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  • Selenium Training in Coimbatore

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    Selenium Training in Coimbatore at FITA Academy is an extensive course for testing enthusiasts to learn the testing concepts through the Selenium framework. The real-time professional trainers of FITA Academy will be teaching you this open-source automation testing framework along with its four software suites such as Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE), Selenium Remote Control (RC), Webdriver, and Selenium Grid proficiently. Also, learn how to program the testing scripts using the appropriate programming languages.

    Course Highlights & Why Selenium Training in Coimbatore at FITA Academy?

    Introduction to Selenium, Automation testing, scope, and its advantages.
    Learning of Selenium, its Frameworks, Components, Versions, Supported languages (Java, PHP, and Python).
    Learning to install and set up IDE for Python, PyDev for Eclipse, etc.
    Knowing to handle input events, tables, files, and frames in selenium web driver.
    Comprehending Selenium Commands, Executing scripts, Debugging Scripts, etc.
    Working with Verify, Assert, and Locators, understanding their differences and exploring them.
    Acquiring skills in Selenium web driver, learning cross-browser testing, object locators, differences between Web driver and RC.
    FITA Academy is trusted by over 50,000+ students for their career prosperity.
    FITA Academy has tie-ups with more than 1500+ software companies for providing students’ varied career opportunities.
    FITA Academy has more than 1000+ expert trainers to train students through first-hand working professionals.

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    Trainer Profile

      • The Selenium trainers of FITA Academy are industry professionals who hold a maximum of 10+ years of experience in their field.
      • The Selenium trainers are working professionals who are recruited after a tough evaluation process to deliver quality training to the students.
      • The Educators will assist you in your project assignments, provide placement guidance, conduct skill development programs, etc to enhance your competency.
      • They will also provide career guidance support by sharing their expertise and knowledge of their domain.
      • The FITA Academy training experts are proficient in handling the topics and concepts related to the subject.
      • The training experts have diversified experience by handling many national as well as international projects.
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    Get Certified by FITA Academy. Also, get Equipped to Clear Global Certifications. 72% FITA Academy Students appear for Global Certifications and 100% of them Clear it.

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    Selenium Certification Course in Coimbatore

    About Selenium Certification Course in Coimbatore at FITA Academy

    Selenium Training in Coimbatore Certification

    Selenium Certification Course in Coimbatore

    The Selenium Course Certification at FITA Academy will provide a breakthrough for testing enthusiasts as we deliver a comprehensive course coverage of Selenium Framework covering the important topics. The topics include Selenium WebDriver, Browser Testing, Flash Object Testing, TestNG Framework, Test Automation Frameworks, Selenium Grid, Build Integration, Continuous Integration, etc. As a part of the course coverage, the professional trainers will explain to you about the automation testing in various browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer(IE). The importance of Selenium WebDriver will also be efficiently taken, making you gain expertise in this cross-platform testing tool. Students will also be learning the advantages and benefits of the Selenium WebDriver and the reason for its popularity among the other Selenium components. The Selenium Classes in Coimbatore will impart the necessary skills and knowledge in students to develop their testing competencies to contribute more to their organization.

    Selenium Training in Coimbatore Reviews

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    Job Opportunities After Completing Selenium Training in Coimbatore

    Selenium Training in Coimbatore with Placement Support

    Selenium Automation Testing framework is a powerful testing tool that has gained popularity since its inception. It is one of the best companions for software test case developers as each component caters to the different QA testing needs of companies. It has reduced the challenges and inefficiencies that the testing domain had faced and given an efficient solution to all the testing complications. Coming to career opportunities, numerous companies are using the Selenium testing framework for their testing dependencies. So there are high chances of these companies providing varied job roles in the Selenium Automation testing domain. According to Businesswire, it has been stated that the Selenium framework has provided over an enormous 300 percent growth in job postings over the last three years.

    So multiple roles are ready to be offered by companies for Selenium Certified Candidates. Some of the compelling job roles are,

    • Selenium Automation Engineer,
    • Selenium Quality Engineer- Automation
    • Selenium Tester
    • Java Selenium Automation Engineer
    • Mobile Testing Lead
    • Selenium Test Analyst
    • Senior Quality Engineer – Automation
    • Senior QA Automation Engineer
    • Software Development Test Engineer

    Some of the popular companies hiring these professionals are Google, Netflix, HubSpot, Capgemini, Facebook, Cognizant, Microsoft, HP, Accenture and Fitbit, TechMahindra, Oracle, IBM, Dell, L&T, UnitedHealth Group, Deloitte, ABP, ValueLabs, Hitachi, and CGI, etc.

