Cloud Computing Courses in Bangalore

Cloud Computing Courses in Bangalore

This is the appropriate time to start a career in Cloud Computing Courses in Bangalore if you are keen to enter the IT sector. FITA acts as an exhaustive institute for the benefit of our students on various courses.


Students who are anxious to focus their concentration to a distinguishing area within the field of IT will have a favorable circumstance to be exposed to a more specific area where the combination of talent and real-time projects will embellish their learning.

Cloud Computing pathway will empower our student to explore, within the large spectrum of Information Technology. Cloud Computing Training in Bangalore

There are many people whose dream, passion and eagerness go useless due to the lack of proper training and guidance. Thus, FITA enhances the students to pursue their dream of entering the IT industry with the appropriate guidance.

Course Description

FITA offers Cloud Computing Courses in Bangalore for professionals who want to make a career in the IT sector with a handsome salary. At FITA, we consider basic knowledge of Linux, fundamentals of programming and networking.

There are many branches of scope related to cloud computing technology such as SysOps training, DevOps training, and Solution Architect training, which may act as a stepping-stone in your career. Cloud Computing Training in Bangalore will be beneficial for:

  • Fresh graduates
  • Software Testers
  • Software Developers
  • Project Managers
  • System admins
  • Network admins

It is estimated to get a profit of about a $162 billion market in the year 2020, which leads t the countless opportunity in the IT field. Microsoft, Salesforce, Amazon, Google, IBM, and VMware are few leading companies, which are already into the chain of companies offering cloud services.

As the revenue generation from cloud services is huge, hence the companies, which are dominant in the market, are into cloud service. FITA is ranked as the Best Cloud Computing
Institute in Bangalore 
as per the industry experts.



Mention some of the characteristics of Cloud Computing.

  • Elasticity and scalability.
  • Standardized interfaces
  • Self-service provisioning and automatic de-provisioning
  • Billing self-service based usage model.

What are the different types of deployment models used in Cloud Computing?

  • Public cloud
  • Private cloud
  • Community cloud
  • Hybrid cloud

Differentiate between Cloud Computing and Mobile Computing.

Both cloud and mobile computing are close enough. Mobile computing wok on cloud computing whereas the latter provides data to its users.

What are the benefits of using cloud computing for a company?

  • Data backup is more secured
  • Powerful servers are deployed without investment in hardware
  • Software as a service
  • Increase in productivity
  • Cost-efficient
  • Platform and OS agnostic

 List the various layers that define the cloud architecture.

  • Walrus
  • Cluster Controller
  • Node Controller
  • Cloud Controller
  • Storage Controller

What are the platforms used for large-scale cloud computing?

Apache Hadoop – is an open source software platform for data access, data governance, data storage, data processing, operations and security.

MapReduce – enables the processing of massive datasets with the usage of cloud sources.