Software testing is a set of procedures that aim at executing a program. It is done with the intention of finding errors and bugs in a software. Software testing is done to check if an application meets the wanted technical requirements which guided its design and development. The software should work properly after the testing process. The testing process ensures that the program can be implemented with the same characteristics. Software testing is not a single activity. The software testing process happens throughout the development time of the application or software. The codes used in the program should be defect-free. The test happens on the basis of design specifications and needs of the client. There are various types of testing like Static Testing and Dynamic Testing. We will have a look at the stars of software testing. Selenium Selenium is a high on-demand testing framework. It is used to perform web application testing across different browsers like Linux, Mac and Windows. A major advantage of Selenium is that it guides the testers to write tests in different programming languages like Ruby, Groovy, Python, Java and Perl. Selenium has record and playback opportunities to write tests. This can be done without learning Selenium IDE. Selenium supports many well-known browsers who have the tool as an integrative part of their browser. Selenium is known to retain its position among the top software testing tools for quite a long time. It is always recognized as one of the best software testing tools by many top companies. For many frameworks, APIs and browser automation tools, Selenium remains as the core technology. Being the all time star of the testing industry, selenium will need in-depth training to shine in Selenium Training in Chennai and secure a good job. QTP Like Selenium, QTP is also an automated testing tool. QTP plays an important role in helping testers to conduct automated tests which ultimately helps to find issues and defects which are contrary to the expected results of the program under examination. Mercury Interactive is the company behind the design of QTP. Later it was acquired by HP. QTP is an icon based tool that automates two main elements of an application which are regression and functional testing. One advantage for the side of testers in QTP is that it can be used by both non-technical and technical tester. QTP is used to test for errors and bugs in both desktop and web based applications. QTP allows BPT that stands for Business Process Testing. The basis for QTP is the scripting language VB script. It has been of high priority because it is of great support to software development environments like Oracle and SAP. When one wants to be the master in testing in such a competitive field, they will have to choose QTP Training in Chennai. LoadRunner Loadrunner is a testing tool for performance. It was acquired by HP from Mercury. It is known to support various development tools, communication protocols and technologies. Loadrunner is the only tool to that can support numerous protocols to carry out testing on the performance. It also has a major hand in performance testing paradigm. This tool is known to hold 85% of market share in the industry. It enjoys immense credibility. Loadrunner is closely combined with many other HP tools. The main principle is simulating virtual users on subject application. LoadRunner Training in Chennai had major trend changes to facilitate the requirements of the industry. All these software testing tools are of huge demand in many top companies for testing job vacancies. The training and certification for these tools are also widely searched by many students who want to upgrade their career. Training doesn’t simply mean just teaching. It needs teaching with quality and valid certification which only few Software Testing Training in Chennai can provide.