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Course Description

C was designed by Dennis Ritchie at AT and T’s Bell laboratory in 1972. Designed for system programming (Operating systems, Compilers). Evolved from B, which influence from BCPL. UNIX operating system is developed in c.

Features Of C:

C is a general-purpose structure programming language. C is core/ basic/ mother language. It is the Middle-level language. C is Language Interpreter. DOS based. System, application, hardware program can be made using C programming language and Currently, the most commonly- used language for embedded systems. So Learn C/C++ Programming to be strong in computer basic programming language.


Procedural Oriented Programming

List of instructions for a computer to follow
Group of similar tasks is organized as functions.
Most functions shared global data.
Data publicly available.

Object-Oriented Programming

Emphasis on Data rather than the procedure.
Programs are divided into objects.
Data structures are designed such that they characterize the objects.
Functions that operate on the data of an object are tied together in that same data structure.
Data is hidden and cannot Object-Oriented.


OOP is an approach that provides a way of modularizing programs by creating partitioned memory area for both data and functions that can be as a template (Class)for creating copies of such modules on demand (Objects). Some basic concepts associated with OOP:

Classes & Objects
Data Abstraction and Encapsulation
Dynamic Binding
Message Passing

Uses Of C++

There are numerable benefits for C++ such as Business Applications, Graphics, Audio, Video, Email, Web Browsers, Utilities, Front-and back-end web services and also in Programming languages. Hence, this course is useful. Most Important things in C++:

C language Syntax
Classes and objects
C++ templates

C / C++ Programming Classes In Coimbatore

FITA have skillful and experienced trainers in corporate level to train up the candidates. Here in FITA we have maintaining the updated syllabus in C and C++. Students from our institute are placed in top level of corporate companies. FITA ties up with 550+ corporate companies. We will be providing the placement assistance for the students to choose up their career. Students from our Academy are well trained by practical oriented to work up in top level of IT sector. Real-time projects will be provided to the students in practical sessions. That’s why FITA is the best Academy for Learning C/C++ Programming in Coimbatore.


Best Academy for C / C++ Programming Classes in Coimbatore.
Skillful trainers to give coaching.
Real-time projects to work in practical sessions.
Flexibility in Timing for candidate’s convenience.
Placement Assistance will be provided
550+ companies tied up with FITA.

Difference Between C Language And C++ Language

C is the language with procedures and C++ is the object-oriented language. Join the C Programming Classes in Coimbatore with FITA and enhance the technical knowledge to understand the different technologies in the software industry.
The functions are the fundamentals to write the language in case of the C language. The objects are the fundamentals to write the language in case of the C++ language.
C is the language used in the middle level whereas C++ is the language used at the top level for high performance.C++ Training is the best training for beginners.

C Language Is Te Foundation For The Other Platforms

C is the sample language and foundation for other languages. In any language to call C functions C language is used. The CPU in the computer system is designed with the C language. Let us see the usage of C in different platforms and the foundation is essential to understand the different advance concepts. The operating systems and microcontrollers for the emerging technologies are written using the C language and thus it is the foundation for the software products. Learn C to get a good foundation to progress in the software industry.

The interpreter reference in Python is written in C. language.
The interpreters in the Bourne shell scripting are written in C. LearnC Programming with FITA to gain comprehensive knowledge in the C language.
The GNU utilities like CP, In, rmdir, rm, mkdir, diff, sed, man, grep, tail, less, more, patch, cut, Wc, find, sort, tail, head are written with the C language.
The tools for the development of GNU consist of the C language. Some of the tools are made, ar, as, gdb, and id. C Programming Classes in Coimbatore is conducted with an intention to help the students to get placed in the top companies.
The shells and the scripting language with C influence are m4, awk, perl, tcsh, R, csh, and zsh.
The kernels in the Solaris, Linux, and FreeBSD are written in C language.
The web server of the Apache named as “httpd” is written in the C language.
PHP language is used for web development is written in the C language.
The security element in the web sites and the internet is the OpenSSL which is designed with the C language. C++ Trainingis helpful to pursue a career with learning in the programming, networking and cloud administration.
The bootstrap code for the GNU compiler with C collection is written in the C language.
The database language MySQL is written with the C language.
Many embedded systems are written in the C language.

Job Opportunities For C Language Professionals

The candidates with C language knowledge can join the companies as OS developer with UNIX, Networking professional to handle the protocols in the networks, and embedded system engineer. C is the basis for learning any programming language and thus there are huge choices for the professionals with experience in the C language. Learn C to enhance job opportunities in the software industry.

Interesting Projects In The C Language

After completing the training sessions with practical learning the learners are given ideas about the real time projects. Depending upon the interest of the learner the learners select the project which they complete and get approval from the trainers. This is the crucial part of the learning as it converts the difficult tasks into easy tasks by understanding the basics. Let me see some ideas for the projects to provoke the interest to complete the challenging task for the learners. Learn C Programming with FITA and experience the change in the practical knowledge with the support for real-time projects.

The C program to read, edit and write the data in the text format from a file.
Write a program to use the UNIX socket for the text messages.
Write a program for game with texts and the users of the program will enter the answers for the game.
Write a program to use the signals in the system. The Program is for sending the signal and program for receiving the signal.
Write one program to interpret the command line options.
Write a program to transfer the data or share data from a pipe.
Write a program to send the message by default to the server of the email and record the success of the sent emails.C Programming Classes in Coimbatore is provided by the FITA with the best trainers in the industry.

Future Of The C Language

C++ is the language with high performance and also it leads to bugs. Java is the language which is widely used next to C language in the application development. The data management for the big volumes of data, speed, and C language is highly suitable for the robust application. Some of the big companies which use C++ language are Microsoft, Mozilla, Paypal, Opera, Oracle, Linkedin, Amazon, Adobe, SAP, Facebook, and Evernote. For big companies like Google, the performance and quality is given big importance.C++ Training is like a gateway to get the job and learn the advanced concepts in the technologies. C language makes the learning path easy as it is self-explanatory to understand similar type of languages.

C++ is the legacy technology with its usage in the software industry for nearly 30 years. There are around 8 million programmers who know the C++ language around the world. As C language is the foundation for understanding the different advanced concepts it has huge followers in the software world.C++ has proven libraries to support different projects, good control over the memory, abstractions with high level, and zero overhead for the runtime. The compilation in the C language takes lots of time and this is resolved by the module reloading in the web technology. The source file is helpful to bring changes in the website and similarly the standard compiler is used to send the code to the compiler in the applications. The change in the logic during the runtime is helpful to manage the time and improve the performance. Join the best institute FITA for your learning requirements and we maintain the trust extended to us from the students for learning and companies for placements.


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