Cloud Computing Training in Chennai

Cloud Computing Training in Chennai

Looking for the best Cloud Computing Training in Chennai? Learn from FITA – Rated as No 1 Cloud Computing Training Institute in Chennai offering Practical Project-oriented training on all major Cloud products like AWS, MSAzure, VMWare, Salesforce and Google Cloud. Call 98404-11333 to know more about Cloud Computing Training & Get your Dream Career in Cloud.

Cloud Computing Training

With organizations emphasizing more on lowering the expense of ownership, rising reliability and redundancy and minimizing in-house infrastructure, migrating to Cloud is important for any organization. To benefit organizations to utilize the advantage of Cloud computing, IT industry need a transformation from traditional development, production and management of in-house application to remote and all time accessible Online gateway. There are many leading companies like Amazon, Salesforce, Google, Microsoft, IBM and VMWare offering Cloud services. Cloud Computing related services brings major revenue in many IT Companies and collectively Cloud Computing generates billions of dollars as revenue every year. Cloud Computing services has an annual growth of 19% every year and projected to be a $162 billion market in 2020.

At FITA, we offer an industry-oriented Cloud Computing Training in Chennai by expert professionals from leading IT companies who have many years of expertise in Cloud Computing technologies. Our teams of trainers are highly knowledgeable in Salesforce CRM and other Cloud Computing technologies like Amazon, Azure, and Google Cloud.

Not sure which Cloud Computing Courses to choose? Call us at 98404 11333 to understand & choose between AWS, VMWare, Amazon, Google Cloud, MS Azure or Salesforce.

Why Cloud Computing Training at FITA?

Cloud Experts as Trainers to give a deep industry perspective
Get to know about the Case studies and best practices in Cloud from the experts
Get hands-on training with more practical sessions
Complete Guidance on Cloud Certification
FITA is rated as No 1 Cloud Computing Training in Chennai by Students & Professionals
Smaller batches for individual attention to every student

Who Should undergo Cloud Computing Training?

Our Cloud Computing Program is designed for anyone who is looking to start a career in lucrative Cloud Computing industry.
Network admins and System admins who are looking to get into cloud computing can take up this Cloud Computing Courses
Project Managers can take up this Cloud Training in Chennai
Software Developers & Testers can also take up the Cloud Computing Courses in Chennai at FITA

Prerequisite for Cloud Computing Courses in Chennai

Anyone interested to learn Cloud Computing can learn Cloud. A basic knowledge of Networking, Linux, and fundamental programming knowledge would be an added advantage to learn Cloud Computing Courses in Chennai.

You are not familiar with any of the above-mentioned areas yet you would like to take the plunge into Cloud Computing? Walk-in to our office to see how we can help you with your aspirations.

Career Tracks in Cloud

SysOps Training
Solution Architect Training

Cloud Computing Courses

Cloud Computing Certifications

AWS Certifications

AWS Solutions Architect Certification
AWS SysOps Certification
AWS DevOps certification

Salesforce Certifications

Salesforce Certified Administrator
Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator
Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder
Salesforce Certified Technical Architect
Salesforce Certified Application Architect
Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant
Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant
Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I
Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II

MS Azure Certifications

MTA Certification
MCSA Cloud Platform
MCSA Linux on Azure
MCSE Cloud Platform and Infrastructure

VMWare Certifications

VMware Certified Associate (VCA)
VMware Certified Professional (VCP)
VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP)
VMware Certified Implementation Expert (VCIX)
VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX)


Interested in our Cloud Computing Training in Chennai? Call 98404-11333 to talk to our career counselors and start your journey as a Cloud Computing specialist!

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Interesting Cloud Computing Facts

Majority of Applications started moving to Cloud in 2014
Major activities in Cloud ha
ppens in the Banking Industry
29% of companies do not trust to keep their data in Cloud
Australia has the highest percentage of Cloud Adaption rate with 33%
65% of traffic in data center activities are Cloud-based
85% of the companies has said they keep sensitive information in Cloud

Cloud Interview Questions and Answers

Cloud Job Openings

Job Title: Senior Cloud Architect

Responsibility: For integrating with the private cloud and hybrid cloud build and design platform, deploy the application with agile model and enable the rapid development with the development managers, deploy the cloud solution, for the RFPs and EVs product deliver on SAAS, PAAS or IAAS provide technical solution, train and mentor team for the public cloud design, and knowledge about Azure.