    The salaries of these professionals vary according to many factors. That includes the company they work for, their work experience, their job roles and responsibilities, and finally their work location.

    The average salary of the Selenium Automation Test Engineers in India is around Rs.9,30,000per annum. For freshers, it is around Rs. 5,00,000 per annum . For experienced professionals, it is around 1,500,000 per annum.

    FITA Academy offers the Selenium Training in Coimbatore to enhance the efficiency of students to perform their best in their domain.

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    Student Testimonials

    Dharini P

    I attended the Selenium Training in Coimbatore at FITA Academy. The staff was supportive and cordial when it comes to assistance. The subject was also handled well and all the questions or doubts were answered well by the trainer. My trainer had good knowledge about the concepts and all the sessions went smoothly. Thanks, FITA Academy for providing such good trainers who put real efforts into the welfare of the students.

    Krithika D

    The Selenium Testing Training at FITA Academy is one of the best courses to study Selenium testing in Coimbatore. They have enough facilities and good trainers to impart both theoretical as well as practical skills to students. The syllabus is very much suitable for freshers and any freshers can join the Selenium Training in Coimbatore and can benefit from it.

    Arun Raj S

    Completing my Selenium Course in Coimbatore has opened up a couple of opportunities for me. After the completion of my course, I had attended a handful of interviews through FITA’s placement assistance and fortunately, I got selected by a couple of companies. Thanks to FITA Academy and the trainers for the support and guidance they gave me to benefit in my career.

    Gokul S

    The Selenium Course at FITA Academy is an enriching course for beginners as the syllabus has many detailed topics and concepts about the tool. It is a good course for beginners and I would recommend freshers to join the course as you can very well get knowledgeable about the tool after the completion of the course. The training was valuable and thanks to FITA Academy for providing such training.

    Selenium Training in Coimbatore FAQ

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    Selenium Training in Coimbatore Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

    Selenium framework is an open-source automation testing tool that tests web applications across all browsers and platforms. It can facilitate multiple programming languages like Java, C#, Python, Perl, Ruby, etc to write Selenium test scripts for automation testing. Jason Huggins is the founder of the Selenium framework and he initially named the framework “JavaScriptTestRunner” because the framework is based on the JavaScript programming language. Later the language was renamed as Selenium Core by him.
    According to the IT world, the Selenium testing framework is not a single automation tool but a suite of software that caters to the different Selenium QA testing needs of companies. The Selenium testing framework consists of four components and they are Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE), Selenium Remote Control(RC), WebDriver, and Selenium Grid.
    Selenium IDE is one of the software testing suites of the Selenium framework that works by simple “record and playback” logic. As a firefox plugin, it allows the test case developers to create and execute test cases by recording the natural interactions with the browser and using the playback option to rerun their cases to find any errors. It is one of the simplest tools in the Selenium suite. Moreover, this suite doesn’t require any use of programming language to write test cases but the created test cases can be exported to any of the selenium supported programming languages like Java, C#, Python, Ruby, etc. Selenium IDE was created by Shinya Kasatani of Japan.
    Selenium RC also known as Selenium 1, is a server written in Java, which allows the use of other programming languages like C#, PHP, Python to write application tests. JavaScript is also considered important in RC because the commands from the users are mainly interpreted as selenium-core JavaScript commands. Hence basic knowledge of JavaScript is necessary for RC.
    Selenium WebDriver is one of the important suites of selenium because it is the one that first supported cross-browser testing. Selenium Web-driver allows us to choose the programming language we know to automate web application testing. This type of selenium suite supports the major operating system support and browser support. Selenium Web-driver directly communicates with the browser and controls it and hence the use of any language is supported to write application tests.
    Selenium Grid was mainly developed to shorten the execution time. This was made possible by the parallel distribution of tests across different browsers and OS. Selenium Grid is mainly used with Selenium RC. Grid is flexible and can be integrated with other suite components for simultaneous execution.
    FITA Academy doesn’t set any eligibility criteria for students to learn the Selenium Course in Coimbatore. Any candidate with any credentials can join the Selenium Training in Coimbatore and can learn at FITA Academy.
    • FITA Academy possesses only industry professionals as training experts.
    • FITA Academy has been in the software training field for over a decade.
    • FITA Academy has successfully trained more than 50,000+ students under its primacy. 
    • In-depth Course Coverage for 60+ hours
    • Affordable fees for students and working professionals.
    • Interview tips and Corporate training
    • 100% Placement support
    Yes, FITA Academy does provide placement support for all the students enrolling at FITA Academy. To support that, we have an active placement cell that will be sharing all the vacancy details that are happening in your field. Moreover, our training experts will be providing you with career guidance and placement guidance support through conducting knowledge induction and skill development programs.
    To enroll in our FITA Academy, students can either contact the support team through the number provided for your city or can request a callback option for enquiring about the joining process by selecting the “Request a call back” option.
    Students can avail both the Weekdays and Weekend option for learning the Selenium Course in Coimbatore. FITA Academy facilitates both for students for their convenience.
    Students can either contact our support team through the number provided on our website or place a request to them in person to reschedule their classes. Our team will promptly arrange the classes that you have missed.

