Digital Marketing Salary for Freshers

The digital marketing industry grows tremendously, with broader scopes and career opportunities. This industry draws both freshers and experienced professionals, and it provides a wide range of career prospects to those with a different set of skills. Due to this, the growth of technology penetration in India and the e-commerce industry has resulted in a growing demand for competent Digital Marketers. Nowadays, from individual to corporate business, every sector wishes to create an impact on digital marketing technologies. Similarly, as every firm has launched its marketing solutions on the internet, the demand for a digital marketer is increasing globally. So, a digital marketer has growing demand, and they are compensated with excellent Digital Marketing Salary for Freshers.

According to a survey, the Indian internet business will be worth $170 billion in the near future. Furthermore, more than 50 percent of enterprises demand competent Digital Marketing specialists to support their operations on Digital Marketing Platforms. In India, a Digital Marketing Manager gets a typical annual salary of 5.4 LPA. According to a recent survey, India’s digital marketing business is anticipated to increase by more than $6 Trillion in the future.

So, today we will discuss the introduction to digital marketing, scope and demand for digital marketers, effective procedures to apply for marketing roles at different IT companies, advantages & disadvantages, career prospects, and basic digital marketer salary. Let’s begin with the introduction to digital marketing in the next section.

What is Digital Marketing? 

Digital Marketing is concerned with promoting and selling products through digital platforms for business prospects. In other words, digital marketing is considered as the marketing initiative which displays numerous advertisements through applications and browsers on mobile phones, computers, tablets, and other devices. Some other examples include promoting online videos, advertisement displays, marketing of contents, paid social advertisements, and advertising of social media posts. Further, advertisers promote products through magazine advertisements, billboards, and direct emails in traditional marketing. Modern digital marketing is concerned with digital advertisements which affords greater sales and generates more capital for companies or individual businesses.

Who is a Digital Marketer?

A Digital marketer plays a crucial role in promoting the company’s business and generates high revenue for organizational growth. Predominantly, a digital marketer is responsible for maintaining a wide variety of digital channels to create leads and develop brand awareness through different modes of social media or multimedia. The digital channels include social media, search engines, company websites, Email Marketing, displaying online advertisements, and technical blogs.

Qualification Criteria for Digital Marketer Roles

Freshers who intend to work as Digital Marketers must acquire specific skills and qualifications. So that they can go to any companies for their desired job postings, the following are some of the most essential qualification criteria:

  • The applicant must obtain a bachelor’s or master’s degree in any discipline.
  • In addition, Freshers must acquire CRM, Communication skills, Social Media skills, content creation, data analysis, etc.
  • While no prior experience is required for freshers, many IT firms highly value any relevant knowledge in digital marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing. As a result, experienced candidates are given a higher priority than inexperienced candidates.

Digital Marketing Salary for Freshers depends on the qualification and skills they obtain. So, to acquire more knowledge in digital marketing techniques, tools, and strategies, you can join Social Media Marketing Course in Bangalore. This course will help you improve your qualifying standards since this course will teach you more advanced ideas and methods connected to Social Media Marketing.

Digital Marketer Freshers Salary

The Digital Marketing Salary for Freshers always differs from the freshers to the experienced professionals. In addition to this, the salary structure also varies depending on the type of job roles, skills they possess, work locations, and company they serve. Let’s discuss the average salary of a fresh digital marketer.

  • Salary Based on Company – Various Information Technology companies afford a great initial salary for digital marketers, however an average salary is shown in the below chart.
  • Salary Based on Work Location – The average annual salary of a digital marketer also varies based on the work locations. Since, their annual package is determined based on the cost of living and availability of survival resources. Our estimated salary package for digital marketers is shown in the below chart.
  • Salary based on Work Experience – Initially, freshers do not require any prior experience to do this job, but any experienced professionals who have relevant experience in digital marketing are compensated with a great Digital Marketing Salary for Freshers per month. Our approximated salary based on work experience is shown in the below chart.
  • Salary Based on Job Roles – Digital Marketing accommodates a variety of job roles or positions, where the salary package for each and individual role varies. Our approximated salary package for different digital marketer job roles is shown in the below chart.