Job Description: Candidate with 7 to 13 years of experience and Knowledge in Azure, for the EV internal consumption plan, setup and implement open stack cloud, should have experience in other partners of clod like Amazon and Oracle cloud and provide the solution for architecture in the public cloud infrastructure and optimize the performance.

Company Name: Best Info systems ltd

Location: Bangalore/ Hyderabad/ Chennai

Contact Details: Best Info systems Ltd

Date of Interview: Apply through online to the job and get the interview schedule from the company.

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Cloud Industry Updates

Cloud Tutorial

Cloud Computing trends

There is a recent announcement from Hitachi Vantara for the Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) portfolio. This update is regarding data governance, optimization for the cloud. The data, which we are talking about is very crucial element for the growth and innovation of any organization. In addition, this update expands capabilities of HCP portfolio for the improvement in business along with the increase in productivity, which is attained by accomplishing the availability of information. FITA Cloud Computing Training in Velachery makes you a perfect professional in Cloud domain.

56% of respondents plans for the usage of multicolored or private platforms in the forthcoming 18 months, which is the recent, report by the experts in the industry. It is very useful for the users to control their data storage in a secured network, which is the topmost concern of any organization irrespective of the size.

HCP delivers cost-optimized, performance, cloud object storage and scale so that organizations can consolidate multiple application workloads onto a single platform.  HCP can achieve over 60% lower storage costs over five years than using public cloud alone.

Cloud computing is the platform which helps to create the applications, configure the applications and do the necessary changes in the applications with less infrastructure cost. The deployment models and the service models are working models in the cloud management. Cloud computing technology helps to access the software and hardware resources from the remote locations. Cloud applications are managed by the private and public networks and provide the services like e-mail support, CRM, and web conferencing. Join the Cloud Computing Training in Chennai to shift the job to the cloud technology and take up a counseling to know the multiple roles in the cloud platform.

Different types of cloud

There are four types of cloud based on the security concerns of the application and they are public cloud, private cloud, community cloud, and hybrid cloud for the different requirements of the storage and support. Public cloud provides the service with openness and it is easily accessible to the general public. Private cloud supports only to the people from the organization or office. The community cloud is accessible only to the particular group of people and hence it is the secured platform for the sensitive applications. Hybrid model is combination of both public and private to support the critical and non-critical activities to be performed. Cloud Computing Courses in Chennai is suitable course for the experienced professionals.

There are three types of cloud based on the services offered are IAAS, PAAS and SAAS. IAAS is for infrastructure and it access the physical machines, virtual machines and virtual storage. PAAS is for the platform as a service and it consists of the tools for the deployment and the environment for the application and development. SAAS model provides the software support to the users. Cloud Computing Courses are conducted with the support of the IT experts who possess good experience and know about the practical challenges in the technology.

Benefits of using a cloud platform

Risk of losing the data and the history of the application is the threat to the large scale businesses. The lock in option shows that the transfer of data from one cloud provider to another provides is difficult due to the dependency. It takes time to move the data from one cloud to the cloud. The on-demand self-service of the cloud helps the business people to use the resources without the communication from the cloud service provider. The load balancing makes the service as fast and reliable. Sometimes it is difficult to isolate the storage, memory and routing in the network. The data deleted are sometimes stored in the cloud network as there are multiple copies of the same data. Cloud Training in Chennai offers different courses under the Cloud platform like Amazon, Azure, Salesforce and so on.

Analysis of the business

Before entering in to the cloud platform some of the key points to be checked are the security requirements of the data, cost estimation, type of cloud suitable for the business, data backup need, the technology training required for the employees, the reporting requirements of the online details, the dashboard usage of the concern login, client details and the data export details. After thoroughly checking these points the business analyst need to decide the cloud suitable to the business. The business goals are analyzed to know about the successful usage of the cloud technology. The strategy phase in the cloud helps for the analysis of the nature of the business and adaptability of the cloud platform. Join the course and get the help from the experts for the Cloud Certification in Chennai.

Strategy phrase

The two divisions under this phase are the cloud computing value proposition and the cloud computing strategy planning. These two elements clearly explain the problems faced by the clients when planning for the cloud platform.

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