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  • Python Training in Coimbatore

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    The Python Training in Coimbatore is a fervent course for passionate python learners, organized by FITA Academy. The first-hand professional trainers of FITA Academy will teach you this multi-dynamic programming language through real-time examples and projects. Fundamental topics such as Python functions, Python Exceptions Handling, Python Regular Expressions, and also other important topics are taught to enhance student’s knowledge of Python.

    Course Highlights & Why Python Training in Coimbatore at FITA Academy?

    Learn What is Python, Unique features of Python, Python-2 and Python-3 differences, Python identifiers, Keywords, and indentation.
    Learning to Install Python and Environment Setup, First Python Program, Comments and Document interlude, Command Line Arguments, Python Basic Data types, etc.
    Understanding List, Ranges, and Tuples in Python including iterators, generators, and lambda expressions.
    Comprehending Python Dictionaries and Sets, Input and Output in Python and Python functions.
    Getting familiarised with Python package functions, defining and calling python functions, anonymous functions, loops, and statements in python, python modules, and packages.
    Acquiring skills in creating classes and objects, accessing tributes and built-in class tributes.
    Learning to handle Exceptions in Python, Argument of an exception, Python Standard Exceptions, and User-defined Exceptions.
    Getting acquainted with regular expressions, the match function, the search function, search and replace, and wildcard.
    Additionally learning debugging, breakpoints, and IDEs.
    FITA Academy has successfully trained 50,000+ students to achieve their career goals.
    FITA Academy has tie-ups with more than 1500+ companies to provide students with diverse career opportunities.
    FITA Academy possesses 1000+ qualified industry professionals as training experts for the career prosperity of students.

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    Python Training in Coimbatore Batches

    Classroom Training

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    Instructor-Led Live Online Training

    • Take-up Instructor-led Live Online Training. Get the Recorded Videos of each session.
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    • What is Python
    • Areas of Application
    • Python Installation
    • Python Program Execution- at the Command Prompt
    • Saving Python Programs (with .py extension)
    • Data & Variables - Different types
    •  Operators in Python & their precedence
    •  Data Types, Conversions
    •  Command Line Arguments
    •  Data Inputting
    •  Import-Module
    •  Comments
    •  If Statement
    •  If …elif…else Statement
    •  Else Clause
    •  For and While Loops
    •  Break and Continue
    Python - Sequences
    • Set
    •  List & Tuple
    •  Range & Strings
    •  Dictionary
    • Functions, Modules In Python
    •  Functions returning Values
    •  Documentation Strings
    •  Local and Global Variables
    •  The default value, Arbitrary Arguments
    •  Passing of Arguments
    •  Definition of a Function
    •  Python Functions
    • Mathematical Constants
    •  Mathematical functions
    •  Random Number
    •  Use from … import statement
    •  What is Python Modules
    •  Import Statement & Import Module
    •  Location Modules
    •  Use from … import statement
    •  Use from … import* statement
    •  Namespaces, scoping
    •  PYTHONPATH variable
    •  dir() globals() reload() locals()
    •  Read from a file
    •  Write on a File
    •  File Directories
    •  File Manipulation
    •  What is Exception
    •  Python Built-in Exceptions
    •  Try, Except, Finally
    •  Raise exceptions
    •  Exceptions - User-Defined
    •  Assertions
    •  Class - Definition
    •  Objects - Creation
    •  Data Hiding
    •  Data Hiding
    •  Overriding & Overloading
    •  Inheritance
    •  Built-in Class Attributes
    •  Accessing Attributes
    •  Constructors
    •  Destructors
    •  Repetitions
    •  Patterns & Modifiers
    •  Search and Replace
    •  Match() & Search()
    •  Character Classes
    •  Data types - MySQL
    •  CRUD operations (with SQLite)
    •  Create a database
    •  Install SQLite
    •  MySQL - CRUD Operations
    Python GUI Programming (With Tkinter)
    •  Variable Classes
    •  Layout and Geometry Managers
    •  Widgets
    •  Events and Binds
    •  Installing Packages (PIP)
    •  Creating Python Packages
    •  Generators & Iterators
    •  Comprehensions
    •  Lambda Construct
    •  Map/Reduce/Filter
    •  jQuery
    •  Web Server/Client programming
    •  HTML, CSS
    •  File Upload
    •  CGI - Introduction
    •  CGI Architecture
    •  Web Server Support &Configuration
    •  CGI Environment Variables
    •  HTTP Header
    •  Cookies
    •  GET/POST
    Python Training in Coimbatore Details

