Pronouncing properly is an essential element of learning any language, especially the English language. The way your speech sounds to others can have a big influence on people whether or not they understand what you speak no need abt impression. The tricky thing about pronunciation, it is not about knowing words, but sounding it properly. Join Spoken English classes in Bangalore at FITA, learn and improve your pronunciation and speak fluently.

Listen yourself

It’s tough to hear or know the pronunciation mistakes in our speech as we are always concentrating on our communication rather than the sound. If we do not understand our pronunciation mistakes, it’s hard to change them. Record your speech with a PC or smartphone, listen to what you have spoken, so that you can make note of particular areas where you need to improve on.

Slow down

There is a common perception that speaking English faster means, people will assume that we know English, but it is not so. But that is the wrong assumption. Speaking fastly makes the speakers sound indecisive and nervous. Speaking slowly can help think about what you want to say next and convey the message properly. You can feel more comfortable and be capable of focusing on making your English sound wonderful.

Practice English alone

Pronunciation struggles continue because we are scared about creating mistakes. Act out the dialogue by yourself in front of a mirror, by creating scenarios like meeting someone for the first time, asking for directions, ordering food at a restaurant. See, how you speak and express, analyze yourself where you can make changes and improvements.

Find a Native Speaker

It would be a benefit to you if you find a friend who is good at speaking English. You try to converse in English with that friend. Also, ask your friend to correct your mistakes and help you to pronounce the words properly.

Analyze these kinds of tips to improve your pronunciation. These tips may help you to attain your goal as part of daily practice and you may learn to converse among your peers and family. But, if you want to improve your English pronunciation professionally? To qualify yourself in a professional environment then, Join Spoken English Classes in Chennai, at FITA and speak English fluently under the holistic and professional training provided by the language experts.

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