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Python Programming

High-level Python programming is what you would have to know for GUI development and system administration. The best Python course in Coimbatore is undoubtedly offered by FITA. We, at FITA, are proud of the experts on our rolls that will teach you Python programming at a professional level.

Why Python Programming?

In addition to being a simple language that is easy to learn, it is widely used as well. This language was created in the year 1991 by Guido Van Rossum. The Rapid Application features that the language offers allows programmers to find quick and efficient solutions. That the language has a library of a large number of readymade functions is another attraction. Multinational corporations such as Google, YouTube and NASA are known to use Python for coding their different applications.

Eligibility Criteria - Python Training In Coimbatore

To join the Python course in FITA, which is the best Python training institute in Coimbatore, there are no prerequisites. This course is useful for beginners and programmers at different levels. However, it is desirable if the applicant has some knowledge of basic programming techniques and has an idea about object-oriented programming and the use of functions.

Course Curriculum - Python Programming Course


What is Python
Areas of Application
Python Installation
Python Program Execution- at the Command Prompt
Saving Python Programs (with .py extension)

Basics Of Python Language

Data & Variables - Different Types
Operators in Python & their precedence
Data Types, Conversions
Command Line Arguments
Data Inputting

Python - Flow Control

If Statement
If …elif…else Statement
Else Clause
For and While Loops
Break and Continue

Python IDE - Pycharm

Python - Sequences

List & Tuple
Range & Strings

Python - Shallow And Deep Copy

Functions, Modules In Python

Functions returning Values
Documentation Strings
Local and Global Variables
Default value, Arbitrary Arguments
Passing of Arguments
Definition of a Function
Python Functions
Multiple Values from Functions

Python And Its Built-In Functions

Mathematical Constants
Mathematical functions
Random Number

Modules In Python

Use from … import statement
What is Python Modules
Import Statement & Import Module
Location Modules
Use from … import statement
Use from … import* statement
Namespaces, scoping
dir() globals() reload() locals()

Python - File Handling

Read from a file
Write on a File
File Directories
File Manipulation

Exception Handling

What is Exception
Python Built-in Exceptions
Try, Except, Finally
Raise exceptions
Exceptions - User-Defined

Classes And Objects

Class - Definition
Objects - Creation
Data Hiding
Data Hiding
Overriding & Overloading
Built-in Class Attributes
Accessing Attributes

Regular Expressions In Python

Patterns & Modifiers
Search and Replace
Match() & Search()
Character Classes

Python Database Programming (With SQLite)

Data types - MySQL
CRUD operations (with SQLite)
Create a database
Install SQLite
MySQL - CRUD Operations

Python Graphics (With Turtle)

Python GUI Programming (With Tkinter)

Variable Classes
Layout and Geometry Managers
Events and Binds

Python Packages

Installing Packages (PIP)
Creating Python Packages

Functional Programming

Generators & Iterators
Lambda Construct

An Introduction To Web Programming

Web Server/Client programming

CGI Programming

File Upload
CGI - Introduction
CGI Architecture
Web Server Support &Configuration
CGI Environment Variables
HTTP Header

Job Opportunities For Python Programmers

After a student completes the Python classes in Coimbatore FITA, his/her employment chances increase multi-fold. Python is a top paying programming language in the USA. Python programmers earn about $100000 per year. It is one of the most popular languages for data scientists across the world. Java may be the only language more popular than Python. Some of the job profiles that expert Python programmers will fit into are:

Software Systems Engineer
Research Analyst
Development Engineer
Data Scientist
Data Analyst
Software Developer

Some of the world’s largest corporations and enterprise level organizations that use Python as one of their most important programming languages include Pinterest, Path, Slideshare, Quora, and Reddit among others.

Expectations From The Employer

Python programmers are straightaway inducted into a development role without any management role whatsoever in an organization. The applicant is expected to handle large volumes of data generated by applications and analyse them so that the management can take appropriate decisions. Large organizations expect programmers to be familiar with stacks and Javascript. All the higher-paying jobs usually want the programmer to know and Object-oriented Programming (OOP) with ease.

Course Objectives - Python Training In Coimbatore FITA

The Objectives of the Python training course at FITA Coimbatore would help students to:

Work with data analytics techniques such as decision trees, regression, clustering, etc.
Perform data analysis and data visualization
Gain knowledge of different libraries and use them when necessary
Execute real-life projects to gain experience in installing Python and working in the Python environment

Skills Of The Python Developer

After completing the python course with FITA the learners can join the big organizations as a junior python developer, python developer and senior python developer. The job description for the junior developer is that he takes care of the workflows, documentation for the usage of the tools and frameworks, automate the tools and frameworks, maintain the quality standards, follow the agile methodology, and work collectively with the business analysts, architects, developers and project manager. Join the Python Course in Coimbatore with FITA to equip the skills needed in today’s competitive world.

