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We all know communication is very important to share our emotions and thoughts with others. Language appears for establishing this communication, which plays a major part in the world of human beings. Hence, enroll yourself into our Spoken English Classes in Bangalore for a better future.


There may be n number of languages in the world still English is something which is widely in use and expected from the organizations. At FITA, we caress our students with the complete knowledge in English Speaking Course in Bangalore as it acts as the foundation for their profession.

Our trainers are here to improvise your vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and make you express yourself confidently in the language amidst other people. Hence, it will very useful for you to attend interviews, meetings and family functions.

Our world is very vast and it will not be comfortable to go around the globe with just the knowledge of your regional language. We provide flexible timing for the convenience of students who are eager to learn something new. Therefore, experts have ranked FITA as no.1, which provides the Best Spoken English Classes in Bangalore.

If you are a student and looking forward a job then we provide the assistance in resume preparation and group discussion as well. Our faculties will make you expertise in different writing styles such as articles, travel writing and novels along with expressing our ideas. Hence, enroll yourself into our English Classes in Bangalore.

Course Description

Communication is something, which makes us different from any other creature in this universe and language is the backbone for building communication. If you are craving to get into the corporate then it is indeed necessary for you to be more proficient in expressing your ideas in English to avoid yourself to be placed in an awkward situation.

This course can be learned in three levels that are:

Beginner's level
Intermediate level
Advanced level

In addition, English is such a language, which is the widely used language in the world. This is the correct time to engage yourself into the Spoken English Institute in Bangalore offered by FITA. Learning a language also improvises your thinking quality and shape up your brain to work efficiently.

It also brings respectable position for you in the organization. Even if you are trying to clear exam may be Government based or private, sound knowledge in English as the questions are always in English. Moreover, age is never a barrier for enrolling into English Speaking Course in Bangalore at FITA.


Listening, Speaking, Reading Activity
Grammar Brush up
Daily Conversation Practices
Verbal Aptitude Preparation
Email Writing
Verbal Aptitude Mock Tests

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