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    Trainer Profile

      • The Python trainers of FITA Academy are real-time professionals who hold a maximum of 12+ years of experience in their field.
      • Our expert trainers have been a part of both successful national and international projects and also skillfully guided people, handling global projects.
      • The Experienced Python trainers of FITA Academy have individually completed training for more than 25 batches of students.
      • Our tutors will provide the best hands-on training to enhance your technical skills.
      • Career guidance and career assistance are also provided under the professional expertise of the academicians.
      • One-on-one sessions, group discussions, live projects, assignments, and other educational activities will also be conducted by our professional experts.
      • Soft skills like communication skills, leadership skills, teamwork skills, interpersonal skills of students will also be enhanced through the expertise of our trainers.
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    Python Certification Course in Coimbatore

    About Python Certification Course in Coimbatore at FITA Academy

    Python Training in Coimbatore Certification

    Python Certification Course in Coimbatore

    The Python Training in Coimbatore was meticulously formulated by FITA Academy to train students to attain expertise in Python Programming language. The widespread language is taught with its IDEs, Regular Expressions, Exceptions Handling, etc to exploit the platform fully to its potential. The program also teaches the pre-built functionalities of the language like handling and processing the hardware and system software. Learning of the Python frameworks allows students to work on sophisticated technologies as they can build high-level functionalities instead of enhancing low-level functionalities. Also, the Python Certification in Coimbatore is designed in such a way that students understand the significance of the Python programming language in everyday life.

    The benefits of earning the Python certification are 1) you are open to a wide range of job opportunities in the Python platform. 2) You are officially a certified Python programmer who gained expertise in using the language. 3) You can officially build different kinds of platform-independent applications from desktop, system, mobile apps to scientific, gaming, machine learning, AI apps for Startups to IT giants. Other perks include high-end salaries, recognition, and better job roles.

    The Python Course in Coimbatore at FITA Academy is an engaging course that teaches the students the concepts of the influential language in a simplified way.

    Python Training in Coimbatore Reviews

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    Job Opportunities After Completing Python Training in Coimbatore

    Python Training in Coimbatore with Placement Support

    Python is a far-flung programming language prevailing over in the everyday applications that we use in our day-to-day life. Simply put, the Python language is Universal. It is everywhere. Right from Pixar, (an animation production company), Industrial Light Magic (who done the special effects for Star Wars), Google, Instagram, Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Amazon, Pinterest, CERN, to NASA, Intel, IBM, JP Morgan Chase, Spotify, Quora, SurveyMonkey, Reddit, Dropbox all are using Python in one or the other way. Whether it is application development or software development or any kind of scientific development the Python programming language rules their domain. Apart from the IT Giants, more start-ups are investing in this language due to its simplicity, accessibility (user-friendliness), feasibility, scalability, and ingenious nature. According to a popular survey, there are 6,200 companies that are using python for real-world applications which is actually 400 more than the year 2019. That includes Zapier, Uber, and MIT. With its ever-increasing applications in the real world, the demand for python programmers is also soaring. A popular website has stated that there are 79,942 job openings available as of 2021 for python programmers.

    The other critical reasons Python has become famous for is,

    • Its ability to optimize data algorithms.
    • Solve data analytics problems.
    • Implementing security and data protection.
    • Writing reusable, testable, and efficient code.

    Coming to the companies that are actively hiring python programmers are Google, Amazon, Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo, IBM, Bank of America, Uber, Spotify, Quora, Netflix, JPMorganChase, Udemy, Instagram, Trivago, Glassdoor, Pinterest, Citi Bank, etc.

    Some of the popular job roles offered by these top companies for Python certified candidates are

    • Python Developer
    • Software Developer
    • Software Engineer
    • Data Analyst
    • Research Analyst
    • Data Scientist
    • DevOps Engineer
    • Product Manager
    • Data Journalist
    • Financial Advisors

    The Salaries of these professionals vary according to their location of work, experience, skills, roles, and responsibilities, etc.

    The salary of an entry-level Python developer is ₹4,27,293 per annum. The salary of a mid-level python developer is ₹9,09,818 per annum. The Salary of an experienced Python developer is ₹1,150,000 per annum.

    Python Programmers are high in demand across borders including countries like the USA, UK, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Republic of Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Finland, and Austria.

    The Python Training in Coimbatore is an efficient training program for freshers as they can reap maximum benefits from the certification.

    Also Read:Python Interview Questions and Answers

    Student Testimonials

    Aishwarya M

    I enrolled in Python Classes in Coimbatore at FITA Academy. The Python classes were engaging and informative. The practical sessions were really handled well by the staff and my technical skills improved greatly. Thanks FITA Academy for the effective training in making the students understand the concepts well.