The junior developer will take care of problems in the development like developing the recovery system, maintain relationships with the multiple teams, check the security and enhance the design of the product. If you are looking for the Python Classes in Coimbatore then chose the best center FITA for your learning journey. The trainers and staff will make the learning an interesting accomplishment. The senior developers will take care of the activities of the junior developers, recruit the suitable candidates for the team, explain the problems with the design or technical issues with the developer’s team, render ideas to develop the solutions that are easy to deploy and he or she should have comprehensive knowledge in the technical aspects. Let us shed light on the topic the skills required for the python developer to know the different challenges on the job. FITA provides the best Python Training in Coimbatore to aid the beginners to gain a good foundation in the programming languages.

The python developer works at the back end of the application and he understands the multi-process architecture. He should manage the threads of the applications.
Understanding and developing API’s with REST is essential to connect the application with other components.
The basic knowledge and the difference between the different versions of ‘Python’ is essential to understand. FITA is the best Python Training Institute in Coimbatore which trains the students in the latest version.
Knowledge about the web frameworks is essential to implement the coding.
Knowledge about the ‘mappers’ like SQL and ORM help to connect the application to the database.
Python developer should have good communication skills to bring coordination among the team and explain the requirements properly to the team.
Python developer should have good designing skills to manage the severs which are secure, scalable and flexible.
The Python developer should manage the system and the server with scripting knowledge. FITA is named by the many old students as the Best Python Training Institute in Coimbatore due to its approach in the training.

Prospective Growth Of Python

Python is demanded more by other technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, data analytics, and cloud computing. Python Course in Coimbatore will help the students to understand the demand for Python in the recent past. R and Python are used together for the data analysis and assertion is that Python is the general purpose language but R is statistical language with some limitations. Python is used for web development, game development, and business application. The popular libraries used in the Python language are Scipy, IPython, Numpy, and pandas. These libraries are built with a purpose and used for the statistical as well as numerical analysis. Python is the robust language for networking, robotics and web scraping. These are the reasons for the demand and the growth of the python. Let me see the growth in all the facets of the Python to know about the demand and the value for this particular language in the job industry. Join FITA for the Python Classes in Coimbatore and learn multiple technologies with a basic language.

Data Science

Java and python are equally demanded and equally used programming languages. Java projects and python projects are different by the nature of work. Java projects may be from banks or investment banks. Python projects are for data analysis and collecting the data from multiple online sources. The interest over the work and opportunity to learn about different data analysis thrust programmers to choose the python language. The data science professionals will join the Python Training in Coimbatore to get comprehensive knowledge in to python.

Machine Learning

The libraries of machine learning are available in Java and Python. The libraries are comparatively more on python than in Java. Google, Netflix, Amazon, and Quora are famous products where machine learning technology is used to optimize the performance of the product. The algorithms of Google are periodically changing and these algorithms are operated using machine learning. The chatbots in the websites are designed with machine learning technology. The digitalization and the need to reach the customer with their preferences demand the machine learning along with Python. Python Training Institute in Coimbatore will help the learners to use the python for multiple projects like web development, data analysis and machine learning.

Web Development

Python is used for web development projects and it is easy to learn python for web development. Time taken to complete a task is comparatively less in Python when compared to the PHP. The support of libraries is also good in Python. Django and Flask are the frameworks designed for web development. Join for the Python Course in Coimbatore with FITA and get regular support from trainers for placement and certification.

Simplicity And Flexibility

Python is easy to write for automation and tool usage. The simplicity of the python made it a popular language and will reach unexpected heights in the future also. The availability of the libraries and frameworks makes the mundane task easy for the developer. The open source availability of the libraries, modules, and frameworks show that python is a flexible language to make the job of the developer easy. The PATH in the python which is asked during the installation will make the programming language to run from any machine. Python is the best language to learn from the school stage as it has the best syntax and easy rules. It is not difficult like Java or C language. The classpath in java and the issues from the compiler in C language shows that it is difficult when using. Python is simple, flexible and readable.

Multipurpose Language

Python is used for different purposes and it is the versatile language. Flask and Django for the web development, Numpy, NLTK, Scikit-learn and Scipy for the data analytics and even to automate the day to day tasks python give good results. It accelerates the job opportunities to the beginners. It is simple and has vast usage which creates a good learning path for a beginner. FITA has the good cadre of trainers who give importance to the latest industrial trends and train the students with a good foundation.


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