    Additional Information

    What is Selenium Testing Framework?

    As we have seen above, Selenium Testing Framework is an automation testing framework for testing web applications across all browsers and OS platforms.

    Why Selenium Framework?

    • Open-source
    • Supports many programming languages like Java, C#, Python, Ruby, and Perl.
    • Multi-browser support
    • Multi-OS support
    • Ease of implementation
    • Re-usability and Integrations
    • Flexibility
    • Parallel test execution
    • Less hardware usage
    • Numerous job opportunities.

    Skills needed for Selenium Automation Testing 

    Selenium is the tool that requires knowledge about manual testing to understand the requirement and programming to use the tool. Selenium tool uses the test cases which are at the GUI level and it gives an in-depth knowledge of the automation process. When using the JavaScript language for the front-end technologies Selenium is used for the unit testing. For operating the web driver the knowledge of languages like Ruby, C, Python, and Java are essential. Join the Selenium Training in Coimbatore to upgrade your skills that are needed in the automation industry.

    Professionals with experience in following technologies or interest in the following technologies are eligible to learn the Selenium course to progress towards success. The Selenium Course in Coimbatore at FITA Academy will give students the competitive edge to enter into the automation field.

    • Manual testing knowledge
    • Automation knowledge
    • Interest in web technologies like X Path, JavaScript, DOM, XML, CSS and HTML are eligible.
    • Basic knowledge of programming languages like core java is required.

    Advantages of Automation testing

    • Saves the time taken for testing the functionalities in the website.
    • The clients will look for the cycle of the product and profitability. As Selenium takes less time the cost involved is also less. Join the Best Selenium Training in Coimbatore at FITA Academy and experience the best classes from the expert trainers.
    • Improves quality as the process is automated and the coverage of the elements for the testing also increases.
    • Improves the accuracy in the results and improves the business opportunity.

    Different Types of Functionalities which can be Automated

    • The stable test is the test conducted for the functionalities which by nature is stable and will not change in the future.
    • The data-driven test is applied for the functions which need to be tested with a big number of inputs and a big volume of data sets. FITA Academy is the number one institute to offer the best Selenium Classes in Coimbatore.
    • A smoke test is suitable for assessing the quality of the function.
    • High priority test is conducted for the functions which require priority over the other functions for the test.

    Reasons to Learn Selenium Automation tool

    • Selenium is open-source and hence many companies are using Selenium. It is easy to learn selenium as it is a free tool and also learners get tons and tons of opportunities after learning Selenium.
    • It is suitable for multiple browsers and there is no need for changing the settings in the browser or hardware.
    • Selenium has a good set of frameworks to support complex projects.
    • Selenium is used in the DevOps life cycle.
    • It is easy to integrate Selenium with other tools for the automation process.
    • The testing process using selenium is parallel and distributed. The coverage is huge in Selenium.
    • Selenium is a flexible tool to design test cases for different scenarios.
    • Selenium does not create the dependencies in the GUI systems.
    • Job opportunities for Selenium testers are high on international markets.

    How to analyze the Application Before Testing?

    Before starting the testing process the tester should analyze the application for the planning purpose. The questions which strike the tester before the testing process are listed below. FITA Academy is the Best Selenium Training in Coimbatore which explains the different steps in the testing process with real-time examples.

    • What will be the time taken for testing the application approximately?
    • What is the application of manual testing for the application and the separation of manual, automation tasks?
    • What are the existing bugs and are there any serious bugs with the application? Join FITA Academy for Selenium Classes in Coimbatore and become a constant follower of the testing updates.
    • What is the purpose of the application for the user?
    • The features and functions inserted inside the application.
    • The connection between the API to the parts present in the system.
    • The platform used for building the application.
    • The database system used for the application.
    • The programming language used for the development of the application
    • The date of delivery of the application to the client.

    FITA Academy offers the Best Selenium Training in Coimbatore to push students to their best capacity to reach heights in their career.

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