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At present, 6,500 languages are in use around the world. Germany is an economically stable country and has huge transactions with other developing countries. Thus, German Classes in Bangalore will be beneficial for the professionals who are aspiring to be placed in an MNC.

German Classes in bangalore

Course Highlights & Why German Classes In Chennai At FITA?

FITA provides a comprehensive academic curriculum that matches the Global requirements.

German Course in Bangalore at FITA is designed by certified German Professionals.
FITA provides a multi-disciplinary approach, with due emphasis on writing, reading, listening and, speaking skills in German.
Training is provided from the fundamentals to the tedious grammar part of German.
Trainers have a decade of experience in this field and they provide applied learning with numerous role-plays and live scenarios.
Recap Sessions with flexible batch timings.
Instructor-led training sessions to clear the doubts of the students.
Weekday, Weekend and Fast-track German Classes in Bangalore at FITA for your convenience.
Enroll German Training in Bangalore at FITA and learn the language holistically under the guidance of expert professionals.
Training on Interpersonal and Communication Skills.
Time Management and Leadership Development Training at FITA
Employment Engagement and handling of the critical situation.

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Course Description

Knowing more about German

Most people presume that learning German is a tedious job. But it is not so very tedious phase to learn German. The German language consists of six tenses and they are,

Futur I 
Futur II

The Parsens in German relates to the Present Tense in English

Präteritum is Perfect tense in English

Plusquamperfekt is Past Perfect in English

Futur I is related to the Future tense in English

Futur II refers to the Future perfect with "have" and "will".

Also, they have four cases accusative, nominative, genitive, and dative. It has three noun prepositions for every gender and they are,

die - for feminine nouns
der - for masculine nouns
das - for neutral gender

Whenever you learn new words in German, you should also know what preposition should come before it. Initially, it may be confusing a little because circumstances are there when the biological gender fails to match with its grammatical gender. There are certain rules and that determines the noun and which noun should be get placed with few exceptions. To know this grammar application and its usage correctly, Join German Training in BTM at FITA and learn the language professionally under expert trainers and speak the language fluently. 

German Common Phrases and Daily Expression

Language learning is all about enhancing our multilingual skills. No one would prefer to learn the grammar part of a language initially. Generally, people prefer to learn the alphabet, small words like a daily expression which would give them a sense of achievement and motivates them to learn the language even more. German Training in Bangalore at FITA makes the training phase interesting to the students by making them learn the alphabets and the daily expressions initially and make their basics strong. Mentioned below are the Daily expressions in German.

Common Phrases







Thank you


Thank you very much

Vielen Dank!

Happy Birthday

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag

Merry Christmas 

Fröhliche Weihnachten

Good Morning

Guten Morgen!

Good evening 

Guten Abend!

What’s your name?

Wie heißen Sie?

I’m from

Ich komme aus…

I’m doing well

Mir geht’s gut.



See you later

Bis später! 

Reasons to learn German

There are numerous reasons why one should learn German. Mentioned below are some of the significant reasons to learn German.

In the European Union, it is stated that German has a wide number of native speakers compared to Spanish, English, and French. 
It is one of the commonly spoken languages across the world. German is also the Lingua Franca of the Central and Eastern Europe. 
German country has numerous Nobel laureates. The prizes and fields are enlisted below.
Physics - 22
Chemistry - 30
Medicine - 25
Literature - 11
Besides, 7 Germans and Austrians had received the Peace Prize. 
The country German is home to various international corporations. It is the globe's second-largest exporter. 
Also, the investment made by Germany in the USA is estimated to be a net worth of 10 million. 
The Economy of German ranks first in Europe and fourth worldwide. 
Germany is the world leader in Engineering.
It is the language of famous personalities like Einstein, Goethe, Marx, Beethoven, Freud, Weber, Schumann, Wagner, and Hegel.
It is the 2nd most widely used scientific language around the world. 
German published around 94,000 books every year. It is one of the leading nations in publishing books. 
If you are an English Speaker then learning German is simpler for you, as most of the words and letters in both of these languages are similar. 

What are the ways to learn German?

Below are the ways to learn German,

Identify a firm reason which would keep you motivated.
Start to learn from the basics of the German Language.
To make your learning process interesting learn funny words, idioms, and their slang. 
Have a Regular practice and try to speak maximum with the native German speakers. 

Though by following the above -mentioned ways one can learn the language. But to have a holistic understanding of the language and the grammar application it is preferred to have professional guidance.  German Training in Marathalli at FITA provides sufficient training to learn the application and usage of grammar clearly to the students and helps them to speak the language fluently.