    Suprabha D

    I did my Python Training in Coimbatore at FITA Academy. The labs were neatly maintained with functioning computers around. The staff was very professional in handling the classes. The fees were affordable too and the training was worth it. For freshers, it is one of the best Python training programs in Coimbatore. I would really recommend freshers to join FITA Academy for learning the Python Course in Coimbatore.

    Lokesh A

    After a suggestion from one of my friends, I joined FITA Academy for Python Training in Coimbatore. The syllabus was according to the industry standards and the staff who took the training taught the concepts well. For freshers, it is the perfect syllabus to learn the python programming language from the basics and also understand its potential.

    Aravind D

    Studying at FITA Academy for the Python Course in Coimbatore was really helpful in understanding the language and its applications. The basic and advanced concepts were neatly taught by the trainers. They conducted one-on-one sessions and made the classes very interactive. Mock interviews, group discussions were also conducted giving us the best insights into the interview process. Overall it is a good learning experience at FITA academy and thanks to the trainers for providing such valuable training.

    Python Training in Coimbatore FAQ

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    Python Training in Coimbatore Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

    Python is a popular high-level back-end programming language used for the application development process in the IT world.
    Apart from Python being a High-level programming language, it is also a general-purpose, object-oriented, interpreted, and scripting language to assist developers in developing high-end applications.
    Python is both a front-end and back-end language. In simple terms, it is a Full Stack programming language. Besides JavaScript, Python is evolving with its tools and frameworks to get applied in front-end development and it is the most sought popular back-end language after Java.
    Python has numerous applications in the IT world. Starting from the development process the language is mainly served as a back-end or server-side language for web development, mobile app development, software development, desktop app development. It is also used in performing mathematical computations and system scripting, which means helping to write instructions for computers. The language is also used in Big Data technology for handling and processing Big Data. Apart from the above-said applications, it is also used in gaming applications, business applications, CAD applications, and other latest technologies such as Data Science, Data Visualisation, Machine learning, AI, etc.
    Python is called a Scripting language because it helps to automate the repeated tasks by creating instructions for the computer. This way it reduces the time and cuts the cost.
    FITA Academy doesn’t demand or set any eligibility criteria for students or working professionals to learn the Python Course in Coimbatore. Students with passion and interest to work with the Python programming language can join the Python Training in Coimbatore at FITA Academy.
    • FITA Academy is in the educational field for more than a decade.
    • FITA Academy recruits only industry professionals having skilled experts in their field.
    • FITA Academy provides the right blend of theory and practical sessions for students.
    • More than 30,000students have been successfully trained under FITA.
    • Affordable fees for both students and working professionals.
    • Career guidance and Corporate training.
    • 100% Placement Support.
    Yes, we provide 100% placement support for students who are enrolling in FITA Academy. We have an active placement cell that will be sharing all the vacancy details that are happening in your field. Besides placement support, our trainers will provide placement guidance through conducting mock interviews, group discussions, training to work on live projects, etc.
    To get enrolled in FITA Academy, students can either contact our support team or the administration team through the number provided on our website. Else students can place a request to get a call back from our team by selecting the “Request a call back” option on the Website.
    Students can avail themselves of either the weekdays or weekend options for the Python Course in Coimbatore. FITA Academy facilitates both sessions for students to learn at their convenience.
    To avail of your missed classes, students can contact our support team or place a request to the support team in person to reschedule their missed classes. The support team will promptly arrange your missed classes so that you don’t miss any of your sessions.

    Additional Information

    What is Python Programming language?

    Python is a high-level programming language that has gained popularity around the world and is existing in the IT world for nearly three decades. Apart from being a high-level language, it is also a general-purpose, object-oriented, interpreted, and scripting language for developing innovative applications.

    The Python Course in Coimbatore offered by FITA Academy is one of the best courses for freshers to learn and benefit from our platform.

    Why Python Programming?

    As of 2021, the language has topped the list with the No. 1 position in the top 10 most promising programming languages of 2021. The language has gained huge popularity due to many reasons. Some of them are, it is easy to learn, it has a simple syntax and uses simple language, and it can be executed with fewer programming codes.

    Course Objectives – Python Training in Coimbatore at FITA Academy

    The course objectives of the Python Training in Coimbatore at FITA Academy will help students to

    • Work with data analysis techniques such as decision trees, regression, clustering, etc.
    • Perform data analysis and data visualization.
    • Gain knowledge of different libraries and use them when necessary.
    • Execute real-time projects to gain experience in installing Python and working in the Python environment.

