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What is Embedded Systems?

Embedded system is the advanced technology with the dedicated function within a large electrical or mechanical system. It is the part of the complete device that includes hardware, software and mechanical parts. Embedded technology now controls every device used today. 97 percent of microcontrollers are contrived as the part of embedded systems.

Embedded systems range from small portable devices such as MP3 players and digital watches to large utility installations like factory controllers, traffic light and complex systems like MRI, Avionics and Hybrid vehicles. Embedded technology is now used in various domains like mobile technology, automation, telecom, mechanical, automotive systems, medical, military, vending machines, airplanes, Product Designing, Product Development, PCB Designer, RTOS Development, Testing, etc. Using these components, various devices can be developed like infusion pumps, pedometers, electronic gadgets, AC, etc.

Scope Of Embedded Systems

With advent in latest technologies, companies now are replacing manual operation into automation with latest mechanical devices. Leading companies started investing in embedded research and development and manufacturing. It increases the career opportunity of aspirants skilled in manufacturing embedded devices. Most of the students now aware of the employment opportunities available in embedded systems. Taking Embedded Systems Training in Chennai will help aspirants to enter lucrative field of embedded systems.

Embedded System Course Syllabus

Introduction To Embedded Systems

PLDs Introduction
Data and Signal Processing
Introduction to Microcontrollers
ARM Controllers
Mixed Signal Processing
8051 Microcontroller
Introduction to System On Chip(SoC)

Application Development Using 8051 And ARM-7

Using Internal Peripherals (Architecture, Memory, Addressing Modes, Instruction set, Timers/Counters, Stop watch, UART)
Using External Peripherals (LED, Segment Displays, LCD, RTC, EEEPROM, etc.)

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Why Embedded Training In Chennai At FITA?

Learning evergreen technology from FITA makes your career to be rich one. Our embedded courses include all recent technologies like ECE, E&I, EEE, Mechatronics, Robotics, ETC. FITA is home to practical, real-time and placement focused training in Chennai. Our embedded training is carried by experienced trainers based on the industry standards and training students for real world challenges.

  • As leading embedded training institute in Chennai, we committed to provide practical oriented training
  • Work on real-time industry projects
  • Embedded programming in real hardware
  • Experienced tutors with 8+ years of industry expertise
  • Our embedded course in Chennai is for fresher to get placed in top MNCs
  • Interact with industry stalwarts
  • Quality training and course materials in sync with industry standards

After completing our embedded training, you can start your career as hardware engineer, test engineers, embedded architect, software engineer, hardware engineer, component engineer, etc.

Rated as No 1 Embedded Training Institute in Chennai

FITA is leading training institute in Chennai, with branches in Velachery, Anna Nagar, Tambaram, OMR and T Nagar. Call 93450 45466 to talk with our experienced career counselor to know about embedded training in Chennai. Learn embedded systems from us, to make things happen in your life.

Usage of embedded technology for other technologies

Integrating various technologies into the same head embedded requires formal training. For instance to integrate the machine learning and the embedded technology the design in distributors or the in-depth assistance is used. Join the Embedded System Course Chennai is the best course to precede in professional life.

The IP of the machine learning software can be wrapped to create a set of blocks building which can be focused on a targeted system. For using the data it is essential to use the IOT to collect the data. Before using the data for the AI tools it can be used for the rule-based streaming analytics.

Embedded system is the technology which is used for huge technologies like electronic payment solutions, mobile communication, aeronautics, railways and automobiles. The embedded device provides the advantages of the adaptability, accuracy, power, reliability and speed for the smaller size.

Emerging trends in the embedded technology

The computing functions and the communications are carried out with the embedded technology and the whole field is undergoing the transformation. The embedded technology is used for the traditional computing platform.

Mobile phones usage

The mobile phones for multiple purposes from the individual perspective and business perspective demands for the embedded technology. Join the Embedded System Training in Chennai to know the impact of embedded over mobile phones.

Chip manufacturing

The chip manufacturers create the processors with much more performance requirements as the demand is for the high power and high thermals. The cost of the peripherals increased to match the speed of high performance. Join the Embedded Training in Chennai to know about the production of the different types of chips.

The chip production demands the specification now. Some of the models of the companies using the specific chips are like Intel, Transmeta and Philips. Intel CPU introduced the new IP STB design. Intel is expanding the production in the area of the media players and the home media systems. Embedded apps are produced by the companies like net silicon, Transmeta and Philips Semiconductor. The automotive technology, industrial control and medical usage are introduced with the Philips with features like flash memory, CAN, RAM, ADC and PWM. Join the best Embedded System Course Chennai to promote technical skills.

Another product called net silicon is using the NET + ARM series processor and the products are NS9775 with 32 bit, 200 MHZ with microprocessor with independent video channels. The TI has a proposal to create the OMAP architecture series. The TM5700 and TM 9500 have good performance when compared to the last generation products.

The power requirements and on-chip memory are used in both the RAM and Flash in the applications with the help of the embedded technology. MCU products are increasing due to the production by the companies like Atmel Corp, Infineon technologies, Atmel Corp, Infineon technologies and RDC semiconductor. Join the Embedded Training in Chennai at FITA to learn intensively about the training.

Multi-core performance

The deployment and the development of the different devices need a multi-core performance like a multi-mission, multiprocessor, multithread and multi-board debugging. RTOS boundaries comprise of frameworks, runtimes and tools for managing software. Join the Embedded System Course Chennai to know about the multi-core performance in the embedded technology.


Embedded security is an essential part to focus on digital security. The new systems integrate, operate and became as net-centric. Embedded technology aids for the post-processing, identification, alerting and the capturing of the security.

International market and local market

The embedded technologies are used to survive in the market to access the local and international market. In definitive terms, the embedded technology offers both the local access of the devices and supporting systems. It also aid for the multi-language support to reach globally. Join the Embedded System Training in Chennai to know about the connectivity among the devices for the local and international usage.

Point of sale terminal

The dual aspects are used for advertising with POS technology. This is achieved through the connected mobiles and back end integration. This is beneficial for buyers and sellers.

Healthcare, advertisement, entertainment and automotive are the wide range of industries in which the embedded technology is bringing in huge changes. FITA has proven records in the Embedded Training in Chennai and we are happy to create the learning community.


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