Freshers who want to increase their freshers salary can pursue Digital Marketing Courses In Bangalore. Because additional certification and skill may have higher probability to get increased digital marketing salary for freshers.

Digital Marketing Job Roles and Required Skills

In the Digital Marketing industry, there are a variety of job opportunities. SEO Analysts, PPC Experts, Content Writers, Digital Agency Account Managers, Digital Marketing Managers, Google Analytics Specialists, Web Developers, and Web Designers, as well as monitoring SEO campaigns, Email Marketer, Business Analytics, Social Media Marketing (SMM), and many other job responsibilities. Here, we have discussed the top five job roles and responsibilities.

Moreover, there are many companies that hire digital marketers, some of the leading companies such as infiniX, Accenture, Tata Consultancy Services, KocharTech, MMACH Design, NeoDocto, Google, Zola, and many more.

Social Media Marketer

Nowadays, people are most likely to engage with social media. So, it is significant for a company to manage its social media pages and applications. In fact, social media remains a driving force behind traffic diversion, followed by the maintenance of websites. Information Technology companies across nations are likely to hire more social media managers and marketers to improvise their business. Therefore, freshers seeking this job role with a feasible Digital Marketing Salary for Freshers are required to possess the following essential skills and job responsibilities, which are as follows.

  • Ability to provide precise and concise content for driving traffic to websites.
  • Expertise in SMM Tools, Hootsuite, Buffer, Buzzsumo, and other relevant tools.
  • Target and achieve the desired audience through proper Social Media Executive roles and interesting materials.
  • Create, Design, and Execute content pages and posts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other relevant and popular social media applications.
  • Improve the company’s reputation and image by efficiently performing Social Media Analyst jobs.
  • Accepting and, if necessary, resolving the difficulties and objections presented by others.
  • Create a platform for collecting internet reviews, ratings, and customers and putting them into action.
  • Keep up with the latest social networking apps, tools, channels, and other design strategies.

In order to become an exceptional Social Media Marketer, learn and earn a certification in social media marketing through Social Media Marketing Course in Chennai.

Content Marketer

Content Marketers are concerned with works related to copywriting, blog posts, videos, podcasts, visuals, campaigns, and chartics. In order to handle all of these activities, the content marketer needs to lead a group of members with good leadership qualities. These duties play a significant role in the exponential growth of content writers and content marketers. As content marketers, they are associated with the following key roles and responsibilities, which are as follows.

  • Developing, Promoting, and Improving the page contents to meet the company’s objectives.
  • Involved in Content Marketing Practises with a goal to achieve brand awareness, web and application traffic, and conversion goals.
  • To enhance consumer engagement, consistency, and a favorable customer experience, they need to supervise and review all the marketing content.
  • They are primarily responsible for maintaining the content for websites, blogs, pages, and relevant sites.
  • Increasing the website traffic through managing and distributing goods across online channels and social media platforms.

Enhance your skill set through learning Online Digital Marketing Course. As this course affords great training and resources to become a content marketer.

Pay-Per-Click Analyst

Pay-Per-Click Analyst is one of the most demanding job roles in the digital marketing sector. They can also be called SEM Analysts. IT companies across different nations are willing to hire freshers with an excellent Digital Marketing Salary for Freshers capable of demonstrating the capability to get huge returns on the low initial investment. Their work closely monitors the consumers and their psychological behaviors, so the salary always peaks through the years. As Pay-per-click Analysts, they are required to possess the following key skills and responsibilities

  • A PPC Executive must have strong technical & analytical skills.
  • They are responsible for managing Paid Ad Campaigns on Google Ads – Search & Display & other Ad Networks.
  • PPC specialists must also manage advertisement campaigns on Facebook, Linkedin, Quora & other Social Media Networks.
  • The core job involves maintaining keyword bids, monitoring daily & monthly budget, and improving quality scores.
  • Along with the above skills, the candidate with knowledge of using analytics tools like Google Analytics or other reporting tools is preferred.