    Expectations from the Employer

    Firstly, the standard skills that are expected from any developer are knowledge of Git, GitHub, and Travis for CI. For Python developers, some extensive skills are expected. They are AWS, Django, API, Agile, Docker, Linux, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, JavaScript, Java, SQL, React, Flask, REST, PostgreSQL, DevOps, Microservices, GO, Kubernetes, Security, Apache Spark, MySQL, TDD, Google Cloud Platform, etc.

    Apart from the above-mentioned skills, Unit testing, Continuous deployment, Mongo DB, OOPs Concept, and for machine learning skills Pandas, NumPy, SciPy, and SciKit- Learn are essential. Source: DZone.com.

    Some other skills that are needed for Python developers

    • The Python developers work at the back-end of the applications and they understand the multi-process architecture. They also should manage the threads of the application.
    • Understanding and developing APIs with REST is essential to connect the application with other components.
    • The basic knowledge about different versions of Python versions is essential. FITA Academy is the best Python Training Institute in Coimbatore in training students on the latest concepts and latest developments in the Python platform.
    • Knowledge about the web frameworks is essential to implement the coding.
    • Knowledge about the mappers like SQL and ORM to help connect the application to the database.
    • Python developers should have good communication skills to bring coordination to the team and should have the ability to communicate the requirements properly to the team.
    • Python developers should have good designing skills to manage servers that are secure, scalable, and flexible.
    • The Python developer should be able to manage the system and server with scripting knowledge.

    FITA Academy has earned the credit as the Best Python Institute in Coimbatore due to the teaching of its skilled trainers who deliver quality education to students.

    Perspective Growth of Python 

    • Python is demanded by other technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Cloud Computing.
    • R and Python are used together for data analysis and assertion but Python is a general-purpose language and R programming language is a statistical language with some limitations.
    • Python is used for web development, game development, and business application.
    • The popular libraries used in the Python language are SciPy, IPython, NumPy, and Pandas. These libraries are built with a purpose and used for statistical as well as numerical analysis.
    • Python is the robust language for networking, robotics, and web scraping.

    These are the reasons for the demand and growth of Python. Join FITA Academy for the best Python Classes in Coimbatore and learn the multiple technologies where Python is applied.

    Data Science

    Its Python packages like NumPy, SciPy, and Pandas yield good results for data analysis jobs. Since there is a need for graphics, Python’s matplotlib is a good package considered for performing Data Science tasks.

    Machine Learning

    Google, Amazon, Netflix, and Quora are famous products where Machine Learning technology is used to optimize the performance of the product. The algorithms of Google are periodically changing and these algorithms are operated using Machine Learning. The Chatbots in the website are designed with Machine Learning technology. The digitalization and the need to reach the customer with their preferences demand Machine Learning along with Python.

    The Python Training Institute in Coimbatorewill help the learners to use python for multiple projects like Web development, data analysis, and Machine Learning.

    Web Development

    Python is used for web development projects and it is easy to learn python for web development. Time taken to complete a task is comparatively less in Python when compared to PHP. The support of libraries is also good in Python. Django and Flask are the frameworks designed for web development. Join for the Python Course in Coimbatore with FITA Academy and get regular support from trainers for placement assistance.

    Simplicity and Flexibility

    Python is easy to write for automation and tool usage. The simplicity of python made it a popular language and will reach unexpected heights in the future also. The availability of the libraries and frameworks makes the mundane task easy for the developer. The open-source availability of the libraries, modules, and frameworks shows that python is a flexible language to make the job of the developer easy. The PATH in python which is asked during the installation will make the programming language run from any machine. Python is the best language to learn from the school stage as it has the best syntax and easy rules. It is not difficult like Java or C language. The classpath in java and the issues from the compiler in C language show that it is difficult when using. Python is simple, flexible, and readable.

    Additionally, to learn more about the Python Programming language, we compiled the Top 10 Best Book to Learn Python for Beginners & Advanced Programmers

    Multipurpose Language

    Python is used for different purposes and it is a versatile language. Flask and Django for web development, NumPy, NLTK, SciKit-learn, and SciPy for data analytics and even to automate the day-to-day tasks python give good results. It accelerates job opportunities for beginners. It is simple and has vast usage which creates a good learning path for a beginner.

    FITA Academy which is the Best Python Training institute in Coimbatore has a good cadre of trainers who give importance to the latest industrial trends and train the students with a good foundation.

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