Trainer Profile

German Faculties in Bangalore at FITA are certified professionals. 
German Trainers are subject-matter experts who have 12+ years of experience in training the students to learn the language efficiently.
Highly-qualified trainers who are capable of training all the six levels of the German language, the standard which is framed by the Common European Framework Reference.
Tutors at FITA train the students efficiently to read, write, listen, and speak in German.
Blended-Training with necessary individual attention. 
Trainers support and encourage the students to talk fluently in German. 
Trainers explain the nuances of the language clear to the students and make the students speak eloquently.

Job Opportunities After Completing German Training

FITA aids the students in getting their dreams of being placed in MNC accomplished. Our trainers will teach you real-time scenarios that will enable you to learn at a faster pace. Here students will be guided throughout the course and after the completion of course.

German classes in Bangalore will open up new opportunities for a job in various sectors. Some of the filed, which you can try after the completion of the German Language Course in Bangalore, are mass media, tourism, education, information technology along with the outsourcing.

There are many outsourcing outlets of leading MNCs in India due to the abundance of human resources in our country. Thus, you will be getting the advantage of being selected than other competitors in an interview. The scope of individuals in translation is also available in abundant.

Few outsourcing companies associated with the German language are Oracle, HP, Thyssen Krupp, Samsung, Hyundai, LG, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Siemens, and Schaeffler.

German Language Classes in Bangalore is not age-constraint thus it will be for you to keep your kid pre-occupied with the learning process of a foreign language, which will be useful for them in the future.

German is used as a mode of communication in many countries apart from Germany such as Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, and Luxembourg. German has its roots from Sanskrit as well. Therefore, undergoing German Language Classes in Bangalore will get you placed in the top organizations.

Some of the scopes for candidates who have BestGerman Classes in Bangalore are listed below:

Tourism and Hospitality: Having sufficient knowledge in German can be beneficial for the hospitality staff and tour guides.

Research: It is reported that Germany is a third-largest donor in global scientific research.

Business Growth: If you are placed in a company, which is in alliance with German companies then it will be easy for you to be connected with the clients, which in turn improvises the business relations.

Study abroad: It would be better to prepare yourself beforehand by enrolling in our German Courses in Bangalore if you are planning to study abroad.

Communication: Language plays a very crucial role in every situation of our life. Thus, learning a new language will always be advantageous for any individual.

Culture: There are plenty of languages available in the world and it will be great if you know the language to get closer to their culture. German has a rich, long, and complex history and they are scattered across the country. 


Many Government organizations, MNC's, and NGOs require a translator to convey their message. On learning the language efficiently you can become a translator and earn a good package. 

Advertising manager: 

German Companies like Siemens, Bosch Lufthansa, BMW, Volkswagen, Adidas, and SAP, Allianz more have set up their establishment in India and abroad. For them, the path for success relies on how they promote the services and products globally. When you have good knowledge in German you can be an advertising manager in any of these companies.

German Certification Training in Bangalore

German Course Certification is the qualified credential which states the ability of a person's knowledge in German. It specifies clearly that the person who has undertaken the German Training has cleared the exam that was conducted to test the efficiency.

Also, this is an authentic proof that mentions the person is capable of reading, write, speak, and listen in German.

German Training in bangalore

German Certification Course in Bangalore at FITA provides training with certification for the students and professionals as well and develop their multilingual skills. Training is offered by renowned experts who have a decade of experience in this field.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

  • German Course in Bangalore at FITA is patterned by the subject-matter experts with more than 12+ years of experience in training the language.
  •  Lively classrooms with extensive use of audio-visual aids.
  • Complete coverage of the course with 60+ hours of training.
  • Courseware that focuses on all four modules Writing, Listening, Reading, and Speaking in German.
  • 20,000+ students trust FITA.
  • The reasonable fee structure for both students and working professionals as well.
  • Flexible course timings for students and professionals.

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FITA institution was set up in the year 2012 by a group of IT veterans for providing world-class IT Training and we are present in the training field for more than a decade.

We have trained 20,000+ students until now which also includes the working professionals as well.

FITA provides the maximum individual attention to the students. The batch size of the German Course in Bangalore at FITA is optimized for 5 - 6 members per batch to clarify their doubts easily with the tutors.

We are fervent believers of applied learning. We provide the maximum practical session to the students.

Training faculty at FITA are certified trainers with 10+ years of experience in train. We provide training for all the six-level of certification in German.

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