‘Embedded’ is the common term which is used in the electronics, automobiles and computer science subjects. Embedded technology is about using the system to perform the operations for the data related to the devices. The hardware knowledge and the software process knowledge are essential to understand the different concepts of embedded technology. The meaning for embedded in the arena of computers mean that the control of devices to apply the operations in the devices. The basic computer knowledge and interest over the hardware processes are the basic eligibility for learning embedded technology. Join the Embedded Course in Coimbatore to know about the usage of Embedded in the IT industry. Embedded technology makes the technology world gimmick.

Job Opportunities For Embedded Professionals

Embedded technology is very useful for industries like IT, aerospace, healthcare, defense, and telecommunications. There is a huge demand for learners of embedded technology in the global market. Experience is the big parameter deciding the income of the candidates in the embedded technology. Technologies like IOT and Robotics are creating job opportunities for embedded learners. Knowledge of C language is an added advantage for the job seekers in the different embedded roles. FITA is the best Embedded Training Institute in Coimbatore with exciting placement opportunities.

Trends In Embedded Technology

Embedded technology has an impact on IOT, Artificial intelligence, storage systems, processing systems, and virtualization. Let us shed light on the relationship between these technologies with embedded technology and check for the advancements. Embedded Training in Coimbatore train the learners about the latest trends in Embedded technology.


The IOT systems consist of the wireless systems, MCU, and sensors which are designed using the embedded technology. The IOT specific hardware is needed to connect the devices which are possible through the embedded technology. The wireless technology demands for perfection and security. The coding, testing, and deployment of these applications need specialized knowledge. Designing the application with security options is essential for IOT development. FITA is the Best Embedded Training Institute in Coimbatore which trains the learners about the challenges in maintaining the security of the devices. The microcontroller or the chip produced with embedded technology will give the desired results for the usage of the devices. In the medical field, the embedded and IoT are used efficiently to know the signals of the pacemaker which is placed in the heart of the patient with a heart problem to know the functioning of the heart. Embedded is about the hardware and IOT is about the communication among the hardware. Embedded systems are designed for human interaction whereas IOT is designed for the machine interaction. The base for IOT is derived from the embedded technology. Join the Embedded Systems Course in Coimbatore and learn about the embedded technology with the best trainers of FITA.

Artificial Intelligence

The concept behind machine learning and artificial intelligence is the connection between data and memory management. The chips and sensors in the electronic device are the reason for detecting the face recognition, collecting the data pertaining to the environment, and sending the information to the servers. Both the technologies are indirectly connected and the future jobs will demand candidates with a ground to the embedded technology and artificial intelligence. Neural networks and cloud-based products demand deep learning and embedded technology. Embedded Systems Training in Coimbatore trains the learners about the usage of embedded technology in the artificial intelligence domain.

Storage Systems

Chips with 3D capacity are becoming popular now. HBM devices are produced with high band memory to manage the memory management of the powerful devices. The different chips used for the memory management are as follows NVDIMM-N to support the failure of the power, NVDIMM-F which is designed to provide the high capacity memory, and NVDIMM-P is for the constant memory. These memory management platforms support for the motherboards and provide larger space for the flash memory. The data in the devices are used for multiple purposes like for booting the computer and shut down the computer with saving the memory. Real-time systems, network systems, stand-alone systems and mobile systems are the different embedded systems for different storages. Embedded Course in Coimbatore is very helpful to understand the storage systems in the embedded technology.

Processing Systems

There are new arrivals in the processing system like RISC-V which is the open source chip with customization. The DNN processing is the hot trend which is enhanced by the GPGPU with high performance. FITA provides constant support to the students and named as the best Embedded Training Institute in Coimbatore.


Embedded technology has been used in the field of virtualization also and it is easy to use the applications with embedded technology for the virtualization. The multi-core processors support a variety of configurations and support for the virtualization. L4 provides the high end embedded system which is needed for the next generation systems. Specialized embedded system will support the virtualization and computing environment. Embedded Training in Coimbatore with FITA will help the learners to have comprehensive knowledge about the embedded technology.

Interesting Topics For The Real Time Projects For The Students

Some of the interesting real-time projects for embedded students are a robot to control the Bluetooth device, mobile devices with operations through the voice, mapping and finding the path with embedded technology, and security of home with cameras and mobile phones. These ideas will help for the understanding of the challenges in the technology and hone the technical skills required.

What Is The Future Of Embedded Technology?

The future changes in the technological world due to the advancement of embedded technology are enormous. Embedded technology will bring changes in the cloud computing, IOT, embedded cameras, cyber systems, new transport systems, new payment systems, new healthcare products, smart shopping systems, enhanced security for the systems and smart electronic devices. There is huge revenue from the embedded technology and the market is expected to grow high in the future years. FITA is the Best Embedded Training Institute in Coimbatore with industry experts as trainers and provides good aura to the learners.


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