SEO Specialist

Search Engine Optimization will always remain an emerging and on-demanding digital marketing sector. It is one of the most effective techniques to attract sustainable customers and long-term and high-converting visitors. In simple words, it is the combination of customer-driven search engine optimization and a co-part of intentional marketing. They are likely to work closely with SEMrush, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console. Due to their significance in digital marketing, the average Digital Marketing Salary for Freshers always remains affordable. It varies depending on experience and knowledge. As SEO Specialists, they must possess the following skills and responsibilities

  • To understand the ranking strategy through SEO optimization.
  • They must be expertise in Search Engine Optimization.
  • To improve the user experience while following the Search Engine Guidelines.
  • Identify the most influential keywords with higher volume and determine the most reliable content for the company and the blog.
  • As part of their journey, they must know more about the tools like Google Search Console, Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Similarweb.
  • Besides, additional tool knowledge in Google Analytics, Omniture, and Comscore are examples of the best tools for analytical measurement tools.

In order to become an evergreen SEO Specialist, we suggest you to pursue and earn additional certification in search engine optimization through SEO Training in Bangalore.

Digital Marketing Trainee

Digital Marketing Salary for Freshers is above or around 3.0 – 4.0 LPA. But, a digital marketing trainee plays a crucial role that requires a lot of digital marketing experience and knowledge in digital marketing, which will help them lead other team members effectively. Then, SEM, PPC, SEO, Content marketing, and Email promotions are some of the functions of digital marketing. A Digital Marketing Trainee is concerned with the following key roles and responsibilities

  • Planning, Organizing and Executing Digital Marketing Campaigns.
  • Planning and Spending capital in paid market strategies either monthly or quarterly.
  • SEO is used to keep track of the high volume and high conversion rates.
  • The digital marketing manager should be expertise in performance marketing.
  • Research and Analyze all the data and compare it to the other marketing platforms (ROI and KPIs).
  • Examine and analyze the data to better understand the company’s operations and performance.
  • Keeping up-to-date with current digital marketing strategies with an ability to present and grasp knowledge in the contemporary economic world.

Furthermore, gain Digital Marketing Experience through completing Digital Marketing Course in Chennai at FITA Academy. The premier institute seems to be popular for the successful placement of Digital marketing aspirants into various IT firms.

Potential Tips to Become a Great Digital Marketer

Looking into the future and emerging demand for Digital Marketers and excellent Digital Marketing Salary for Freshers and their interest in pursuing a featured career. We intend to deliver the most effective ways to become a Digital Marketer. Hence, the potential steps to becoming an evergreen digital marketer are mentioned as follows.

  • Earn a professional degree in any other discipline.
  • Apart from an academic degree, earn a Digital Marketing Certification to increase the significance of the applicant’s resume during application submission.
  • As part of Digital Marketing, we suggest freshers pursue a Social Media Marketing Online Course to add additional credentials to their desired digital marketer roles.
  • Test and Implement the acquired skills into numerous digital marketing projects to understand the potential.
  • Undertake various online mock tests in the marketing platforms or forums to enhance the experience in successful digital marketing.

Top Interview Tips and Guidelines

So far, we have discussed what digital marketing is and its strategies, along with the demanding career of a digital marketer. Further, to head your career as a digital marketer, we have compiled 25 Important Interview Tips for Freshers. These tips will help them participate in any interview selection process in the upcoming days.

Moreover, we have also compiled a list of Best Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers to help prepare for an interview or online aptitude test. Freshers will be able to get into their desired organizations and roles with the help of these materials, tools, and suggestions and receive a unique Digital Marketing Salary for Freshers. These resources are validated and capitulated through experts and digital marketers’ recommendations.

This blog has covered all the necessary information, application procedures, and practical guidelines to become a featured Digital Marketer. We have also discussed the salary packages from entry to the professional level and various Digital Marketer roles and responsibilities. The growing demand for Digital marketers has made all the information technology sectors open numerous opportunities to work full-time job roles.

Therefore, we suggest freshers look over various open positions and pursue Online Social Media Marketing Course. This course may teach you more about the fundamentals and advanced concepts related to Digital marketing strategies. Finally, we hope that our blog has provided reliable and valuable information to freshers and professionals to kick-start a featured career in marketing.

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