Digital Marketing Course in Coimbatore

Digital Marketing Course in Coimbatore

Are you looking for a different position in the market and experience new targets daily, and then Digital Marketing Course in Coimbatore will be a great option for you.


Digital Marketing is a course, which is not constraint only for professionals but it can be even pursued by freshers. As E-commerce is the next big thing happening in the business sector. In addition, the opportunities created by this is humongous. This sector as an added advantage to become a freelancer and earn some extra money, which is not possible in other sectors. Hence, Digital Marketing Training in Coimbatore is gaining a lot of popularity.

At FITA, there are highly skilled faculties from the industry who will help you to get the complete knowledge of the market trends prevailing in Digital Marketing Course in Coimbatore. Even though many businesspersons do not do marketing, still they have the urge to get the complete information over Digital Marketing in order to sketch out a perfect plan for the promotion of their business in the competitive market.

There are experienced professionals in the industry who are looking for a different job. Thus, Digital Marketing Course in Coimbatore will fetch the interests they are looking in their job on a daily basis along with the job guarantee for the future.

Course description

Marketing has always been the backbone of any business and it has been evolving tremendously. Thus, it is indeed necessary to be updated with the latest market strategy prevailing. Hence, enrolling yourself into our Digital Marketing Classes in Coimbatore will enable your business to reach the top.

There are various strategies, which should be known by Digital marketing professionals such as content marketing, keyword analysis, campaign marketing, performance monitoring, search engine optimization, e-commerce marketing and many more. Thus, joining our Digital Marketing Course in Coimbatore will fetch you the required knowledge over all these platforms.


Basics of Digital Marketing
Web Design Methodologies
Search Engine Optimization
Google Webmasters & Analytics
Pay Per Click
Search Engine Marketing
Google My Business – Dominating Local SEO
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Optimization
Email Marketing
Video Marketing
Online Reputation Management


List out the areas where keywords can be used for optimization of website.

Keyword used in meta tag
Keyword usage in website title
Keywords in headlines
Keywords insertion in the web page content

Mention few hallmarks of a standard PPC landing page.

An image showing the context
A clear call to action
A powerful headline
Trust symbols

List few important online marketing tools.

Keyword discovery
Crazy egg heatmaps
XML sitemap generator
Favicon generator
Submit Express Link popularity

List some of the characteristics of bad links.

Spam links
Links from those websites that are not in Google Index
Links from low traffic
Penalized website
Poor authority website

List the Google AdWords ad extensions.

Promote extension
Call extensions
App extension
Sitelink extension
Callout Extension
Structured snippet extension
Affiliate location extension